Our Top 5 Social Stories for March 2019

Our Top 5 Social Stories for March 2019 | Social Stories Club


We create eco-friendly gifts that support the environment with the mission of promoting social enterprise. We are proud to be a sustainable gift supplier. Working as an eco-friendly gift supplier we have met so many companies that care about sustainability. Our personalized gift boxes support the environment, communities, and individuals. I am going to try something new. Each month I will release my top five social stories of the month. I hope this will introduce you to lots of social enterprises and give you ethical gift ideas. Whether you're looking to buy sustainable gifts or move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, or keep up to date with the latest sustainable news, I hope these will inspire you. These may include new social enterprises I have found, social impact news, and anything else related which I found interesting.


1. French Law is forbidding supermarket food waste, and instead unsold food is to be donated to charities. France is the first country in the world to introduce this law.


2. Climate change was debated in the House of Commons for the first time in 2 years, and only a handful of MPs turned up.


3. UK MPs are calling for producers to pay a penny for every item of clothing they produce to fund a £35bn annual recycling scheme after it was revealed only 1% of clothes are recycled.


4. Looking to travel more ethically? Vogue has released a list of 10 luxury hotels shining a spotlight on sustainability.


5. Airbnb invites charities to run social impact experiences to fundraise and are willing to waive their 20% service fee, resulting in 100% of the proceeds going to charity.


We will be releasing the top 5 social stories every single month. We also hope to use this as an opportunity to update you on our social enterprise. We will tell you about our new sustainable gifts, any big wins, our challenges, personalized gifts for businesses, ethical gift ideas, ethical gift packaging, and more. If you like this and would like to hear more, sign up to our alerts below.



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