Why gifts are the key to building relationships with clients

Why gifts are the key to building relationships with clients | Social Stories Club

It’s one thing finding clients and it’s another keeping them. In an ideal world, you don’t go looking for clients, they come to you. Impossible you say? Not at all. If you’re impressing your current client base they’re more likely to stick with you and recommend you to their peers. Research shows that there’s a 60 to 70% chance an existing client will buy from the same business while pitching to new clients has a maximum success rate of 20%. So why bother chasing them? Instead, build on your current relationships and let their positive response do the talking. How many times have you tried something because it was recommended by a friend or family member?

There are endless ways to make clients feel appreciated, but none is better than a gift.

Here are Social Stories Club’s top gifting tips to keep those clients happy.

    • Company Ethos

Seeing is believing! If clients see you engaging with values similar to them it can have a huge effect. Sustainability is a large focus for firms right now and businesses doing their bit to help the environment and social causes are recognised for this. It could be the deal-breaker. Don’t just say you support sustainability - show them. Purchasing a sustainable gift box or hamper is the easiest way to do this.

    • Customise your gift

Make it your own and make it stand out. Buying the gift is one thing but associating it to the company and its values is another. It’s easy to do. Just add your company logo on a card so they know exactly who it’s from. Is there a social cause that this company is particularly passionate about? You can customise your gift by choosing different products supporting different social causes.

    • Timing is Important

Gifts aren’t just for special occasions. Stand out by sending one at various points throughout the year. Do you remember what you got for Christmas? What about that one time your friend brought you a gift out of the blue? Do you see our point? Developing relationships takes more than just a conversation.

    • Personalise each gift based on the client

So you’ve customised it so they know who the gift is from, but it’s now time to personalise. Clients need to be made to feel special. Choosing gifts with interesting stories behind immediately feel more personal, even if you are sending the same gift out. Use the greetings card with the company logo to create a personal message - yes it’s that simple! You should also explain to your clients why purchasing a sustainable gift for them is important to you.

    • Use gifts to start conversations

Once your recipient has received the gift it’s a perfect opportunity to reach out to them and chat about sustainability, share tips, and demonstrate what your company is doing on your end. You may get some good tips, develop your relationships, and associate your brand with one that genuinely cares about the sustainable development goals.


If you’re stuck for ideas, why not check out our product range? We have created sustainable gift boxes and supporting sustainable development goals especially for businesses to gift to employees and clients to help them build relationships. Many companies are going down the route of selecting ethical gifts because giving back to the community is important to them.


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