The Best Gift Cards for Corporate Christmas Presents Elevating Your Gifting Game in 2023

The Best Gift Cards for Corporate Christmas Presents Elevating Your Gifting Game in 2023

Choosing the perfect corporate Christmas gift is always a focal point of discussion, whether spearheaded by founders, HR, marketing mavens, or the meticulous procurement teams. While traditional gifts have their charm, the growing appeal of sustainable and ethical corporate Christmas gift cards is undeniable. If you are contemplating the best sustainable Christmas gift cards for teams this year, you have arrived at the right spot. Social Stories Club’s gift cards marry sustainability with choice, putting the decision-making power right into the recipient's hands. Yet, like all gifts, gift cards come with their own set of pros and cons. They can be a symbol of empowerment or might be perceived as impersonal. So, as you weigh the value, ethics, and relational impact of these cards against the classic corporate gifting hampers, remember: it's not just about what they might want more of, but also what they might appreciate less of. Dive in as we explore the nuanced world of ethical corporate Christmas gift cards.

The Upsides of Opting for Ethical Corporate Christmas Gift Cards for Teams this Festive Season

Adaptable Choices - Sustainable corporate Christmas gift cards are a top pick for those team members with distinct preferences, be it due to specific dietary needs or unique tastes. Such cards empower them with the liberty to select gifts aligned with their desires.

Bypassing Address Collection - The logistics of gathering addresses can be daunting when planning corporate gifting. Whether done through emails, surveys, or self-input on websites, it's a task that gift cards effectively sidestep, as recipients input their delivery details at the redemption stage.

Effortless Gifting - For those swamped with year-end tasks or short on time, ethical corporate Christmas gift cards are a time saver. No need for extensive contemplation; simply give a card, and let the festivities begin.

Zero Wastage - A major advantage of gift cards is their potential to eliminate unwanted presents. The receiver exercises choice, ensuring the gift aligns with their preferences, thus reducing waste.

Diminished Risk - Gift cards mitigate the gamble associated with gift-giving. By providing choices, they cater to individual preferences, ensuring the gift hits the mark.

Eased Gifting Pressure - The annual corporate gifting dilemma is real. Researching, budgeting, and pinpointing the ideal gift can escalate stress levels. Ethical corporate Christmas gift cards, however, offer a streamlined solution, alleviating the weight of finding that 'perfect' present.

Considerations Before Choosing Ethical Corporate Christmas Gift Cards for Teams

Diminished Personal Touch - Corporate Christmas gifts typically serve to strengthen and celebrate relationships. A personalised gift often carries more emotional value, making recipients feel genuinely acknowledged. With gift cards, the gesture might come off as impersonal, and recipients may prioritise practicality over pleasure when redeeming, such as opting for stationery over something more indulgent. However, choosing gift cards from a specialised gifting vendor ensures that recipients still enjoy a curated experience, like a thoughtful gift box or Christmas hamper, rather than an open-ended shopping spree. The convenience of gifting a card can occasionally come across as low effort.. Counteracting this perception involves selecting gift cards from remarkable gifting brands, allowing team members to pick gifts that resonate. Choosing vendors like Social Stories Club, where each product in their ethical Christmas hampers champions a unique social cause—like tea aiding education in tea-growing communities—can ensure your corporate gesture aligns with shared values and supports purpose-driven businesses. If you go down the gift card route, do not choose Amazon and use this opportunity to support a social enterprise gifting supplier.

Added Onus on Recipients - Handing over a gift card transfers some of the gift-selection responsibility to the recipient. This implies they must decide on the gift, input necessary details, and redeem the voucher—tasks that some people would love to do but some may not enjoy.

Transparent Budget - The monetary value of a gift card is explicit, making it evident to the recipient how much was allocated for their present. 

Environmental Implications - Receiving a generic gift card might inadvertently encourage recipients to buy items they would not typically desire, just to utilise the card. This behavior, especially when combined with vendors that lack eco-friendly practices or do not compensate for their carbon footprint during shipping, can lead to sustainability concerns. However, the card can easily be regifted, and this is still the more environmentally sustainable option than buying a traditional hamper.

Should You Opt for Amazon Gift Cards for Employees This Christmas?

While many companies gravitate towards Amazon gift cards for their convenience and the vast array of products available, there are pertinent reasons to reconsider this choice for your holiday corporate gifting.

They are not always used as personal treats - Our studies show that a significant number of individuals do not typically utilise their Amazon gift cards for personal indulgences. Rather, they might purchase items for others or practical products, like light bulbs. This detracts from the intention of making the recipient feel valued. The intended warm sentiments linked to the giver might be lost.

Perception of being an afterthought - Amazon, a vast multinational corporation, might not resonate as a thoughtful choice, especially when compared to niche or boutique businesses. An Amazon gift card can sometimes come across as less intimate or considered.

