Sustainable gift brands what is the best sustainable gift company

Sustainable gift brands: what is the best sustainable gift company?

Christmas is a time for giving, and that is why we have compiled a list of some of the aspects you should look out for in deciding whether a sustainable gifting company is a right choice for you. If you are looking for a sustainable gifting company in the UK it is important to ask, what makes a sustainable gifting brand ethical in the first place?

From giving back to helping the environment, these companies are making a real difference in the world around them.

The best sustainable gifting companies pay the living wage

If you want to gift a sustainable gift this Christmas, choose a company that pays a living wage. Companies offer fairer wages for workers across the country by ensuring that a living wage is paid to all employees. By doing so, they are helping to alleviate poverty and inequality in our society. While some businesses may baulk at the idea of paying employees a living wage, it's worth considering the benefits it can bring. For one thing, paying employees a fair wage can be beneficial to morale. It can also help prevent employee turnover and improve retention rates over time. Look for an accredited living wage employer when looking for your gifting company. Social Stories Club is an example of a living wage employer.

The best sustainable gift brands are registered social enterprises.

It’s hard to find the perfect gift, let alone one that is ethical and sustainable. But there is no need to worry – we have got you covered! Social enterprises are businesses that adhere to strict social impact standards. They are often focused on giving back to the community, making a positive impact and contributing to a more sustainable world. Social enterprises offer a wide range of products and services, all of which are committed to doing good in the world. They offer ethical gifts that you can feel good about giving, from eco-friendly products to fair-trade goods. And they are a great way for you to support a local business while also supporting a cause you believe in. Social Stories Club is a registered social enterprise gifting company making sustainable Christmas hampers for corporates. They invest their profits back into running their social enterprise. Social enterprises are businesses that create value for society while also generating revenue. There are many reasons why social enterprises are a good investment: they create jobs, produce valuable products and improve the environment. They can also be an effective way to promote social responsibility among young people. And there is no better time to get involved in the social enterprise than now: many organisations have launched initiatives to encourage more people to become involved.

The best gifting companies hire disadvantaged people

In the interest of fully engaging the power of gifting, many companies are now making a concerted effort to hire people from underrepresented communities. For example, Social Stories Club hires individuals with barriers to employment to pack their sustainable Christmas hampers. These may be individuals who are disadvantaged due to age, language, and ability. Social Stories Club is an example of a company taking steps to ensure their hiring processes reflect their company’s values but also the communities they serve. These companies recognise that hiring more underrepresented people can help them better understand their customers, provide jobs to those who need them most, and improve morale amongst staff which can translate into improved business results. In addition, hiring these individuals can create long-term benefits for these individuals as well as their families, who may be able to build wealth and stability through employment. Social Stories Club has provided over 3000 hours of employment to individuals with barriers to employment.

The best gifting companies offset their carbon from the delivery of the sustainable gifts

Companies that offset their carbon emissions are taking active steps to reduce their impact on the environment. By purchasing carbon credits, they can reduce their impact by paying money to fund projects that reduce emissions. As a result, they are effectively reducing their carbon footprint while also helping to ease the effects of climate change. By offsetting their carbon footprint, companies can help to save the planet and protect our planet’s future. In addition, offsetting your carbon footprint is good for your business as well. Offsetting your carbon footprint shows your commitment to the environment and improves your reputation with environmental organisations and stakeholders. As a result, it can help to improve your bottom line. Offsetting your carbon footprint is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Social Stories Club is an example of a UK gifting company that offsets its carbon to be more environmentally friendly. The carbon from the delivery of your sustainable hamper will be measured and trees will be planted to offset the quantity of carbon produced.

The best sustainable gift brands use sustainable packaging

To reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills, Social Stories Club uses four different types of sustainable packaging: biodegradable cardboard boxes, compostable wood wool filler, biodegradable mailer bags, and reusable paper rope hampers. In short, sustainable packaging reduces the impact of the package itself on our environment. There are many reasons why gifts must be sent in sustainable packaging. Firstly, it is good for the environment to use environmentally friendly materials when making and packaging presents. Using sustainable packaging will help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills. By using sustainable packaging you are encouraging other businesses to follow suit and provide a way that consumers can send a gift sustainably. So, if you want to send a present that is both environmentally friendly and socially responsible, consider sending Social Stories Club’s sustainable gift boxes for employees, clients, friends, and family.

The most sustainable UK gift companies educate on social enterprise

If you are looking for sustainable gifts for the holidays, then you will want to visit the websites of companies that not only sell social impact products but also educate their customers about social enterprises. These businesses are often run by people who aim to make a positive impact in the world through business. It is important to educate them because they are not just trying to make money, they are trying to create a better world. Supporting social enterprises is one of the easiest ways you can make a social impact this Christmas. But if you are looking for a gift that is good for the planet and good for your wallet too, then you ca not go wrong with socially conscious products from these companies. Social Stories Club is a social enterprise gift hamper company that fills its hampers with products from other social enterprises. These social enterprises may make mulled wine, chocolate truffles, cosy socks, or beautifully smelling candles, but each of their products supports a social cause such as building schools or helping the homeless. In each ethical gift box, you purchase you will receive a selection of these social enterprise products. Included inside your sustainable Christmas box is a story booklet detailing the social stories behind each gift. In this booklet, you will also be able to learn about social enterprise. Therefore with this gift, you are not only supporting social enterprises but you are also educating the receiver on all the other social enterprises that are out there.


If you are looking for a gifting company that pays the living wage, offsets their carbon, educates on sustainability, is a registered social enterprise, uses sustainable packaging, and hires individuals with barriers to employment, then Social Stories Club is the gifting company you are looking for. If you are needing 1-10,000 gifts, head over to our corporate gifting page and we will be able to assist you from there. Book a 1:2:1 with us today and we can arrange bespoke gifts, curated gifts, gifts for employees, and gifts for clients. As a sustainable UK gifting supplier, we also ship internationally and have served over 100 corporates.

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