How to have a sustainable mother’s day

How to have a sustainable mother’s day | Social Stories Club

It is important to make our mothers feel special this mother's day but we also want to make sure we do our bit to make an impact. We can do this by choosing ethical options as well as supporting sustainable brands. Here are three ways you treat your mother and mother nature this mother’s day.

    • Cook

Instead of taking your mother our for lunch or dinner, why not have a go a cooking yourself. Using local, fresh ingredients can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and you will know exactly whats in your meal. Avoid red meats as the University of Oxford claims livestock farming contributes 18% of human-produced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Instead of disposable napkins, you can whip out your fancy cloth serviettes, making your mum feel extra special.

    • Plants instead of flowers

We think about our food miles but what about our flower miles? Most flowers are flown in from abroad, according to Eluxe Magazine, about 80% of all roses come from South America or Africa. Flowers need to be transported in refrigerated trucks. This refrigeration causes trucks to burn more fuel, giving off more carbon emissions than their non-refrigerated counterparts. Vox claims these refrigerated trucks use 25% more fuel than non-refrigerated trucks.

    • Environmentally sustainable activity

You want to spend quality time with your mother but also minimize your negative environmental impact. There are plenty of sustainable activities you can partake in to bond. An ethical option is to stay indoors and partake in an activity using what you already have. Consider pulling out your box of old board games and challenging your mother to a game of cards or Cluedo. You can also take your mother on a beautiful spring walk and admire the daffodils in the local park. If you come from a sporty family, plogging has become a popular activity and involves picking up litter while out on a jog.

    • Purchase a gift from a social enterprise

By purchasing a gift from a social enterprise, you are not only supporting their social cause but you are also introducing your mother to the concept of social enterprise. A social enterprise is a business which is committed to making a social impact. Only 2% of people can name one of the 471,000 social enterprises in the UK (Social Enterprise UK) and only 4% can name a social enterprise. Social Stories Club makes socially-conscious gift boxes and hampers filled with products from social enterprises, supporting multiple social causes including reforestation projects, education for girls, and empowering individuals with disabilities. Our sustainable gifts support the SDGs or sustainable development goals. These gifts make a fantastic introduction to the world of social enterprise and are designed to make the receiver smile. 


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