Our Top 5 Social Stories for January 2020

Our Top 5 Social Stories for January 2020 | Social Stories Club

 Happy New Year from the Social Stories Club team! We hope you had a wonderful, relaxing time at home with friends and family or just taking some calm time-out for yourself to reflect over 2019!  Social Stories Club is a sustainable gift supplier who create ethical gift boxes and sustainable gift hampers. Our Scottish social enterprise gifting company creates sustainable gifts for clients and exciting gifts for employees. If you are looking for gifts that are different, gifts that give back, gifts that support communities, and gifts that are environmentally friendly, Social Stories Club is here to help.


We had a very good year as a whole in 2019. We expanded our horizons and grew a lot as a social enterprise. We have expanded our range of employee and client gifts as well as given you lots of eco-friendly gift ideas. Throughout this year we will be producing more content we hope you will find useful. Stay tuned to find out why sustainable corporate gifts can help build valuable relationships with your clients and employees. We cannot wait for what 2020 has in store for us and we are looking forward to sharing new projects with you soon! So here are the first 5 Social Stories that we want to share with you in 2020!


1. Who thought that the world would be going back in time? And also improving efficiency. Architects are turning back to wood for building structures for a more eco-friendly and sustainable future!


2. Some brands are catching the fashion - sustainable footwear wave! Who knew a way to make items more sustainable would be to make them eco-friendly and stylish?


3. You’ve heard of renting clothes for adults, but what about renting clothes for babies? A Brighton social enterprise came up with the perfect idea to help the environment and parents budgets!


4. Compostable coffee capsules that are Nespresso compatible? Halo- Coffee is reinventing the way you consume coffee. Not only by finding you the best coffee from individual suppliers, but also by helping you drink more sustainably!


5. A Tentree Tee! Give back to the world whilst buying new clothes for your closet!

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