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Whether you’re looking to welcome a new team member, recognise an employee’s hard work with our sustainable employee gift box or want to send a thank you to your top clients, Social Stories Club is here to help you create your sustainable corporate hampers that are perfect for your company.

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Sustainable Curated Gift Box

Our sustainable curated gift boxes are ready-to-go and packed full of sustainable products that support social causes.

Curated Gift Boxes
Social Stories Club gift box surrounded by their products including biscuits, tea, chocolate bars, coffee, pencils, and crisps, among other products.

Choose from hundreds of sustainable products made by social ventures to create a personalised gift box just for them.

Build Your Own Gifts
Sustainable gift hamper with biscuits, brownie, crisps, bath salts, and more.

The perfect gift for family and friends, make a positive impact with sustainable hampers from Social Stories Club.

Sustainable Gift Hampers

Positive Impact With Every Gift Box

Every time you purchase a Social Stories Club gift box, you are supporting sustainable businesses that are changing the world for the better. Each one of the amazing sustainable products inside our gift boxes and hampers is made by a social enterprise and supports a different social cause such as teas that educate girls in tea growing regions and soaps that empower individuals with disabilities. One sustainable gift can introduce the receiver to the exciting world of social enterprise, inspiring hope for the future. Not only are you sending a thoughtful gift, but you are also contributing to spreading the word about social enterprises and the incredible work they are doing in communities. We use the most environmentally friendly packaging options, we offset all the carbon from delivery, and the social impact warehouse is run on renewable energies. Check out the impact we've made so far!

About Social Stories Club

We’re Karis and Aayush the co-founders of Social Stories Club, an award-winning sustainable corporate gifting company. We started Social Stories Club to create an enormous social impact and spread the word about social enterprise through our sustainable gift hampers. Since we have started we have served over 100 corporates across the world, introducing teams to social enterprises and starting conversations about sustainability in the workplace. We wanted to create a unique gifting experience that offered sustainable gift hampers that educate about social enterprise and the amazing work these businesses are doing by focusing on the social stories behind the products inside the sustainable gifts. We currently work with over 30 social ventures from around the UK and our gifts feature products from across, food, drink, beauty, and lifestyle categories. We have introduced over 1 million people to social enterprise, provided thousands of hours of employment to individuals with barriers to employment, and invested hundreds of thousands into the social enterprise economy. Our sustainable gift hampers have featured across many major publications including cosmopolitan and The Sunday Times. Included in each sustainable gift hamper is our story booklet that details the social impact your purchase is creating and the amazing social stories behind the social ventures we support. The products included in each sustainable gift hamper support education for girls, empower farming communities, help rescue dogs, empower individuals with disabilities, provide jobs for individuals with barriers to employment, support refugees, fight food waste, build schools, provide homeless people with essentials, support the bees, provide training to women who have previously been incarcerated and more.

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What is a social venture?

There is no legal definition for the word social enterprise and the definition differs around the world. We define social enterprises as businesses that are led by their social impact and whose main focus is to better society. Social enterprises achieve this in many different ways such as creating jobs for people with barriers to employment, protecting the environment, and investing in community projects. Inside our sustainable gift boxes, you will find hundreds of products from social enterprises each with inspiring social stories. There are currently over 100,000 social enterprises across the UK contributing £60 billion to the economy and employing two million people. In the UK, there is a legal structure that identifies a company as a social enterprise and this is the Community Interest Company (CIC) structure. Social Stories Club is a CIC and our profits are reinvested back into our company to create a larger social impact.

Logos of awards and accreditations for Social Stories Club including The Big Issue Invest, Living Wage Foundation, and Social Enterprise UK.