Sarah Ford-Hutchison, SRS, University of Edinburgh

What is your name and where do you work?

My name is Sarah Ford-Hutchinson and I'm the communications manager in the University of Edinburgh’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability Department.

Why do you want to gift something sustainable?

It’s really important for our department that when we offer things to people that they have the values that we ourselves kind of hold ourselves to and hold the university to. So, it’s very important that when we give people things, they’re gifts that are socially responsible and sustainable. And the thing we really loved about the gift boxes is all the thoughts been put in there already. It was lots of local organisations, products that we really believed in and products that other people would find interesting and also very kind of minimal packaging and particularly a lot of the packaging is quite plastic free which we liked. So, the gifts themselves kind of represent the values that our department has.

If you had to describe Social Stories Club in 3 words, what would they be?

If I had to describe Social Stories Club in three words it would be fun, ethical and meaningful.

Would you recommend us to other businesses? If yes, then why?

I would definitely recommend Social Stories Club to other businesses and organisations. When you buy their products, you're buying into values and stories and you're supporting other social enterprises so it’s a great gift to give to anyone.

Did you hear back from any gift recipient about our gift? How did they feel when they received the box?

We heard a lovely story from one of the people who received our gift box. It was a lady who’d just come back from the Isle of Mull and had brought her grandmother some Island Bakery biscuits and her grandmother had eaten them and loved them, but she couldn’t get anymore. And when she won our gift, she was able to give the island bakery biscuits to her grandmother and imparting that gift but also imparting the story of the organisation they came from and that was just fab.

Did anything exceed your expectations while working with us?

Working with Social Stories Club, the thing that really exceeded my expectations was the customer service. I really felt that when we talked to the owners and told them what we wanted they listened, and they were able to kind of meet our requirements and that was great because it made engaging with them really fun.

What would you tell someone who is considering purchasing from us?

The thing I'd tell somebody who was considering buying from Social Stories Club is go for it! Order one box, one sample, have a look at the products inside and see if they make you smile.


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