Our Top 5 Social Stories for September 2019

Our Top 5 Social Stories for September 2019 | Social Stories Club

We said goodbye to the summer a few days back. Since then, we have had back-to-back rainy days in Edinburgh. Luckily, we have found a lot of positivity in the good that is being done across the world. This has been a great month for us as we have been working on our eco-friendly packaging. Creating gifts with sustainable packaging has always been important to us and we are about to release our range of sustainable gift hampers for businesses. Although having spoken to our customers we have realized that many people prefer gifting hampers to boxes so we are creating a range of purposeful hampers with stories supporting the sustainable development goals, available to everyone. Here are my top 5 social stories for September.


1. Food and drink companies representing 30% of all milk processed globally have signed up to a worldwide dairy sustainability initiative, Sustainable Dairy Partnership (SDP).


2. This Scottish social enterprise employs ex-convicts to make items from reclaimed wood for your home. Their aim to provide training and employment opportunities for people with convictions and raise up a new generation of social entrepreneurs who will operate within a framework of legitimacy. 


3. Belu, an award-wining British social enterprise, sells bottles of water and donates its profits to a British water charity, Water Aid. Belu's mission is to show that a business can deliver an environmentally improved and sustainable offer in the market.


4. Karaw Craftventures is a design hub that addresses environmental sustainability while helping marginalised artisans to earn more money. Started by four students in the Philippines, their aim was to reduce the trash in the environment by turning it into something useful. 


5. Elpis is a social enterprise founded with the aim of supplying solar-powered phone charging units to refugee camps where there is often scare access to electricity. Elpis was founded by two second-year students at The University of Edinburgh.

Thank you for your continued support for our social enterprise gift hamper company. Creating sustainable gifts for businesses and individuals has been such an exciting journey for us and we are so glad that you are part of it. If you like this and would like to hear more, please sign up to our mailing list below.