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About Us - Social Stories Club

We are the co-founders, Karis and Aayush, a couple of storytellers with the most exciting job in the world.

We both remember the magical moment when we discovered social enterprise. For Karis, it was abroad in Vancouver, and for Aayush, it was in his student kitchen. We get to relive this magical moment every day as we introduce people to social enterprises and their stories of social impact. And how do we do this?

Your doorbell rings, you stop your zoom call to go and investigate. You open the door. It is none other than your favourite postman with a big smile on their face and a gift box in her hand. How exciting! Who is it from? What could it be inside? You slide off the mailer bag (which is biodegradable, of course) to find the most beautiful gift box inside with the most intricate decoration. You also see the words - This Box Supports Different Social Causes, which is your first clue that this is no ordinary gift.

How can a gift box support social causes? You want to know more. You lift the lid of the gift box, and the earthy smell of wood wool filling fills the air. Inside is a beautifully presented, colourful gift box full of the most exciting treats. You glance at the note. It’s from your boss! How thoughtful of her. “Thank you so much for all your hard work.” What a wonderful surprise. You immediately spot the Salted Caramel chocolate that you will be gobbling up later. As you eagerly burrow into the layers of the wood wool, you find so many more surprises. You just want to see, smell, and touch them all. The soap smells so good and ooh, there is Earl Grey tea. You would love to open that up with your mum when she visits next weekend. How lovely of your boss to think of you.

Co-founders: Aayush and Karis
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

But how does this box support social causes? You notice a booklet and open it up. You begin to read it and find that all the delicious treats and surprises from your gift box support a different social cause. The delicious chocolate supports global reforestation projects, the Earl Grey tea educates girls in India, and the tote bag supports rescue dogs. It is now you feel that same feeling that Aayush and Karis did when they first got into the world of social enterprises. Businesses can be a force for good. There are incredible businesses out there called social enterprises that are dedicated to giving back. Who knew you could eat chocolate and give back at the same time?

Our gift boxes bring joy to those who give and receive them, building valuable relationships. To date, we have invested over £140,000 in the social enterprise economy, supported 30 social enterprises, and provided over 500 hours of employment to individuals with barriers to employment.

We are storytellers with the most exciting job in the world. The social stories we tell become the hope in which we make mould our future. Social enterprises are changing the world by offering an exciting way to transform communities in a financially sustainable way. We imagine a world where every business is led by a social mission. To get there, we have to make social enterprise well-known. By this, we mean that everyone understands what a social enterprise is and purchases from them regularly. Children who engage with social enterprises through stories are inspired to one day grow up and start their own.

With our social enterprise gift boxes, we will introduce you to the world of social enterprise. Our gift boxes are helping communities and the environment. If you want to help as much as we do, do not forget to pick up a Social Stories Club gift and spread the word (and joy). Please let your team know that we are here (hello!) - we create sustainable corporate gifts for events and as thank-you presents. If you are scrolling through Instagram, please follow our page. All the support we have received has led us to serve some of the largest businesses in the UK. We will keep going as there are still so many people out there who do not know about social enterprises and the incredible brands we support.

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Meet The Team - Social Stories Club
Karis Gill - Co-founder, Social Stories Club

Co-founder, the one with the vision. Always thinking outside the socially-conscious gift box, wacky ideas is Karis’ jam.

Aayush Goyal - Co-founder, Social Stories Club

Co-founder, the one who can bring any idea to life. There is nothing more satisfying than a pint of beer and a balanced spreadsheet.