1. Who could be the lucky ones receiving the gift hamper?

  • Family and Friends

    Our gifts make the perfect gifts for family and friends. There are six options available and they are suitable for all genders. Watch your friends and families in delight as they read the storybook bursting with stories of positive change and enjoy the lovely products in our gift hampers and gift boxes.
  • Corporate Gifts for Employees

    A storybook explaining the social story behind each of the products is included in our gifts so your employees will know that you went the extra mile to give them an extra special, feel-good gift. Our gifts can be used for employee-recognition and on special occasions such as birthdays, Easter, and Christmas. Many graduates want to work for companies who care about social change and our socially-conscious gifts are a great way to demonstrate your shared values and that you care about social causes. This is a fantastic way to start uplifting conversations in the office about positive social change.
  • Corporate Gifts for Clients

    Our gifts make an excellent gift for your clients as they are filled with exciting products and also have a positive impact on society. Not only will you feel good giving it but your clients will be absolutely delighted receiving it. Many businesses are making efforts to move towards sustainable practices and these socially-conscious gifts are a great way to demonstrate to employees and clients your shared values and that you care about social causes.
  • Gifts for Events

    Our gift hampers make perfect gifts for events as they are easy to carry and store at venues. More importantly, they are filled with a range of socially-conscious products and you can also include a personalised note in every gift hamper. If you are looking to order gift hampers for a business, we can even include your branding on the gift hamper and inside it.  
  • For Yourself

    If you would love to try a range of socially-conscious brands then this is the perfect way to do so. It will be delivered straight to your door. Open the gift hamper, enjoy the goodies, and read about all the positive impact that your purchase has made. You will be left wanting more social stories.


2. Can I have the gifts sent to different addresses?

Absolutely! While creating our plan, we had customer experience in the centre of it all. We want to make it easy for you to send out gift while sharing exciting social stories. You can enter the delivery addresses in the note box in your shopping cart or in the survey that we will send to you once you place your order. Whether it is sending one box each to 10 friends or 50 boxes each to 2 clients, we will make it convenient for you. 


3. Can I include a personalised note inside the gifts? 

All our gifts include a personalised note. As you go through the ordering process, you will see a note box where you can type the message you want to include in the gift. The note will be placed inside the gift so the receipient opens the gift and see your message first. 


4. What is a Socially-Conscious Venture and what are Social Stories?

A social story is a term we use to describe any socially-conscious project/venture that betters society. These social stories can serve a variety of causes on different scales from waste reduction by upcycling a packet of crisps into a bag, to introducing affordable education and health care in rural Africa by paying premium prices for crops. Check out our Instagram (@socialstoriesclub) for the latest social stories and share your social story with the world using #socialstoriesclub. A socially-conscious venture, to us, is the beautiful marriage between traditional business and charity. All of the ventures we work with have at least one social mission which is core to their venture. We love all social missions and work with enterprises supporting food waste reduction, education, reforestation, the creation of jobs for vulnerable individuals and many more. We support social enterprises, non-profits, charities, and changemakers trying to do their bit to leave a positive impact on the world. We believe that the best way to help them is to share their stories.


5. Why should I sign up to the mailing list?

We are always looking out for new social stories out there and we want to tell the world about it. But first, we stop and send out an email to our subscribers. So, why not be the first one to know about it!


6. What are the dietary restrictions for the gifts?

All our gifts only contain vegetarian products. We also offer a vegan option. We cannot guarantee that the products have come into contact with nuts at there source of origin. Please feel free to get in touch if you have other specific dietary requirements.