Our Top 5 Social Stories for July 2020

Our Top 5 Social Stories for July 2020 | Social Stories Club

It is almost August now! Even though July has been a bit of a tempestuous month and not the sunniest. We are glad that things are getting back to normal and many wonderful social enterprises are starting to open.

This month, we have concentrated our top five social stories on British social ventures! Have a read and learn about the UK’s thriving social venture industry and how you can purchase socially impactful goods!


1. Bermondsey Street Bees

Bermondsey Street Bees work alongside businesses, governments and charities, to create best-practice templates for keeping honeybees in cities without negatively impacting wild pollinators. Through their pioneering ‘Green Offset’ policy, they plant pollinator gardens in communities and in collaboration with commercial entities. Social Stories Club is very excited to bring on board Bermondsey Street Bees to our gift boxes and gift hampers.


2. Was A Bed

Was a Bed is a social enterprise committed to reducing waste by creating a circular economy around recycling used bed linen. They have a range of everyday items including new face masks! They create rural jobs for sew-ers who can fabricate useful items from retired bedlinen. This will then create rural employment in Scotland. They also create beach clean bags so that you can have a walk and help keep our coasts clean and wildlife safe!


3. Lack Dhu

Lack Dhu not only promote local and emerging artists, but they also have an emphasis on Aspergers Artists and Art for mental health and well being. The art is beautiful and helps supports Edinburgh's local economy! 


4. The Blankfaces

The Blankfaces is the UK's first fashion label aimed at ending homelessness. Their designs are inspired or created by a homeless person.

They give a percentage of every product sold directly back to the homeless participant who has shared their story and give 100% of profits to the homeless community. Lovely clothing with a good cause! Next time you are looking for a new t-shirt, you can buy one that makes a positive impact. 


5. Social Enterprise UK

Social Enterprise UK has created an article showcasing the efforts of many social enterprises across the UK during coronavirus! This article can introduce you to a range of new social enterprises! 


We hope you have enjoyed learning about some new social ventures this month. If you would like to know about more social ventures, check out Our Top 5 Social Stories for June 2020. We have also created a range of 'Build Your Own Gifts' that make a perfect gift for a team, a friend, or a family member. If you would like to hear more from us, do not forget to sign up below.