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Sustainable hampers that are changing the world for the better

Social enterprises are businesses that reinvest a portion or all of their profits into helping tackle some of the world’s most challenging social and environmental issues. By purchasing from social ventures, you are directly helping the causes they support, and in turn, making the world a better place.

Our gift hampers are packed with products made by social ventures, making it easy for your company to support social causes whilst offering a thoughtful way to connect with clients. We are currently partnered with over 30 social ventures from around the UK, featuring over 100s products from across, food, drink, beauty, and lifestyle categories.

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Our Sustainable Packaging

We carefully source sustainable packaging for your corporate gift hampers and sustainable gift boxes to ensure we minimize the negative impact on the environment as much as possible. We have two main packaging options for you to choose from which focus biodegradability and recyclability. For our filler, we use wood wool, a renewable source of stuffing, sourced from sustainable timber forests. We also offset all the carbon from the delivery of your sustainable corporate hampers and have planted over 1,850 trees.

  • Biodegradable Mailer Bags And Boxes
  • Sustainably Sourced Wood Wool Stuffing
  • Reusable Hampers Made From Paper Rope
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curated gift boxes by social stories club

Curated Gift Boxes

Ready-to-go gifts for quick turnarounds

Our curated boxes are perfect for all occasions - from rewarding your best clients to End-Of-Year gifts.

Bespoke Gifts by Social Stories Club.

Bespoke Gift Boxes 

Tailor-made gifts to treat your clients

Choose from 100's of social enterprise products and create a gift that's unique to them and  reflects your company values.

branded corporate gifts by social stories club

Branded Corporate Gifts

Small details that make all the difference

We offer a wide range of branding options to help set your company apart, including A6 cards and belly bands.

Why a Social Stories Club hamper is the perfect corporate gift for your clients

  • Sustainable corporate hampers are a great way to build valuable relationships with a high ROI

    Research has proven giving corporate gifts is instrumental in creating and maintaining business relationships and building trust between organizations. Corporate gift hampers are a great marketing strategy for nurturing professional relationships and have a high return on investment. There is a science as to why corporate gift hampers have such a strong influence over emotions. When someone receives a thoughtful gift, feelings of joy and reciprocity are induced, which is effective for growing your business and building valuable relationships. Research has shown sales representatives generate more than twice as much revenue when they give corporate gifts and that giving gifts is most effective when the relationship has already been nurtured.
  • A report by PwC found that 65% of workers living in China, Germany, India, the UK, and the USA actively want to be a part of a team that values sustainability

    These workers can be key decision-makers when it comes to creating partnerships and doing business. Demonstrating that you have a shared value for sustainability can lead to other organizations championing your offering. Gifting a sustainable corporate gift box is a great way to inform your clients of this shared value. Social Stories Club’s sustainable corporate hampers demonstrating to your clients that you value not only them and their business but you also care about social enterprises and social impact. On the front of our sustainable corporate gift box are the words ‘this box supports different social causes’ and the recipient will immediately know this gift is unusual. Social Stories Club gifts make an impression and no one will ever forgets who sent them. As a social enterprise, Social Stories Club selects products for the sustainable gift hampers that tell a social story of transforming communities. This is a great way to support social causes whilst offering a thoughtful way to connect with clients.
  • Social Stories Club’s sustainable hampers are gifts your clients want to receive

    Our research has shown that the corporate gifts people want to receive have four components: they are high quality, they are useful, they have a story, and they are sustainable. We have used this research to create the most exciting sustainable corporate gift hampers to give and receive. All the products inside our boxes are consumable such as food and soap, or reusable such as coffee cups or tote bags. We only select the highest quality of products from brands we trust and have similar values to us. All of our products inside the sustainable corporate gift box have a fascinating story which we share in a story booklet included so the recipient can read how their tea is educating girls and how their chocolate bar is supporting reforestation projects. We also hire individuals with barriers to employment who pack our gifts and jobs are created by the purchase of your sustainable hampers for clients. We are currently partnered with over 30 social ventures from around the UK, featuring hundreds of products across, food, drink, beauty, and lifestyle categories.

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