Our Top 5 Social Stories for February 2020

Our Top 5 Social Stories for February 2020

We cannot believe it is almost the end of February. 2020 has been a fantastic year so far and we would love to share some social stories from our bucket this month. So here are our Top 5 Social Stories for February 2020.


1. Fancy composting your household waste yourself? This compact urbanised composter is the perfect addition to any kitchen and allows you to effectively compost and contribute to the environment!


2. Did you ever think there could be a web browser better than Google? Ecosia plants a tree for every search you make!


3. Ever wondered what happens when you leave a festival and all of your stuff behind? Usually, it goes to landfill, but Billygoats & Raincoats have found a solution! They turn old tents into raincoats and repurposed fashion!


4. The Yard is a charity in the east of Scotland that wants fun for all ages and abilities! This charity helps disabled children and their siblings to experience creative, indoor and outdoor play in well-supported environments!


5. Have you ever wondered what the 100 most sustainable billion $ companies in the world are? Forbes has created a list for 2020 that surprisingly includes electricity and oil companies!

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