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Social enterprises are businesses that reinvest a portion or all of their profits into helping tackle some of the world’s most challenging social and environmental issues. By purchasing from social ventures, you are directly helping the causes they support, and in turn, making the world a better place.

Our gift hampers are packed with products made by social enterprises, making it easy for your company to support social causes whilst offering you a thoughtful way to appreciate and reward your team. We are currently partnered with over 30 social enterprises from around the UK, featuring over 100s products across, food, drink, beauty, and lifestyle categories. Each of these products has an incredible story of how they transform communities by building schools, providing jobs for individuals with disabilities, or rehabilitating women previously touched by the justice system. We share these stories inside a story booklet included in each of our sustainable gift hampers.

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Our Sustainable Packaging

We carefully source sustainable materials to ensure our packaging has as little impact on the environment as possible. Our shipping is carbon neutral too!

  • Biodegradable Mailer Bags And Boxes
  • Sustainably Sourced Wood Wool Stuffing
  • Reusable Hampers Made From Paper Rope
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Curated Gift Boxes

Ready-to-go gifts for quick turnarounds

Our curated boxes are perfect for all occasions - from staff onboarding, celebrating holidays, or retirement gifts.

Bespoke Gifts by Social Stories Club.

Bespoke Gift Boxes 

Tailor-made gifts to reward your staff

Choose from 100's of social enterprise products and create a gift that's unique to them and  reflects your company values.

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Branded Corporate Gifts

Small details that make all the difference

We offer a wide range of branding options to help set your company apart, including A6 cards and belly bands.

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Gift Cards

Let them choose their perfect gift box

Our gift cards are sent directly to their inbox with instructions to redeem them at checkout. It could not be easier!

Why you should choose sustainable corporate hampers for your staff

  • Sustainable corporate hampers will make your team feel so appreciated

    “Wow this is the best gift I have ever received.” “How lovely it is when your workplace sends you a gift box - carbon-neutral might I add.” “Wow look what my wonderful boss sent me.” “This gift makes me feel so appreciated. Thank you so much!” These are the sorts of messages you can expect to receive when you gift a Social Stories Club employee gift box.
  • Sustainable corporate hampers demonstrate shared values for sustainability

    We all want to make sure that everyone in our teams feels as if they belong. Increasingly over the years workers intentionally look to work for companies where there is a value match so they can feel a sense of belonging and team cohesion with 98% of employees refusing to work for a company who don’t share their values. Sustainability is an important value for 83% of workers. It’s no wonder companies are trying to embed sustainability as a core value to ensure they attract and retain the best talent. Giving a sustainable corporate gift box is the perfect way to demonstrate this shared value while at the same time showing that your company is caring and appreciates their team.
  • Corporate gift hampers can foster a culture of sustainability in the workplace

    Social enterprises are businesses whose number one goal is to create a positive social or environmental impact on society. Only 1% of individuals in the UK understand what social enterprises are and how they are changing the world. By gifting a sustainable corporate gift box from Social Stories Club you can introduce your team to the exciting world of social enterprise where you can plant trees, educate girls, and employ individuals with disabilities by eating chocolates, drinking teas, and using social enterprise sops. The stories behind the products inside each sustainable employee gift box can be read in a story booklet included in each gift. Your team will understand that not only did you choose a thoughtful gift but this gift is transforming the communities, uses sustainable packaging, and is packed by individuals with barriers to employment. The social stories behind their employee gift box spark positive conversations having a ripple effect as your team go on to share the social enterprise products with their family and start conversations on this amazing concept with their friends.
  • Sustainable Hampers are a cost-effective way to spread joy

    Corporate gift hampers are one of the most cost-effective ways to foster a sense of belonging and togetherness and therefore attract and retain talent. Social Stories Clubs' sustainable corporate hampers are designed to maximise the appreciation and joy which is experienced when a gift is received. After collecting data from hundreds of workers we know exactly what people want to receive as a gift. Your team wants a gift that is useful, sustainable and has a fascinating story. Each employee gift box is packed with useful products that are reusable such as tote bags or consumable such as chocolates. Our sustainable gift boxes tell many incredible social stories of how they are transforming communities and the carbon is offset from the delivery. They have been described as joy in a box and are much more affordable than pricey team away days.
  • Sustainable corporate hampers are the most personal gifts

    The great thing about sustainable hampers is that although your whole team will get the same corporate gift, they will each feel as if it has been specifically chosen for them. The social stories of how the gift is transforming communities alongside products they are excited to try will resonate with each individual. There are options where each worker can build their own employee gift box choosing from socks, candles, soaps, nuts, coffees and so much more.

We will create the perfect sustainable corporate gift box for your team. Please reach out and book a 1:2:1 call with us and download our corporate brochure.

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