Sustainable Christmas Hampers: Is it too early to enquire about corporate Christmas gifts?

Sustainable Christmas Hampers: Is it too early to enquire about corporate Christmas gifts? 


The holiday season is a time for spreading joy and appreciation, and one popular way businesses express their gratitude is through corporate Christmas gifts. These gifts not only strengthen relationships with clients and partners but also boost employee morale. However, determining the right time to start thinking about corporate Christmas gifts can be a challenge. In this blog, we will explore the factors that corporates should consider when planning their holiday gifting strategy and provide insights for the business Social Stories Club who specialise in sustainable Christmas hampers.

Reflecting on the Importance of Corporate Christmas Gifts:

Is Christmas the right time to send corporate gift hampers? We would argue yes. Corporate Christmas gifts are more than just tokens of appreciation; they are valuable opportunities to nurture relationships and showcase your company's brand. Employees expect a gift at Christmas, especially if they have received them previous years as it makes them feel valued. If you want to do something different you can also send gifts at the end of a tax year, when a certain milestone has been reached, or on your company's birthday. By carefully selecting and timing your gifts, you can make a lasting impression and stand out. Social Stories Club, as a business focused on social impact and sustainable gifting, has a unique chance to align its values with the spirit of the holiday season.

Considering the Scope of Your Corporate Christmas Gifting:

The size of your corporate Christmas gifting program will influence when you should start planning. Determine whether your gifts will be sent to all your staff, personalised for individual clients or sent to a broader group. Sustainable gifting companies like Social Stories Club have limited slots for corporate gifting at Christmas. If you are sending hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of gifts, get in there early to make sure you do not miss out. The summer is a good time to note your interest for larger orders.  

 Consider the complexity of the gifts:

Consider the complexity of your order and where it is more complex consider reaching out as early as possible to secure your corporate gifting slot. Social Stories Club can leverage its expertise in curating socially responsible products to create customised gift packages that resonate with each recipient's preferences. Check out the build your own gift hamper feature to see all the options you can choose for your gift. If you would like to include your own branded merchandise in the gift that needs to be sent in advance, then register interest and start discussions as early as possible. If you would like personalised notes in each gift hamper, then this is another reason to get in more quickly. 

Building Relationships: Early Planning is Key:

To strengthen existing relationships and establish new ones, it is essential to plan your corporate Christmas gifts well in advance. Starting early allows you to research your recipients, brainstorm unique ideas, and tailor your gifts to their preferences. By doing so, Social Stories Club can ensure its gifts align with the interests and values of its corporate clients.

Shipping and Delivery Considerations:

The holiday season is a busy time for shipping and delivery services. Late planning may result in delays or increased costs, affecting the timely arrival of your gifts. If you book last minute you may need to upgrade shipping to guarantee the next day. Get in touch early with Social Stories Club to account for this. We will do our best to work with our logistics partners to ensure smooth delivery.

Budgeting and Cost Management:

 Planning ahead enables you to allocate a sufficient budget for your corporate Christmas gifts. It allows you to explore various options and gives time to order in more unusual options from smaller suppliers. Social Stories Club can strategically plan its budget to create memorable gifts while staying true to its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Personalisation and Branding Opportunities:

Corporate Christmas gifts present an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and values. By starting early, you can incorporate personalised touches, such as branded packaging or handwritten notes, creating a lasting impression on recipients. Social Stories Club can showcase its commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices by emphasising these values in the gift presentation. You can also check out the branding options on the branded sustainable gifts page

Engaging Employees:

 Corporate Christmas gifts are not limited to clients and partners; they are also a great way to appreciate and motivate employees. Early planning allows you to involve your team in the gift selection process, making them feel valued and increasing their sense of ownership. Social Stories Club can engage its employees in curating the gift options, aligning with the company's focus on social impact and sustainability. If you would like your team's input on the type of corporate gift, start these conversations early. Head over to Social Stories Club’s shop for inspiration. 


In conclusion, it is never too early to start enquiring about corporate Christmas gifts. Planning ahead allows businesses to maximise the impact of their gifts and ensure a smooth and memorable holiday gifting experience. By considering factors such as the importance of corporate Christmas gifts, the scope of the gifting program, the complexity of the gifts, and the need for early planning to build relationships, businesses can make the most out of their holiday gifting strategy.

Starting early also takes into account shipping and delivery considerations, enabling businesses to avoid delays and additional costs. It provides the opportunity to allocate a sufficient budget and explore various options, including personalised touches and branding opportunities, to reinforce the company's identity and values.

Moreover, early planning engages employees, making them feel valued and involved in the gift selection process. In the case of Social Stories Club, a business focused on social impact and sustainability, early planning allows them to align their gifts with their core values and involve their team in curating socially responsible and personalised options.

So, whether it's to nurture client relationships, boost employee morale, or showcase your company's brand, starting early and partnering with a sustainable gifting company like Social Stories Club can help businesses create meaningful and impactful corporate Christmas gifts that leave a lasting impression. If you are interested in sustainable gifts for employees or ethical gifts for clients head over to our corporate gifting page

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