Why you should buy social enterprise hampers this Christmas and top misconceptions about social enterprise gifts

Why you should buy social enterprise hampers this Christmas and top misconceptions about social enterprise gifts

Social enterprise corporate hampers make the perfect gift for employees as employers can excite their staff with a well-deserved gift, help support communities, and at the same time start conversations about sustainability in the workplace. Many employers type social enterprise hampers the UK into google and then find Social Stories Club’s website. We get great feedback on our images and offering when they come across Social Stories Club’s social enterprise gift hampers which tick every box, but questions are raised. Can a social enterprise gifting company fulfil a large order? Do staff want to receive social enterprise gifts? Are social enterprise gifts of good value and quality? This article is all about myth-busting when it comes to selecting that perfect social enterprise gift. By the end of this article, you will be convinced that social enterprise hampers are the perfect gift for your teams this Christmas.

Employees want to receive social enterprise hampers

Employers want to get a gift that their staff want to receive. They often feel a safe bet is an Amazon gift voucher, however, we have found this not to be the case. From our research, many employees look down on companies that do not live by their values and want to see their values of sustainability, community, and caring reflected in their corporate gifts. Social enterprise gift hampers show your employees that you care about sustainability and they want to know that their gift is supporting communities. Social enterprise gift hampers are a great way to help your business create a social impact and promote the cause of social enterprise in general. These hampers let people know that there are organisations out there that are making an effort to improve people’s lives and let them feel like they are part of something bigger. They also provide a way for people to get something nice for their office or home while supporting a good cause. They also mean that you can help your employees feel like they are part of a cause and make their day a little bit better. This can be especially important for those who care about social justice issues, but it is potentially good for everyone who wants to make the world a better place. With 88% of workers wanting to work for a company that cares about sustainability, staff will feel delighted and heartfelt to know their social enterprise hamper is doing good.

Social enterprises gifts are not more expensive

There is a myth that social enterprise hampers are more expensive or do not have as much value. Today we are going to give an example to show that social enterprise gift boxes are better valued than non-social enterprise gifts. The Marks and Spencer chocolate tasting box is not filled with products from social enterprises, the boxes are not packed with individuals with barriers to employment, the carbon from transport is not offset and there are no fascinating social stories behind the gift. The box cost £30 for five products, which is the same price as our Hug in a Box which also has five products. With all the added social impact, social enterprise gifts from Social Stories Club are of much higher value.

Social enterprise gift boxes are of higher quality.

There is a misconception that social enterprise products will be of lower quality. The rationale here is that the focus will be on the social impact, and you are paying for sustainability rather than paying for quality. The latest Buy Social report by Social Enterprise UK shows that 95% of corporates have found that the quality of social enterprises is greater or equal to that of non-social enterprises. We put a lot of attention to making sure our social enterprise gift hampers are of high quality. We carefully select all the companies that go inside and hand-pick the products. You can guarantee that each product inside our social enterprise gift boxes will be of the highest quality.

Social enterprises can fulfil large orders and deliver excellent customer service

At Social Stories Club we have had corporates hesitate with an order of 100 gift boxes and ask if this order is too large for us to fulfil. We have fulfilled orders more than ten times this size with a few days’ notice, and we can fulfil this order. Why is it that customers are less trusting of a social enterprise? Well, the answer to this is simple, people believe the focus is on the social impact so therefore customer service and delivery on time are not a priority. But this is just not the case. We create an enormous social impact, deliver on time, and offer a very high level of customer service. We understand that to compete we need to deliver unbeatable customer service. This is reflected in our numerous five-star reviews which can be viewed on our website

Social enterprises know how to cater for corporates

Many corporates may wonder whether a social enterprise is corporate ready but many social enterprises are. This can often be demonstrated with short lead times and great testimonials. We make social enterprise gift hampers for corporates and still receive hesitations on whether we can serve corporates. We have served over 100 corporates with positive testimonials to prove this. Serving corporates is not just about having a positive past customer experience but also understanding how corporates gifting needs differ from other customers. We understand that our corporate customers want branded hampers, bespoke gift hamper options, as well as gift hampers to cater for multiple dietary needs. On our website, you will be able to find social enterprise vegan gifts and social enterprise gluten-free gifts. We can offer all of these because we understand the needs of corporate customers. We also offer pre-curated corporate social enterprise hampers because we know many customers want their gifts delivered with a short lead time. We have options where employees can receive their social enterprise corporate hampers without the corporate ever having to collect the address of the recipient.


By selecting a gift hamper from Social Stories Club you are choosing to support a social enterprise that is working to make the world a better place. These organisations have a genuine desire to improve people’s lives, and they create meaningful gifts that can help people in their communities. When you give social enterprise gift hampers, you are not just investing in your friends and family members; you are also investing in your community. As more and more people become interested in supporting socially-conscious organisations, there is an increasing demand for these types of products. That is why it makes sense to choose one when you are planning a holiday gift for someone who cares about making the world a better place. Not only will you be helping someone who is doing good work, but you will also be contributing to the social enterprise economy. By supporting a UK social enterprise gifting company, you can ensure that your money goes directly back into the community where you live. For the best social enterprise gifts head over to Social Stories Club’s gift collection. But if you want a social enterprise gift hamper or personalised gift box, then why do not you build your own social enterprise gift? For our social enterprise, corporate hampers head over to our corporate gifting page and book a 1:2:1 with us. If you are looking for social enterprise corporate gift inspiration browse our gifting collection to give you an idea of the sorts of gifts we can provide.

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If you are looking to show your team how much they are appreciated, attract and retain clients, or you have a corporate event and you want to create an impression, then our sustainable corporate hampers are just what you need. We have created the most exciting gift to give and receive which are packaged beautifully using sustainable materials, filled with delicious products made by social enterprises, and also include a storybook starting conversations about sustainability.

"Social Stories Club is a fantastic initiative that enables social enterprises to collaborate in such a creative way. The perfect way to buy gifts with a social impact" - David Adair, Head of Community Engagement, PwC