Small KaleidoBox

Small KaleidoBox

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Our Small KaleidoBox tells the stories of social change in an exciting and colourful way. It is filled with high-quality products that serve a range of social issues. This is a perfect opportunity to try lots of different socially-conscious products and learn about their social stories. We can also add a special note from you to the receiver, at no additional cost. There are five beautiful products in this luxurious gift box. You will find:


  1. Chocolate and Love: A chocolate bar which contributes to reforestation projects and uses innovative packaging to reduce waste
  2. Island Bakery: A packet of shortbread biscuits made entirely from renewable energy
  3. Dalit: A handmade candle supporting and empowering impoverished communities
  4. The Justice Brand: A reusable bag tackling social issues such as human trafficking
  5. Dash Water: Made using wonky fruits and vegetables to help reduce food waste

Should you wish to order multiple KaleidoBoxes, we would be happy sending them out to different addresses. Once you place your order, we will send out a survey which will allow you to enter the shipping addresses and personalised messages for each KaleidoBox.

Although very unlikely, some of our products are subject to change.