Where can I find the best corporate gift vouchers and corporate gift cards in the UK?

Where can I find the best corporate gift vouchers and corporate gift cards in the UK?

 You might not think of yourself as a gift-giver, but if you are working in business, you almost certainly have to give gifts, whether it’s for holidays, birthdays or other occasions. But because business can be competitive, you need to stand out. It can be difficult to know where to find the best corporate gifts that also support companies that are positive for society. Thankfully there are fantastic social enterprises out there who produce great and ethically responsible business gifts by buying from them, you will support their good work. If you are not looking for a social enterprise corporate hamper and instead want the ease of giving a gift card for businesses or corporate gift voucher then you can still select sustainable options. We have created reasons why social enterprise gifting companies like Social Stories Club can be some of the best places to find the best corporate gift vouchers and corporate gift cards in the UK.

What is a corporate gift card?

Gift cards are the perfect present for anyone on your shopping list. Not only are they easy to buy and inexpensive, but they also give recipients a way to choose how they want to spend their money. They are especially popular at companies that want to offer a variety of different options for employee gifts as a way for teams to pick their own gift. That way, the recipient can choose exactly what type of product they want to use their gift card toward.

In addition, gift cards can be selected for specific stores so the giver can reflect a gifting supplier that reflects their values. Corporate gift cards are also a great choice if you want to send a present to someone hard to buy for. Corporate gift vouchers do require any additional wrapping or wrapping paper, so they are both cost-effective and eco-friendly. So if you are looking for a gift that is sure to please everyone on your list this holiday season, consider giving them a gift card instead!

What is a social enterprise corporate gift card?

Corporations look to give their staff a thank you present at Christmas as a way to express gratitude. Corporations have often made the mistake of giving gifts which do reflect their values or that the recipient does not want to receive. Corporations should avoid giving gift cards that can be redeemed at multinational corporations, they should also avoid giving branded merchandise without practical use. Employees want to receive sustainable corporate gift hampers, that feel like a well-deserved treat, and that support small businesses or social enterprises. Should your company choose to give a corporate gift they should give gift cards as a way of supporting a social cause. Giving corporate gift vouchers to a social enterprise gifting supplier is a great way for companies to show that they care about the community and engage with it on a personal level.

If you are investing in corporate gift cards as gifts for your staff and clients you may as well select a recipient company such as Social Stories Club that is doing great things in the community.

Corporations can also use sustainable gift cards as rewards for staff members who go above and beyond at work. This shows that they value their employees and appreciate what they do for the company at the same time as caring for the community.

Why you should pick a corporate gift card from a social enterprise?

Giving sustainable corporate gift cards show your employees that you care about sustainability. Gift cards are a great way to show your support for a social enterprise. They can be used by anyone, on almost any purchase, and they provide a convenient way to get the word out about an organisation’s mission. Those who receive gift cards may also be more likely to support the recipient company which can further help to spread awareness of the cause. Corporations are a good source of funding for social enterprises. By purchasing gift cards as rewards, you can help to ensure that the business continues to thrive long after the holidays have come and gone.

Giving sustainable corporate gift vouchers can allow your recipients to pick their own gifts. This way recipients can select which products they want in their sustainable gift box whether it’s teas that support education for girls, hot chocolate supporting cocoa farmers, and bath salts supporting the employment of individuals with disabilities.

Example of a social enterprise gift voucher for corporates

Social Stories Club is a corporate gifting supplier that makes corporate gift vouchers for employees and clients to choose their own sustainable gifts. If you are looking for the best corporate gift card then why not choose an expert gifting company that specialises in impact? Social Stories Club, is a social enterprise that aims to educate the UK regarding social entrepreneurship, and through their gift, they inform the public about social enterprises.

Their story starts in 2017 when the founders, Karis and Aayush, spoke with hundreds of individuals on the Streets of Edinburgh and Glasgow and discovered that only one per cent of respondents knew what social enterprises were or could identify one. They founded Social Stories Club as they realised that social enterprises were going to change the world but that people first needed to know that they existed. They wanted to educate the UK about social enterprises via corporate gift hampers. Social Stories Club makes corporate gift Hampers for Christmas that support a variety of social causes, including chocolate to support forest restoration initiatives, soap to assist a collective of artists living with epilepsy and learning disabilities, and socks that support the homeless. Employees with barriers to employment are employed in the warehouse to pack the hampers providing quality job opportunities. Social Stories Club recently celebrated its fourth birthday and has employed and supported individuals with barriers to employment for the past four years to introduce over one million people to social enterprise and provide over 4100 hours of employment to individuals with barriers to employment. If you purchase a corporate gift voucher from Social Stories Club it can be guaranteed that your gift will create a positive social impact. Social Stories Club does corporate gift vouchers to suit lots of different budgets.

Sustainable Gift Card By Social Stories Club
Sustainable Gift Card By Social Stories Club


Corporate gift cards are great corporate gifts, but if you want to capture the attention of your clients and employees then you better go for sustainable corporate gift vouchers. A corporate gift voucher from a social enterprise will let the person on your gift list choose how they want to spend their money; on an ethically made gift box or sustainable corporate hamper that creates a social impact. The best part? When it comes to corporate gift vouchers, you can even find ones that reflect your values of sustainability and community. Social Stories Club specialises in sustainable gift vouchers for corporates who want to buy corporate gift cards for Christmas instead of a physical gift.

Corporate gift cards that can be redeemed at a sustainable gifting supplier are designed to start conversations around social enterprise, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and sustainability in general. When you give corporate gift cards and gift vouchers - you get to show your appreciation while giving your team members and clients even more freedom to choose their own presents. This makes corporate gifts even more special and meaningful.

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