Top 5 tips for choosing your corporate gifting supplier

Top 5 tips for choosing your corporate gifting supplier | Social Stories Club

There is something special about gifting, yet the most exciting thing is choosing something unique, which will be the talking point at the office! After all, the gift is an extension of your brand, the image that everyone on the receiving end will see. Here are our top five tips to guide you through selecting your perfect gifting supplier.


  • One that stands for sustainable values

Accenture's survey of 6,000 people in 11 countries found that half of the respondents are willing to pay more for a sustainable product. It’s clear that sustainability is important to a lot of people. Huffpost (2016) states that 70% of employees say a company's commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) would influence their decision to work there.

It’s no wonder that Forbes concluded that corporates can attract and retain talent and clients by communicating this shared value of sustainability. Your corporate gift is a surprising and exciting way to do this. Not only is a gift a reflection of your brand values, and can also be a tool to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. The best place to start is to look for a social enterprise gifting company such as Social Stories Club.


  • One that allows putting your branding front and centre

Do not make your gift anonymous! Choose a gifting company that allows you to customise your gift. Always make sure your supplier gives you the option to include a logo and as much information about your brand as you wish.

According to research conducted by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association), 79% of promotional gift recipients feel appreciated, a further 47% are happy and another 21% are impressed when they receive a personalised gift from a brand or company.

One benefit of having your company's logo on the gift is the positive feeling associated with receiving the gift will be credited to you, which according to Bruce David Keillor in his book (Marketing in the 21st Century) will create a positive association and a competitive image over competitors.


  • One which has great reviews and testimonials

You judge a designer by their portfolio and a product by its reviews. Reviews are important: more than 60% of customers trust online reviews. Do not risk it, make sure the gift company of your choice has loads of positive reviews and testimonials to give you and your stakeholders a piece of mind.


  • One which has a unique offering

If you want to really make an impression on your client or employee - select a gifting company that offers something special or has a story to tell.

Usually, it is easier to find this offering from a social/ethical gifting company. For example, to aid a culture of sustainability, Social Stories Club selects companies for their gifts, which have a unique story of social change, ranging from reforestation to supporting disadvantaged communities. SSC include story booklets inside their gifts, creating an educational experience for the receiver. This way you present gifts twice!


  • One which is flexible

The world is a hectic place and the only constant thing is change! Find a company that is mindful and can go hand in hand with your needs. Typically, it is easier to work with small-medium gifting companies, as they offer more flexibility with their orders and especially shipping. Working with a company that offers flexibility allows you to be in the driver's seat.


To conclude…


Gifting of branded, personalised and sustainable gifts should be at the forefront of the corporate culture. These are our top five things to consider when selecting a corporate gifting company. Remember, that your brand copies your personality, therefore choose gifts wisely. We hope that this guide helped you in making a quick and informative decision that would create an impact.

Are you actively looking for the perfect supplier? Social Stories Club is a sustainable gift supplier who creates ethical gift boxes and sustainable gift hampers. If you are looking for gifts that are different, gifts that give back, gifts that support communities, and gifts that are environmentally friendly, Social Stories Club is here to help.

Social Stories Club is the most beautiful combination of hand-selected high-quality ethical gifts that are then curated into a gift box to bring joy to anyone no matter what the occasion. Each item in the collection has its own documented social story. I found my gift box to be a superb introduction to social enterprise products that I may well never have found.

- Celia Hodson - Founder, Hey Girls.