Ethical gift box and ethical gift hamper guide for Christmas (2022)

Ethical gift box and ethical gift hamper guide for Christmas (2022)

Are you looking for the perfect ethical Christmas hamper? If so, you are not alone. Many of us want to buy only sustainably-produced gifts this Christmas and so we have created this ethical gift box and ethical hamper gift guide to help.

Whether you are buying presents for friends, family or colleagues, an ethical gift box will show that you care about things beyond price tags. Social Stories Club sells ethical gifts for all occasions. This Christmas, give the gift of kindness with an ethical Christmas hamper or an ethically-produced gift box. An ethical gift box or hamper is an ideal gift for that special someone in your life. When the holiday season comes, it is the best time to show your love and affection for those who are close to you. 

However, buying a gift can be overwhelming especially if you do not know what type of gifts are suitable for the person. In such scenarios, an ethical gift box or hamper is a great idea. Many people do not know what an ethical gift box or hamper is and how it differs from a regular one. An ethical gift box or hamper is made by a social enterprise, is packaged in sustainable packaging, and is filled with social enterprise gifts. If you want to give someone an ethically-friendly present this holiday season, here are the best ethical gift boxes and hampers:

Secret Santa - An ethical gift box 

A secret Santa gift exchange is a fun holiday tradition where co-workers, friends, or family members exchange secret presents. It's often difficult to choose the ideal present for someone we do not know well. To solve this problem, we developed this sustainable secret Santa gift box! If you are looking for an ethical secret Santa gift for someone who cares about the environment and their community, this box is for you. It's also a great choice if you want to avoid giving a present that will end up being thrown away. Every one of the items in this gift box supports communities or the environment. The recipient will enjoy this warming cup of mulled wine, but they will love it even more because it supports education in tea-growing regions. Your recipient will be thrilled to know that they can support cocoa farmers while enjoying a bar of winter-spiced dark chocolate while enjoying this ethical gift box. Every tale will be included in this story booklet, which will be included in your gift. When the recipient sees 'this box supports different social issues' on the front, they will know that it is something exceptional. The box includes an ethical Christmas gift for colleagues or friends, and it is packaged in environmentally friendly packaging and carbon from delivery is offset. We are certain that this secret Santa present will delight everyone. Get in the spirit of the season and give an ethical secret Santa present that benefits communities. If you are looking for a sustainable corporate gift box for your office secret Santa, this ethical gift box is the perfect choice. 

Sustainable Christmas Hamper - the perfect sustainable corporate gift hamper

The Sustainable Christmas Hamper makes for a wonderful employee or client gift. It is the perfect present for family and friends, as well as anyone who deserves a nice treat. The Sustainable Christmas Hamper is a wonderful corporate gift for a company that cares about sustainability and wants to express it through their corporate gift. The greatest thing about this ethical present is that it is filled with social enterprise products. It is the perfect present for individuals who care about communities and providing jobs for individuals with barriers to employment. The carbon produced in the delivery of this present is offset, and the present is sent in eco-friendly packaging. Every item inside has a sustainable story, so you know you are making a positive impact. In the story booklet included with the present, the receiver will learn about the bamboo socks that help the homeless, as well as the apple and cranberry relish that is made from wonky fruit and fights food waste. This is a terrific ethical Christmas hamper for people who care. 

An ethical corporate Christmas hamper is an excellent way to establish a festive atmosphere at work. Giving out corporate Christmas presents is a wonderful way to express your employees' support, as well as to help preserve the environment. Corporate Christmas presents that respect the environment are also wonderful for employees who care about it. Ethical Corporate Hampers, in addition to showing that your company cares about the environment and its workers, can also communicate that it cares about the community. Do not wait any longer to order your present!

Ultra Impact Hamper - a perfect social enterprise gift

One of our biggest and most impressive ethical hampers up to now, the Ultra-Impact gift hamper is meant to make a statement. This package can be a big treat and is filled to the brim with a variety of treats. If you want to make a statement this Christmas, this ethical hamper is the ideal present. Every one of the goodies your recipient will receive has a social story of how they make the world a better place for communities. These stories are both inspiring and life-changing. While they sip a cup of Assam gold tea, they will learn that it helps educate young girls in tea-growing regions, and while they eat festive apple and cranberry relish, they will learn that it is made from wonky fruit and combats food waste. The range of products and social narratives included is truly amazing. By empowering individuals with disabilities, rescuing victims of human trafficking, and providing literacy programs for children in need, we are able to make the world a better place.

This Ultra Impact Hamper is providing jobs for individuals with barriers to employment as the makers, Social Stories Club, offer job opportunities to those who need them most. This ethical hamper comes in eco-friendly packaging and offsets carbon emissions from shipping. If you are looking for a present for someone special this Christmas, this is the way to do it. It will be a fantastic present for family, friends, workers, and clients alike! Make an impact this Christmas by giving this impressive hamper.

Ultra Impact Gift Hamper - This is an image of a luxury gift hamper. A reusable gift hamper is surrounded by sustainable social enterprise products with social stories of how they create an impact included inside a story booklet.
Ultra Impact Gift Hamper - This is an image of a luxury gift hamper. A reusable gift hamper is surrounded by sustainable social enterprise products with social stories of how they create an impact included inside a story booklet.

What is the difference between an ethical gift box and an ethical gift hamper? 

If you purchase an ethical gift box from Social Stories Club’s website you can expect to receive your gift packaged in a biodegradable cardboard box. The products inside will be from social enterprises which is the same as if you purchased an ethical gift hamper. However, when you purchase ethical hampers you can expect your gift to be sustainably packaged in a reusable hamper basket. These ethical hampers are made out of recycled paper rope by a sustainable supplier. 

What is the difference between ethical hampers and sustainable hampers?

We use the terms ethical hampers and sustainable hampers interchangeably. Just as we use the terms sustainable gift box and ethical gift box interchangeably. 

What is the difference between an ethical gift box and a sustainable corporate gift? 

Ethical gift boxes and sustainable gift hampers can be purchased for employees, clients, friends, family, volunteers, partners and more. Whether you are looking for an unusual Christmas gift for your neighbour or an ethical gift box for your parents, these gift boxes can be brought directly from our website. Sustainable corporate gifts, however, are bought directly through our corporate gifting page. A sustainable corporate gift box may be bought by a business for all the staff. The sustainable gift may be branded, bespoke, and can include a discount, which are options that may not be available for ethical gift boxes bought directly on our website. Both ethical corporate hampers and ethical corporate gift boxes are available to be purchased. Whether you are looking for an employee gift box or sustainable gifts for clients, Social Stories Club will have what you are looking for. 


It's a great time of year to get together with family and friends. Gift exchanges are an excellent way to bring people together, and spark joy and awareness of others. But, gift exchanges are also a great way to educate and inspire a more sustainable lifestyle with ethical Christmas hampers. That's why Social Stories Club created ethical gift boxes with sustainable products. This gift box has everything that you need to make a memorable gift exchange possible. You can make your corporate Christmas present more sustainable by purchasing the sustainable Christmas hamper. If your office, family or friend group have decided on a secret Santa then a sustainable secret Santa gift which is sure to delight. This gift will be delivered right to your door. If you would like to create a more impactful experience, you can choose the ultra impact hamper, an ethical Christmas hamper designed to make an impression. If you are looking for branded gifts, bespoke gifts, sustainable gifts for employees, or ethical gifts for clients, head over to our corporate gifting page. 

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