Our Top 5 Social Stories for September 2020

Our Top 5 Social Stories for September 2020 | Social Stories Club

The end of September has already arrived and we are loving the autumnal colours and winter stews we are cooking! It is still a very uncertain time at the moment, but we are still going as a business and are love sharing social stories with you! We hope you feel inspired by these companies stories as much as we do!

1. Shakti-ism 

Their mission is to empower, employ and encourage entrepreneurship in disadvantaged women, particularly those who are at risk of being impacted by gender-based violence. Over 2639 women in India have been employed to make beautiful products from upcycled saris. This not only helps reduce environmental waste, but allows social movement for the women’s who under normal circumstances would have struggled to gain employment and a fair income.

2. Belu

Belu gives 100% of their profits to the charity WaterAid to help transform lives worldwide with clean water. They work with the UK hotel, restaurant and catering sectors to fulfil water requirements with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

3. Helping people with barriers to employment

The Guardian has published an article on business owners that are helping people with barriers to employment to create homeware and clothing from sustainable materials. This is a great article to learn about new and practical ethical companies!

4. Bike For Good

Glasgow based Social enterprise -Bike for good, encourages people to get on their bike, teaches workshops on how to cycle, how to repair and has a very tight-knit team. They have created a positive environment for cyclists in Glasgow

5.Lux Luz

Lux Luz are a UK based social enterprise that make handmade vegan candles and help women that are victims of domestic abuse. In 2020 they have provided 10 women and children emergency accommodation to keep them safe.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about this months social enterprises! We have been running this small blog series for a long time now and if you would like to learn about more social projects then take a look at Social Stories Blogs!

Team SSC