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Love From Home Care Package

Love From Home Care Package

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As an ex-international student at The University of Edinburgh, I remember my grandma calling me every week to ask me if I was eating well and whether I was settling well in a new country. She always wanted to send me her home-made food but could not. Her way of showing love was asking me questions. 

With that in mind, we have created a socially-conscious way of showing love to your dear one at The University of Edinburgh. In this gift hamper, you will find:

- 1 chocolate bar - This chocolate contributes to reforestation projects and uses innovative packaging to reduce waste.

- 1 tea - This tea funds educational development projects in tea-growing regions, focusing on education for girls. 

- 1 soap - The packaging of this organic soap bar has been designed by people with complex epilepsy and learning difficulties. 

- 1 tub of hot chocolate - This hot chocolate has given over £18 million to coffee farmers.

- 1 energy bar - This superfood energy bar empowers female farmers in Ghana

- 1 chocolate bar - This chocolate bar empowers local cocoa farmers by giving them company ownership and a voice in the global marketplace.

- 1 story card with stories about the products.

- 1 personalised note from you.


Personalised Notes and Delivery

If you wish to order multiple KaleidoBoxes and send them out individually to different addresses across the UK, we would be happy doing this for you. You can enter the delivery addresses and personalised notes in the note box in your shopping cart or email them to us at info@socialstoriesclub.com.