Top 5 Social Stories for December 2020

Top 5 Social Stories for December 2020

This month's Top 5 Social Stories have been hand picked from the 2020 Social Enterprise Honour Roll Call! We are so honoured to have been listed this year amongst so many other inspiring socially conscious brands!

1. Bikeworks UK

After being inspired by the 2012 Olympics, Bikeworks UK was created to get the local community cycling.

2. Tutors United

Tutors United employ and train university students to provide affordable private tutoring to the primary school pupils who need it most.

3. Communities Engage and Thrive

Communities Engage and Thrive support adults and children to lead healthier lifestyles that lead to more independent living, social interaction and help to reduce isolation.

4. Primal Roots

Primal Roots believe in the restorative power of fitness and nature, as a tool to achieve more than just improvements in health and wellbeing.

5.Clean For Good

Clean for Good are a different kind of cleaning company. They are an ethical workplace cleaning for London - the Living Wage & dignified work.

These social enterprises have done an absolutely outstanding job this year in supporting the UK community! If you would like to know more about social enterprises and the work they do then check out the rest of our social enterprise series.

Thank you for supporting us throughout 2020. We are very very grateful for this. 

Team SSC