Written by Lauren Smith - 23rd February 2022

Meaningful Ways To Recognise Your Employees

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Employee recognition can take many forms, from providing personal feedback, to presenting your staff with awards and prizes. Despite often being associated with tangible gifts there is much more to employee recognition than consumer goods. Employee recognition can play a huge part in overall job happiness and if done correctly, it can help nurture lasting working relationships and build a strong company culture. In this blog post we not only look at why it’s so important but we also share our top tips and ideas to building a successful and meaningful employee recognition programme. 

What is employee recognition?

Employee recognition is the act of recognising an employee’s contribution in a meaningful and thoughtful way. This could be related to high performance, teamwork, or going that extra mile for a project or deadline.

Why Is It Important?

Employees are the foundation of any business and employee recognition can play a huge part in overall job satisfaction. Staff who are frequently praised and recognised for their hard work are likely to be more engaged and motivated which will have a positive effect on overall company performance. Staff will be much more invested if they can see how their hard work contributes to the success of the team and company overall.

Added bonus - It builds employer branding!
People like to share their positive work experiences and candidates will be attracted to a company that values their employees contributions.

3 Steps To Meaningful Employee Recognition

The key to building a successful employee recognition programme is to remain authentic to your business or brand and to find the right balance between frequency and value. There are countless ways to approach it and it doesn’t always need to involve large gestures and gifts, in fact small and thoughtful gestures that are personal to the employee can go a long way! Here are 3 considerations to help you build an authentic and meaningful employee recognition style. 

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1. Be personal and prompt
Positive and thoughtful feedback is a simple and free way to motivate your employees but it will appear much more sincere if the recognition is delivered when it’s still fresh in your colleague's mind. A kind email or words of encouragement can go a long way and help build confidence and working relationships. If you want to go that extra mile, why not treat them to lunch or coffee and discuss your positive feedback in person?

 2. Recognise the small things as well as the big things
It’s important to recognise efforts as well as achievements, and an employee who frequently volunteers their time or helps other members of your team deserves just as much recognition. You could sing their praises in a companywide shout-out or send them a care package to show your gratitude. Our Build Your Gift option allows you to tailor the gift to the individual's taste and interests - adding that extra personal touch!

 3. Align with your company values
When you celebrate behaviours and actions that align with your company’s core values, it allows your employees to connect with the greater purpose, and invest in the long-term success of the company. There are many ways to reward values-centric behaviours but some include, a mention in the company newsletter, a shout-out on the company intranet or instant spot rewards. The benefit of aligning with your company values is that it also signals to other employees which behaviours and actions are respected and appreciated.

Overall, employee recognition doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or require a huge effort, but it is important for building a strong company culture. If you would like more tips on corporate gifting check out our previous blog post on impactful corporate gifting or our Corporate Gifting page for more information.

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