A missed chance to uplift small enterprises - Opting for Amazon sidesteps the opportunity to bolster small businesses or social endeavors. Every purchase is a statement, and directing your company's gifting budget towards a social enterprise can have profound implications for groups aiding those with employment challenges. This Christmas buy a gift card from a social enterprise gifting supplier such as Social Stories Club.

Your gift mirrors your company's ethos - What message does an Amazon gift card convey about your brand's principles? Selecting a gift card from a sustainable gifting platform, such as Social Stories Club, communicates support for sustainable practices, empowerment of minority and female-led businesses, commitment to fair wages, engagement with local communities, and an emphasis on minimizing environmental harm.

Alternative sustainable choices abound - The convenience of Amazon does not mean other easy, ethical options are not available. For instance, Social Stories Club offers ethical and sustainable gift card alternatives that can make your corporate gifting more impactful.

Reflecting on the broader sentiment, our poll found that a whopping 78% of respondents had received an Amazon gift card. And when we solicited opinions on LinkedIn regarding their feelings about such gifts, the feedback was insightful. One user shared, “It frustrates me when organisations, especially those in the third sector, use their funds to back giants that perhaps do not contribute equitably. Every penny has power.” Another reminisced, “An Amazon gift card is thoughtless and communicates the complete wrong message.”

How to Choose a Gift Card that Embodies Your Values and Strengthens Professional Bonds?

Navigating the world of corporate gifting can often be a maze of decisions - what to gift, how to make it meaningful, and how to ensure it aligns with corporate values. For those considering the best sustainable Christmas gift cards for Teams, the landscape has shifted significantly. More companies are acknowledging the importance of sustainability, with a staggering 91% of respondents in a Social Stories Club survey stating that sustainability would factor into their corporate gifting decisions. Yet, paradoxically, 78% have still received an Amazon gift card at some point. If the convenience and ease of a gift card appeal to you, why not pivot to more sustainable corporate Christmas gift cards? Consider supporting smaller businesses or ethical gifting platforms like Social Stories Club. We offer not just any gift card but one that empowers recipients to curate their own ethical corporate Christmas gift hampers. This personalised touch ensures no gift goes to waste and serves as a warm reminder of the value and appreciation they hold within the organisation.

Deciphering the Perfect Budget for Employee Christmas Gift Cards

Navigating the world of corporate gifting, especially during the festive season, can be a delicate balance between reflecting company values and meeting employee expectations. As Christmas approaches, many businesses grapple with the question: "How much should I allocate for my employee gift cards?" While the amount is essential, the emphasis should truly be on the meaning behind the gesture. Investing in sustainable corporate Christmas gift cards, especially those from reputed ethical providers like Social Stories Club, can make a significant impact. Whether you are on a modest budget considering letterbox gifts ranging from £15 to £20 or seeking more lavish hampers for £50+, there's a spectrum of choices available. From compact delights to opulent baskets, each offering from Social Stories Club is intricately curated to foster and strengthen business relationships. The best part? These gifts not only resonate with your team's values but also showcase your commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. For bespoke gift card values tailored to your needs, feel free to connect with our team.

Discovering Sustainable Gift Cards: Are They the Future of Employee Gifting?

Navigating the landscape of corporate gifting can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when we are striving for sustainability. As businesses shift towards ethical practices, the hunt for the best sustainable Christmas gift cards for teams becomes paramount. The question arises: Can gift cards be sustainable? And where does one source sustainable corporate Christmas gift cards? The answer lies in supporting gifting suppliers who are deeply rooted in sustainable and ethical practices. Take Social Stories Club, for instance, an Edinburgh-based gifting gem that not only offers ethical corporate Christmas gift cards but also champions a vision of sustainability. By opting for their digital gift cards, you are reducing both transport emissions and paper waste, making your corporate gifting journey as green as it can be.

Are Gift Cards a Desired Christmas Gift Among Employees?

Choosing the right corporate gift during the festive season can be a nuanced endeavor. An overwhelming 88% of employees cherish the sentiment of receiving a Christmas present from their employer, emphasising the significance of such gestures. However, determining the most appreciated gift type can be a challenge. The allure of gift cards is evident, but their value to the recipient can differ vastly. For example, while a book voucher might delight an avid reader, it might not resonate with everyone. Moreover, in a time where values and ethics play a pivotal role in brand choices, many employees lean towards brands that mirror their personal beliefs, causing some to steer clear of giants like Amazon. Therefore, it's imperative to consider not only the gift but also its source. Opting for ethical corporate Christmas gift cards, such as those from Social Stories Club, offers a harmonious blend of convenience and heartfelt sentiment, positioning them among the best sustainable Christmas gift cards for teams.

