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Should I buy an employee gift box this Christmas? Top corporate Christmas gifts for employees

Sep 30, 2022

It is Christmas time and that means one thing for many people: it’s time to get gifts for the people you care about! Whether you are the boss or a co-worker, there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation for people who help you out. And the best part is that these gifts can actually make your team more productive!

Why giving corporate gift hampers is great for team cohesion

Sep 29, 2022

Team cohesion is one of the most important factors when it comes to workplace success. It's vital that everyone on a team feels valued and connected, which is why corporate gift hampers are such a great way to achieve this goal. These gift boxes show that the company cares about its employees.

Trends in corporate Christmas gifts in 2022: The most popular business gifts of 2022 and what role sustainability plays in corporate gifting

Sep 26, 2022

Over the pandemic, we saw an 80% increase in the search for the term “online gift” with an employee gift box being used to connect teams working virtually. HR teams are always looking for ways to increase employee happiness and team cohesion and gifting is often their go-to strategy.

Unusual Vegan Gifts: This Is The Ultimate Guide To What To Give Your Vegan Friends For Christmas! 

Sep 20, 2022

Giving gifts to friends, family, and loved ones during the holidays can be challenging if you do not know what to get them. Who knows the person you are buying for well enough to know what they would truly love? For vegans, this can turn out to be even more of a challenge.

Cultivating a culture of sustainability: what’s new in corporate gifting in 2022?

Sep 14, 2022

Another year another Christmas. After 2020 and 2021, when everyone was working from home, we got used to giving gifts for Christmas. But now it's 2022 and we're back in the office. Should we still be investing in corporate Christmas gifts? The answer to this is yes. Corporate gifting is one of the most successful.

Sustainability as a HR strategy: how to attract and retain clients and employees starting with sustainable Christmas gifts

Sep 12, 2022

Sustainability is now a great HR strategy, but it has much to offer beyond just that. With the growing need for organisations to become more digital and go green, this is now just as important as fostering a culture of innovation. Incorporating Sustainability into HR can help them recruit top talent.

The ultimate guide to giving a gift card as a corporate gift: Shall I give my team gift cards this Christmas? Should I give an Amazon gift card? Sustainable alternatives to Amazon gift cards. Best gift cards for Christmas 2022

Sep 05, 2022

This is the ultimate guide to giving a gift card as a corporate gift. What you give as this year's corporate Christmas gift is an annual conversation that can be led by the founders, HR, marketing teams, and even procurement. Before you spend money on a gift card for your team, there are many considerations.

Corporate Christmas Hampers That Are Good For society: Sustainable Gift Ideas

Sep 03, 2022

Corporate Christmas hampers can be a great way to ensure that your employees aren’t left out of the festivities this year. They’re also a fantastic way to show loved ones just how much you care about their well-being and happiness. Unfortunately, they can just as easily come with a negative connotation.

Build your own Corporate Christmas Hamper: Christmas gift giving (2022) for businesses

Sep 02, 2022

When you receive a Christmas hamper it's always a bit of a gamble. Do they know I'm vegan? Did they remember I do not drink alcohol? I really hope it's full of chocolate! That feeling when you finally open the Christmas hamper to find you cannot wait to try every product inside.

Meaningful Ways To Recognise Your Employees

Aug 31, 2022

Employee recognition can take many forms, from providing personal feedback, to gifting sustainable gift hampers, to presenting your staff with awards and prizes. Despite recognition often being associated with tangible gifts there is much more to employee appreciation  than consumer goods.

What are the best vegan corporate gift hampers for employees to give this Christmas (2022)

Aug 30, 2022

Are you looking for ideas for corporate gifts that are suitable for vegans? Or are you searching for Christmas gift ideas that are plant-based? If so, read on... In this blog post, we will explore why companies should consider gifting vegetarian and vegan employees when the occasion arises.

3 ways to boost morale when your team are still working remotely

Aug 24, 2022

It’s been almost two years since the first national lockdown was announced, and it looks like working from home and hybrid working are here to stay. At Social Stories Club we have had a mix of working at home and in the office - it's hard to pack ethical gift hampers from elsewhere!

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Environmentally Friendly Gifts 

We imagine a future where you can make a positive social impact with every purchase you make. In order to get there, we need to spread the word about social enterprise and how these amazing businesses have a positive impact on our planet - and that’s exactly what we aim to do at Social Stories Club!

Every item in our gift hamper contributes to positive social or environmental change. From delicious chocolate that supports global reforestation projects to Earl Grey tea helping to educate girls in India..

In 2021, we announced that all of our deliveries are now carbon neutral! This means that whenever we send out one of our sustainable gift boxes, the carbon emissions released during its transport will be offset. So far, your orders have helped us protect an area of forest the size of 17,601.50 km2 in addition to offsetting 42 tonnes of CO2, and plant 1,100 trees.

Build Your Own Gift

You can now build your own gift box and hamper with our Build Your Own Gift selection. Choose from tea, coffee cups, and soap bar to pamper kit, chocolate bars, and tote bags. You can also include a card to celebrate an occasion, write in a personalised message for the recipient, and add a ribbon to personalise the look of the gift. 

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