The Benefits of Choosing Social Enterprise Hampers This Holiday Season

The Benefits of Choosing Social Enterprise Hampers This Holiday Season

If you are an employer on the hunt for the ideal sustainable gift for your staff this festive season, you have likely come across social enterprise hampers. This thoughtful option allows you to both spoil your team and create a positive impact on society. You might even have stumbled upon Social Stories Club, a leading provider in this space, after typing "social enterprise hampers UK" into your search engine. While their offerings garner rave reviews for their aesthetic appeal and ethical substance, you might still have some lingering questions. Can social enterprise companies handle bulk orders? Will your employees appreciate a gift that comes with a cause? And most importantly, do social enterprise gifts offer the same value and quality as traditional corporate gifts?

This article aims to dispel any myths or uncertainties you may have about choosing social enterprise hampers as your go-to gift this Christmas. By the end, we are confident that you will see why a socially conscious hamper is not just a gift, but a catalyst for change—making it the ultimate present for your team.

Why Employees Love Receiving Social Enterprise Hampers

Choosing the perfect gift for employees is always a challenge for employers. The go-to option may often be an Amazon gift card, considered safe and universally appealing. However, our findings suggest that this might not be hitting the mark in the way you'd expect. Employees today are increasingly seeking workplaces that do not just talk the talk but also walk the walk, particularly when it comes to issues like sustainability, community engagement, and social responsibility.

Opting for social enterprise gift hampers sends a powerful message to your team. It tells them you are invested in meaningful causes and value sustainability—values they likely share and want to see mirrored in their workplace. More than just a bundle of goodies, these hampers create ripples of positive impact, supporting underprivileged communities and backing social causes.

Gift hampers from social enterprises serve as a tangible reminder that there are organisations committed to making the world a better place, and they give your employees the opportunity to feel they are part of this larger mission. It's not just about receiving a delightful gift for their desk or home; it's also about being part of a narrative that aims to enact real change.

For those particularly passionate about social equity or environmental sustainability, receiving such a gift is especially meaningful. But the appeal is broad, touching anyone who believes in leaving the world better than they found it. According to Grey Group International 88% of workers aspire to be part of a company that prioritises sustainability, it's safe to say that social enterprise gift hampers wo not just be appreciated—they will be cherished, as they add an extra layer of goodness to the holiday season.

Social Enterprise Hampers: A Cost-Effective Way to Gift and Give Back

There's a prevalent misconception that social enterprise gifts come with a hefty price tag or offer less value compared to mainstream alternatives. We are here to debunk that myth with concrete examples. Consider a chocolate tasting box from Marks and Spencer, which does not feature products from social enterprises, does not employ people facing barriers to employment for packing, does not offset its carbon emissions from transportation, and lacks the compelling social narratives that can make a gift truly special. This box sells for £30, featuring five items—a price point identical to our 'Hug in a Box,' which also includes five products.

What sets social enterprise gifts like those from Social Stories Club apart is the extra layer of value they add through their social impact. When you opt for our hampers, you are not just buying products; you are supporting a movement. Each purchase benefits communities, reduces carbon footprints, and contributes to a more equitable job market. In essence, the value of social enterprise gifts extends far beyond their immediate contents, making them a more worthwhile investment for both the giver and receiver.

The High Standards of Social Enterprise Gift Boxes

A common but unfounded belief is that social enterprise gifts compromise quality for the sake of social impact—that you are essentially paying more for the 'feel-good' factor and less for superior products. However, this notion could not be further from the truth. A recent 'Buy Social' study by Social Enterprise UK reveals that an overwhelming 95% of corporate buyers report the quality of products from social enterprises to be as good as, or even better than, their traditional counterparts.

At Social Stories Club, we are meticulous in our curation process for our social enterprise gift hampers. Each brand and product that makes it into our boxes undergoes a rigorous selection process to ensure top-notch quality. When you opt for our gift boxes, you are not just making a socially responsible choice; you are also investing in premium quality goods. Every item in our social enterprise gift boxes meets high-quality standards, offering the best of both worlds—exceptional products that make a meaningful difference.

How Social Enterprises Excel in Large Orders and Customer Satisfaction

We often encounter corporate clients who express concerns about whether Social Stories Club can handle bulk orders—say, 100 gift boxes or more. There's a lingering apprehension that because social enterprises focus on making a social impact, other aspects like timely delivery and customer service might take a backseat. Allow us to set the record straight: not only have we successfully managed orders that are tenfold larger on short notice, but we also prioritise impeccable customer service.

The truth is, being a social enterprise does not mean cutting corners elsewhere. Quite the contrary, we understand that to be competitive in the market, exceptional customer service is non-negotiable. Our commitment to both social impact and customer satisfaction is not an either-or proposition; it's a package deal. This dual focus is evident in the stream of five-star reviews that you will find on our website, attesting to our capability to deliver on both fronts: scale and service.

In summary, a social enterprise like Social Stories Club is more than equipped to fulfill large orders while maintaining the high standard of customer service that you would expect from any top-tier company.

How Social Enterprises Excel in Meeting Corporate Needs

The question often arises: are social enterprises equipped to cater to the specific demands of corporate clients? The short answer is a resounding yes, and we at Social Stories Club are living proof. While we specialise in social enterprise gift hampers, some corporations still question our ability to meet their needs. Yet our track record speaks volumes, having successfully catered to over 100 corporate clients, all while accumulating glowing testimonials.