Beyond Gift Cards: Are Sustainable Christmas Hampers the Ideal Employee Gift

In the festive season, a thoughtful gesture can leave a lasting impression. When it comes to corporate gifting, many businesses default to the convenience of gift cards. But what if there was a more personal, ethical alternative? Introducing sustainable Christmas hampers - the perfect blend of thoughtfulness, environmental consciousness, and corporate responsibility. These hampers are not just gifts; they are stories of sustainability, tales of community support, and symbols of a business' dedication to more than just profit. For businesses aiming for the Best Sustainable Christmas Gift cards for Teams, why not transition to sustainable corporate Christmas hampers? Not only do they provide an eco-friendly alternative, but they also showcase a commitment to ethical corporate values. Social Stories Club offers an exceptional range of these hampers, tailored to communicate appreciation, foster connections, and promote responsible gifting. When you choose such a hamper, you are not merely sending a gift; you are sharing a narrative of change, hope, and a brighter future.

Can Gift Cards Accommodate Employees' Dietary Needs?

Opting for the right gift card for your team this festive season can be both a reflection of your corporate values and a nod to the diverse needs of your staff. When choosing the best sustainable Christmas gift cards for teams, it's essential to ensure they cater to every individual, including those with specific dietary requirements. With Social Stories Club, the challenge of finding ethical corporate Christmas gift cards that acknowledge varied dietary needs is easily addressed. They offer a plethora of options from vegan to kosher, halal, and even free-from gift boxes. So, when you choose their gift card, you are not only supporting sustainable and ethical gifting, but you are also ensuring that every employee feels seen and appreciated.

Empowering Employee Choices with Sustainable Gift Cards

Navigating the intricate landscape of corporate gifting can be daunting, especially during the festive season. But with the rise of conscious consumerism, businesses are turning towards more meaningful presents for their teams. Enter sustainable corporate Christmas gift cards, notably those from ethical sources like Social Stories Club. These empower employees to choose gifts that personally resonate with them, be it based on dietary requirements, ethical beliefs, or simple taste preferences. It's a seamless blend of heartfelt intention and personal autonomy.

Tailored Gifts: Curated with Care

While gift cards offer freedom of choice, some employers yearn for a more hands-on approach. By collaborating with our specialised corporate gifting team at Social Stories Club, employers can craft a curated selection of gifts that match their team's unique profile. This might include vegan delights, gourmet sustainable foods, pampering kits, or allergy-friendly offerings. The result? Gifts that are sustainable, specific, and resonate deeply with every team member.

Maintaining Discretion: The Voucher Code System

A concern that often surfaces in corporate gifting is the visibility of the gift's cost. Addressing this, Social Stories Club offers an innovative system. Instead of revealing the exact value of the gift card, employees receive a voucher code. This ensures both the element of surprise and discretion concerning the gift's price. It's a considerate touch that makes the gifting experience even more special.

Gift Cards vs. Tangible Presents vs. Cash Bonuses: The Great Debate

Each form of gift, whether it's a card, a tangible present, or a cash bonus, has its unique advantages. While cash provides unarguable practicality, it often lacks the personal touch that strengthens the employer-employee bond. Gift cards balance this by offering choice. However, the true magic is encapsulated in handpicked hampers from sustainable suppliers like Social Stories Club. Here, every gift is a narrative, echoing the values the company upholds and leaving a memorable impression on the recipient.


As the festive season approaches, the age-old dilemma of corporate gifting takes center stage. With 2023 seeing an undeniable tilt towards sustainable and ethical choices, the spotlight has naturally fallen on gift cards and hampers that reflect these values. While the practicality of gift cards is indisputable, the core essence of gifting—showing appreciation, fostering connections, and strengthening relationships—remains paramount.

In a world where every purchase is a statement and every gift a reflection of values, it’s essential to consider not just the recipient but also the wider impact of our choices. The trend towards ethical corporate Christmas gift cards, especially those from committed suppliers like Social Stories Club, underscores a collective desire to merge convenience with conscience. It's a testament to the evolving corporate culture where businesses are not just aiming to reward, but also to resonate.

For businesses grappling with the decision of what to gift, the answer lies not just in the present itself but in the message it conveys. Whether you are considering gift cards, bespoke hampers, or a blend of both, the emphasis should always be on genuine appreciation, sustainability, and a commitment to shared values. After all, in the grand tapestry of corporate relationships, it's the threads of genuine intent, ethical considerations, and shared stories that create the most vibrant and enduring patterns. To purchase a Social Stories Club gift card for an individual, please check our gift cards. To purchase sustainable gift cards for your client or team members check out our corporate gifting page and scroll to the bottom to book a call with us today.

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