Written by Lauren Smith - 31st August 2021

Behind the scenes at Social Stories Club 
We moved office!


Since last year, we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect space for our growing business, and this month, we were finally handed the keys to our new home. So, we packed up, waved goodbye to our old office, and headed to the other side of Edinburgh. This new location ticks all our boxes as we needed a larger space with an office and a warehouse to cater for our growing team and expanding product range. 

This was a huge milestone for Social Stories Club, and we are incredibly proud of how far we’ve come and it’s all thanks to you, our lovely customers! We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and for continuing to buy from social enterprises and social venture businesses. The brands in our sustainable gift boxes are changing the world for good and we will continue to shout about their amazing stories of impact and the work they do for the environment and communities around the world. 

Our co-founder Karis says

“Our current reality was once a dream. Social Stories Club started on a cold market stall in Glasgow. I had stayed up the night before until 2 am hand-stamping all the packaging to be ready in time. I remember selling our first box in the morning and although I acted very professional as soon as she turned around the corner Aayush and I did a happy dance. It had taken a long time to get to that stage and someone wanted to buy it! Three years later, having introduced 10,000 people to social enterprise, supported 30 social enterprises, we now have so much demand we had to move into a warehouse - it feels incredible. I am so excited to see where we will be in three more years.”

The new office

We wanted to share this milestone with you, so we're taking you behind the scenes as we set up the new space and put the Social Stories Club stamp on the place. 


Behind the scenes - Team members Aayush and Oksana building our new stock room shelves and on the right is our brand new box room.


On the first floor - We have our brand new offices with a small staff kitchen and break room. These rooms are super cosy and a great size for our growing team, all they need is a little more of the Social Stories Club personality!


We will continue to share more as the new office takes shape so sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media for regular updates. 

We hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes blog post!  You can shop all of our sustainable gift hampers through our online shop or if you would like more information about our Impact and the Social Stories Club mission check out our Impact Report.

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