How buying from social enterprises is supporting communities: Buy social this Christmas

How buying from social enterprises is supporting communities: Buy social this Christmas

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of new businesses known as social enterprises. Social enterprises bridge the gap between charity and standard business models. These organisations operate like businesses with a primary focus on addressing a social need. These businesses use revenue generated from goods or services sold to reinvest in growth or fund new programs. When it comes to making a difference, businesses can make an enormous impact by supporting social enterprises. Purchasing from social enterprises is one-way businesses and individuals can create positive change in their local communities.

This article details how buying from social enterprises is supporting communities and why you should consider doing the same for your business.

Buying from your local social enterprise helps both the community and the climate

Buying local food helps to reduce the impacts of food miles associated with traditional produce. This means you are reducing the number of greenhouse gas emissions caused by transporting your food. Buying local products also supports smaller social enterprises in your local community, which has a positive impact on job creation and economic growth. Conversely, when you buy products that have been shipped from afar, you are increasing the number of carbon emissions from transportation. Buying fair-trade products can further reduce the impacts of the food you buy. Fair-trade products are certified to meet standards for sustainable and ethically sourced products. This means you are supporting the development of sustainable agricultural practices that benefit both growers and workers.

By buying from social enterprises, you are supporting the local economy

Buying from social enterprises ensures your money is put back into the local economy. This means that it is reinvested in the community in which it was earned, helping to contribute to and grow the local economy. By buying services or products from local providers, you support your neighbours and friends who earn a living from these businesses. Social enterprises often focus on reducing their environmental impact as well as serving society to maximise their impact, which is a great way to strengthen your local economy.

By buying from social enterprises, you are helping to combat climate change

Buying from social enterprises helps combat climate change in many different ways. Firstly, the products that social enterprises sell are often designed to be more environmentally friendly. For example, Social Stories Club, a social enterprise that makes sustainable hampers, offset the carbon from delivery and only uses renewable energies in their warehouse. Secondly, profits from those products are often used to further reduce the environmental impacts of the business and increase social impact. This could include investing in energy-saving equipment, sustainable energy sources, or research into eco-friendly practices. For example, Social Stories Club, an Edinburgh-based social enterprise gifting company, invested in biodegradable mailer bags to reduce environmental impact. When purchasing from a social enterprise, ask the company how they reduce their environmental impact. Other than just using sustainable or eco-friendly materials, they could be reusing materials or donating them to charities to reduce their waste. For example, all the social enterprise products that go into Social Stories Clubs' sustainable gift boxes arrive on pallets. These pallets are then picked up by a social enterprise that up-cycle them into furniture. Social enterprises may also run donation schemes that allow you to donate products that you do not want or need.

Social enterprises put making a positive impact back into the hands of individuals

When you purchase products from social enterprises, you are directly putting your money towards a social objective. You are directly contributing to making a positive impact in your community and beyond. This means that the money you spend on your social enterprises is staying in the community. You are supporting the local economy and enabling other individuals to realise their dreams. There are many different types of social enterprises out there. They each have their own social mission, but all put the power in your hands to choose how you want to make a difference. By purchasing sustainable gift boxes from Social Stories Club you are helping to spread the word about social enterprise and their incredible social stories. This helps the social enterprises included in the sustainable hampers and their beneficiaries too.

Social enterprises are empowering people by providing jobs to individuals with barriers to employment

Many social enterprises offer paid employment to individuals who are otherwise unable to find a job. This can include people with disabilities, people who are looking for flexible work, carers, retired individuals, or others with barriers to employment. When you purchase products from social enterprises, you are directly employing others. You are directly enabling other people to earn a living from their passions and skills.

So why do not more people know about this?

Social enterprises are often very community and socially focused businesses. This means they do not always have the chance to market themselves and draw attention to their operation like larger brands. This often means that people do not know about the great products these businesses sell or their social impact. Social enterprises are often small, independent businesses. You can make a big difference by supporting social enterprises such as Social Stories Club. If you need gifts for your family and friends or your business purchases corporate gifts for employees and clients, you can make a difference by recommending Social Stories Club as a sustainable gifting supplier. By giving a sustainable gift box as the staff Christmas present you will be introducing all the workers at your company to lots of different social enterprises as Social Stories Club fills their Christmas hampers with sustainable products from social enterprises.


Buying from social enterprises is one of the most impactful ways businesses and individuals can make a difference. Social enterprises are businesses that are run to address a social need in their local community. Buying from a social enterprise not only helps to support the business that you are buying from but also helps to reduce poverty and inequality in your community. Buying from social enterprises is a great way to reduce the environmental impacts of your business while making a positive impact on the lives of others in the community. Buying from a social enterprise also means that your money goes where it is needed most - back into the community where it was earned. Some social enterprises even offer job opportunities for individuals who may otherwise be unable to find employment or receive benefits from other social programs. Buying from a social enterprise is not only an impactful way to buy your products but also a great way to show your support for the communities you live in and the people who live there. Do not forget to share this article with your friends and family to spread the word about these amazing businesses.

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