Sustainable Christmas Gift Boxes: Our Christmas Advert (With STV)

screen shot from Social Stories Club Christmas TV advert

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ll have seen that we were finally able to share a VERY exciting project we’ve been working on behind the scenes – Social Stories Club has a Christmas TV Advert! We are so excited to broadcast our sustainable Christmas hampers across Scotland. We have been gifted our very own Christmas campaign with STV which will be running throughout November and early December this year. To celebrate this huge business milestone we wanted to take you behind the scenes, and tell you a little more about how we received this amazing opportunity and the creative process behind building a Christmas advert for TV. 

Winning a Christmas Campaign with the STV Growth Fund to showcase our sustainable Christmas hampers

Back in July, Karis and Aayush presented sustainable corporate Christmas hampers to the expert panel at STV Growth Fund about all of the ways that Social Stories Club championed diversity along with details of how they planned to grow the business with a focus on inclusion. The expert panel selected four Scottish businesses – Social Stories Club, Daisy Tree Boutique, Deaf Action, and Women’s Enterprise Scotland – to each be awarded a Growth Fund Membership which included a £25,000 advertising campaign with STV that had diversity and inclusion at its heart.

As part of the STV press release, Danielle Kelly, director of sales and strategy Scotland at STV said : “We were blown away by the passion shown by these businesses and their commitment to ensuring that diversity and inclusion are at the heart of everything they do. “We’re delighted to have them on board with the STV Growth Fund and can’t wait to develop and air what we know will be inspiring campaigns.” 

Bringing the Christmas Advert To Life: Sustainable Corporate Christmas Hampers

We worked closely with the commercial team at STV to build a brand awareness campaign that shared the mission behind Social Stories Club, portrayed our passion for social enterprise, and of course, introduced our Sustainable Gift Boxes to the STV audience. It was important to us that the advert have a storytelling element and encapsulated our brand’s tone of voice.

After a series of meetings to discuss our brand values, messaging and style preferences, the creative team at STV pitched us their ideas and wow, it was hard to choose! They understood the Social Stories Club mission perfectly and each idea encapsulated aspects of our business, however, one idea stood out to our team and that’s the one you see today. We felt this advert introduced our social enterprise and sustainable gifts in a simple yet succinct way and managed to get our tone of voice perfectly - in fact, Karis did the voice-over work for the advert! 

Karis recording the voiceover for our Christmas advert

Karis At The Recording

When will the advert be on TV?

I know you are all excited to see our sustainable hampers on TV as we are. The advert will be on STV every day throughout November and the first week of December and we would love it if you could share the good news! Find the full video below and keep a look out for us on your TV's. Feel free to share on social media – be sure to tag us so we can send you a thank you!

Looking for a festive gift that has a positive social impact? Discover our full collection of sustainable gift boxes and hampers over in our shop. If you are looking for ethical business gifts for clients and employees, book a 1:2:1 with us today and we will arrange for you sustainable Christmas gift boxes. If you can't find anything you would like in the pre-curated section you can always build your own gift.

If you would like to know more about Social Stories Club’s positive social impact, you can read our full impact report here.

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