Checklist for purchasing corporate Christmas gifts that are sustainable. What should I be thinking about before you order corporate gift hampers?

Checklist for purchasing corporate Christmas gifts

If you are responsible for this year's corporate Christmas gifts and you do not know where to start, we have you covered. This checklist will show you everything you need to know when purchasing sustainable gift hampers. Although we may not be able to give you all the answers in a checklist, we can certainly give you all the questions you should be thinking about to ensure you have not missed anything. If you have any questions that have not been answered here, hop on a 1:2:1 call with us and we will be able to answer any questions or queries you have in-depth. So what should you be thinking about before purchasing corporate Christmas gifts?

Checklist of what I should be thinking about when purchasing corporate Christmas gifts

  • Does the gifting company have great reviews and testimonials?
  • Does the gifting supplier offer a 1:2:1 call and excellent customer service?
  • Make sure the carbon is offset from delivery
  • How many recipients are there?
  • Do the recipients have any allergies or dietary requirements?
  • Do you know your budget for each gift?
  • Is there anything you do not want to include in the gift?
  • Are all the gifts being sent to one place or multiple addresses
  • Have you collected addresses - do you have a way to collect these addresses?
  • Do you want to avoid collecting addresses altogether? - There are options for this
  • What products would you like in your gift box?
  • Would you like your company's brand on the gift in the form of a branded belly band or A6 card?
  • Would you like to include a personalised message?
  • Who are the gifts for? - Clients, employees, partners, events?
  • Would you like a gift box or gift hamper?
  • When would you like the gifts to be dispatched
  • How many people need to sign off on this project?
  • Choose a gifting company with sustainable packaging
  • Make sure the gifting company offsets the carbon
  • Choose a GDPR-compliant gifting company
  • Make sure the gifting company offsets the carbon
  • Choose a gifting company that pays a living wage and provides job opportunities to those who need them most.

How can I find a corporate gifting company that ticks all my boxes?

Social Stories Club is an ethical gifting supplier in the UK. We pride ourselves not only on our social impact but also on our delighted customers. We are a social enterprise who have provided over 3000 hours of employment to individuals with barriers to employment. We also have multiple five-star reviews and endless testimonials of customers who were delighted with their orders. We deliver on time, to the highest quality, and aim to exceed expectations.

Is there anything specific I need to think about when picking sustainable corporate gifts? What makes a Christmas hamper sustainable?

There are many important things to be thinking about when it comes to purchasing ethical Christmas hampers such as sustainable packaging options, reducing carbon from delivery, and the values of the company you are purchasing from. There has been a movement of larger corporates incorporating social enterprises into their supply chain, and some companies even have a minimum spending requirement with social enterprises. If you want to start purchasing more sustainably for your business, Christmas hampers are a great time to start doing this. Social Stories Club is an ethical corporate gifting supplier that has served over 100 corporates worldwide to deliver thousands of gifts at any one time. The great thing about choosing a social enterprise gifting supplier like Social Stories Club is that they can be more flexible with your requests.

How do I ensure my corporate gifting supplier is GDPR compliant?

You may have seen on our corporate gifting checklist that choosing a GDPR-compliant gifting supplier is important for your business. So how can you ensure that your gifting supplier is GDPR compliant? Social Stories Club is an example of a GDPR-compliant corporate gifting supplier.


Christmas hampers are a great way to bring a little joy into the workplace. Having a corporate Christmas hamper is an excellent way to show your appreciation for employees, clients, and partners. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for this occasion. Luckily, there are a few hints and tips that will help you choose the right corporate gifts for Christmas 2022.

This checklist is a complete guide to everything you need to be thinking about when purchasing sustainable corporate Christmas gifts. From logistics to social impact, this checklist guide to purchasing corporate Christmas gifts that are sustainable should have everything you need to think about.

Now you know how to find a great corporate Christmas gift. If you need any help making a decision, please feel free to contact our team on call. Our email address is You can also book a 1:2:1 meeting on our corporate gifting page.

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If you are looking to show your team how much they are appreciated, attract and retain clients, or you have a corporate event and you want to create an impression, then our sustainable corporate hampers are just what you need. We have created the most exciting gift to give and receive which are packaged beautifully using sustainable materials, filled with delicious products made by social enterprises, and also include a storybook starting conversations about sustainability.

"Social Stories Club is a fantastic initiative that enables social enterprises to collaborate in such a creative way. The perfect way to buy gifts with a social impact" - David Adair, Head of Community Engagement, PwC