But it's not just our history of satisfied customers that sets us apart; it's our nuanced understanding of the unique needs that corporations have when it comes to gifting. We recognise that businesses often seek customised branding options, various hamper selections tailored to individual preferences, and inclusivity in dietary requirements. That’s why you will find an array of offerings on our website, from vegan to gluten-free social enterprise gifts.

We go the extra mile to ease the corporate gifting process as well. Knowing that time is of the essence for many businesses, we offer pre-curated corporate hampers for quick selection and delivery. Additionally, we have mechanisms in place that allow employees to receive their corporate gifts directly, eliminating the need for the employer to collect and manage individual addresses.

In sum, social enterprises like Social Stories Club are not only capable of serving corporate clients but are adept at doing so in a manner that is both socially responsible and business-savvy.

The Emotional Value of Social Enterprise Hampers

While we have covered the social impact, cost-effectiveness, and high standards of social enterprise gifts, there's another dimension worth exploring: the emotional value these gifts carry. Traditional corporate gifts can sometimes feel impersonal or detached, making employees feel like a number rather than a valued member of a team. Social enterprise hampers, on the other hand, evoke a sense of connection and shared purpose that transcends the material aspects of the gift. By choosing a social enterprise hamper, you are not just sending a gift; you are sending a message of shared values and a commitment to making a difference. This emotional connection can significantly contribute to employee engagement, job satisfaction, and overall morale.

Imagine the delight and sense of purpose your employees would feel when they read about how their gift basket helped fund a community project or supported an environmental cause. They are not just enjoying the high-quality products inside; they are partaking in a story of impact and meaningful change. This is a gift that resonates on a deeper level and lingers in memory far longer than any standard corporate offering. It fosters a sense of unity among employees, knowing that they and their employer stand together in striving for a better world. By elevating the emotional significance of the gift, social enterprise hampers not only brighten the holiday season but also enrich the culture and values that define your workplace.

The Benefits of Building Long-Term Relationships with Social Enterprises

Another underexplored advantage of choosing social enterprise hampers is the opportunity to cultivate long-term relationships with organisations that share your values. Just as businesses often enter into sustainable partnerships with vendors or service providers, there’s immense potential for enduring collaboration with social enterprises. By making it a tradition to source your holiday gifts from social enterprise vendors like Social Stories Club, you are doing more than making an annual purchase; you are making an ongoing commitment to social impact.

Over time, this kind of sustained engagement can offer deeper insight into the communities and causes you are supporting, making the act of giving even more meaningful. It may even open doors for your business to get involved in community projects, workshops, or social impact initiatives, deepening your team’s sense of purpose and commitment. Moreover, your consistent support can offer the social enterprise the financial stability required for long-term planning and bigger social impact projects, which in turn enhances the effectiveness and reach of your own corporate social responsibility efforts. Thus, choosing social enterprise hampers is not merely a seasonal choice, but a stepping stone towards lasting partnerships that drive positive change year-round.


Social enterprise hampers are the ultimate corporate gift this holiday season. If you have journeyed with us through this article, the advantages of choosing social enterprise hampers for your corporate gifting this holiday season should be abundantly clear. In a landscape where employees increasingly value socially responsible practices and sustainable choices, a gift hamper from a social enterprise like Social Stories Club is more than just a bundle of delightful products—it's a statement of shared values.

Not only do social enterprise hampers add a layer of meaning and purpose to the act of gift-giving, but they also dispel the myths surrounding their value, quality, and capacity to meet corporate demands. Far from being a "risky" choice, social enterprise gifts represent a thoughtful blend of ethical commitment and top-tier quality, capable of accommodating large orders and nuanced corporate needs—all without compromising on customer service.

So as you consider your corporate gifting options this festive season, remember that a social enterprise hamper does more than fill a box; it fills a need for more conscientious consumerism, satisfies the modern worker's desire for employers to embody sustainability, and serves as a gift that truly keeps on giving. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, making the socially responsible choice is not just good ethics—it's good business. With social enterprise hampers, you are not just wrapping up a gift; you are wrapping up your values, your care for the community, and your commitment to a better world, all tied up in a bow.

At Social Stories Club, we are advocates for the personal touch when it comes to gifting. Recognising that one-size-fits-all rarely fits anyone perfectly, we offer the special service of custom-designed gift boxes. This allows you to create gifts that truly speak to the unique tastes and interests of the person you are recognising. Whether it's to celebrate a fruitful partnership or to acknowledge the hard work of a team member, our tailor-made gifts can also feature your personal or company branding, transforming each gift into a lasting tribute to your relationship. Explore our selection of branded social enterprise gifts to see how you can place your brand at the forefront of a sustainable gift box. With Social Stories Club, you are doing more than just giving a gift—you are providing a deeply meaningful token of gratitude and acknowledgment. We understand the irreplaceable value of team dynamics, which is why we have put together special gift options designed to celebrate teamwork, gratitude, and mutual respect. Social enterprise gifts for teams can be found here and sustainable gifts for clients can be found here. Reach out to us and book a call at the bottom of our corporate gifting page.

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