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Corporate Gifts That Support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Today’s conscientious businesses seek to go beyond profit. With the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offering a blueprint for global prosperity, companies can align their corporate social responsibilities in a way that resonates with these universal objectives. For businesses that prioritie ethical and sustainable practices, choosing the right corporate gifts can also mean supporting the SDGs. And as a sustainable corporate gifting company, Social Stories Club pioneers this trend.

A Gift with a Greater Purpose

Imagine gifting a sustainable Christmas hamper that tells a story. Not just any story, but one that supports global endeavours to eradicate poverty or ensures that a girl gets quality education. As a vanguard sustainable gifting company, Social Stories Club specialises in ethical gift hampers that translate to real-world positive change.

For instance, inside each sustainable corporate gift hamper, there are products that align with the SDGs. It could be tea that finances girls' education or nuts that pave the way for new schools. Each hamper is accompanied by a story booklet detailing how the chosen products support the SDGs. This is not merely about giving a gift. It's about passing on a story of change, impact, and hope.

What are the UN's Sustainable Development Goals?

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 interlinked global objectives designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all" by 2030. Adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, these goals encompass a wide range of social, environmental, and economic challenges. From eradicating poverty and hunger to ensuring quality education, promoting gender equality, and addressing urgent environmental concerns like climate change and marine conservation, the SDGs are a call to action. They emphasise collaborative efforts between governments, businesses, civil society, and the general public to realise a more equitable and sustainable world. Through these ambitious targets, the SDGs aim to weave sustainability into the very fabric of global development and progress.

How Social Stories Club Advances with Corporate Gift Hampers that support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

At Social Stories Club, we recognise the transformative potential of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in driving global change. Embracing these targets, our corporate gift hampers have become more than just thoughtful presents—they are a manifestation of our commitment to a sustainable future. By meticulously choosing our partners, we ensure alignment with the SDGs, assessing their tangible contributions to these global objectives. This approach not only diversifies our hamper range but also magnifies the collective impact we can make. Proudly, we already champion 12 of the 17 goals, and our mission is unwavering: to encompass all SDGs, ensuring that every gift sent out not only brings joy but also signifies a step towards global betterment. Dive deeper into our journey and witness the ripple effect of conscientious gifting.

Why Choose Sustainable and Ethical Corporate Gifts?

  • Alignment with Company Values: For businesses focusing on sustainability, ethical corporate gifts are a seamless extension of their core values.
  • Educate and Influence: Sustainable gift hampers do more than delight the receiver. They educate about global sustainability issues and inspire others to make a difference.
  • Positive Brand Image: Gifting ethical Christmas gifts or sustainable gift boxes makes a statement about a company’s commitment to global causes, enhancing its reputation.
  • Direct Impact: The proceeds from many products in ethical hampers directly support initiatives that align with the SDGs. This means that each corporate gift has a tangible positive impact.

Corporate Gifts that are Sustainable and Aligned with SDGs

  • Sustainable Christmas Hampers: Festive gifting takes on a deeper meaning with hampers that contribute to global causes. The joy of the season combines with the spirit of giving back.
  • Sustainable Gift Boxes: Handpicked products that echo the ethos of sustainability, making it a thoughtful corporate gesture.
  • Ethical Gift Boxes: Products sourced ethically, ensuring that every purchase upholds human rights and supports marginalised communities.

In essence, each time a business chooses an ethical gift box or a sustainable corporate gift hamper, they are contributing to a chain of positive events, from upliftment of marginalised artisans to reafforestation efforts.

The Ripple Effect of Ethical Gifting

Each sustainable and ethical gift tells a story that stretches far beyond the immediate joy of receiving. When a business chooses to send an ethical hamper or sustainable gift box, it's not just an isolated act of generosity. Instead, it's a ripple in a vast ocean of change. With every product in the hamper supporting an initiative, from promoting local artisans to championing gender equality, the act of gifting becomes multifaceted. It’s a gesture that not only appreciates and values the recipient but also respects the broader community and the environment. It's about understanding that in our interconnected world, a simple act of corporate kindness can have ramifications that benefit unseen individuals and underrepresented communities worldwide.

Embracing the Future of Corporate Gifting

The future of corporate gifting lies in the confluence of thoughtfulness, sustainability, and real-world impact. As companies become more attuned to global challenges, the traditional gift basket filled with generic products is evolving into something far more meaningful. Sustainable corporate gift hampers from pioneering entities like Social Stories Club are a testament to this evolution. They represent a future where businesses can express gratitude, foster relationships, and simultaneously uphold their commitment to global betterment. As we move forward, the choice of ethical gifting will not just be a trend but a testament to a company's ethos, vision, and its role in the global tapestry of positive change.

How else is Social Stories Club a Sustainable Gifting Company?

Supply Chain Ethics

A cornerstone of our sustainability mission at Social Stories Club is to maintain a transparent and ethical supply chain. To us, sustainability is not just about the environment but also about ensuring fair and humane practices across all facets of our operations. We carefully vet our suppliers, ensuring that they not only produce sustainable products but also maintain ethical labour practices and provide fair wages to their workforce. Every product in our gift boxes does not just tell a story of positive environmental change but also of community empowerment and fair trade.

Education & Engagement

Sustainability, to us, is as much about raising awareness as it is about direct action. With every gift box sent out, we aim to enlighten the recipient about the ethos of social enterprise and sustainable living. This approach is underpinned by our belief that educated and aware consumers can propel the world towards a more sustainable future. To that end, we organise events and webinars, and we collaborate with educational institutions to talk about the power of social enterprise and to ignite the passion in the next generation.

Waste Reduction & Upcycling

We are keenly aware of the environmental impact of waste, especially in the e-commerce sector. At Social Stories Club, we constantly strive to reduce waste at every stage. Surplus products, which might not find a place in our gift boxes due to overstock or minor imperfections, are donated to charitable organisations or used in community projects. This not only ensures minimal wastage but also brings joy and utility to those who might need them most. Additionally, we run campaigns encouraging recipients of our gifts to upcycle or creatively reuse any components of our gift boxes, fostering a culture of sustainability and creativity.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Our belief is that collective efforts amplify impact. Thus, we actively seek out and collaborate with organisations, both locally and globally, that share our vision of a sustainable and ethical world. From tree planting initiatives to community development projects, our collaborations allow us to extend our positive impact far beyond what we could achieve alone. Every gift box you purchase does not just support Social Stories Club but a vast network of organisations dedicated to making the world a better place.

In conclusion, our sustainability efforts at Social Stories Club go far beyond just the products we curate. From ethical supply chain management to waste reduction and from educational initiatives to strategic partnerships, every facet of our business is geared towards making a lasting, positive impact on both the environment and society. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of transformation and change.


In an era where businesses are increasingly cognizant of their environmental and social footprints, corporate gifting too, can echo these sentiments. Thanks to companies like Social Stories Club, corporate gifts that are sustainable and ethically sourced are now accessible.

Incorporating the SDGs into corporate gifting is not just about ticking a corporate social responsibility box. It’s about becoming part of a larger narrative, a global push towards a better, fairer, and more sustainable world. And when the festive season rolls around, sustainable Christmas hampers or ethical Christmas gifts can weave the spirit of giving with the essence of global well-being.

So, the next time you are looking for a corporate gift, choose one that carries with it a story of positive change, hope, and a brighter future. Choose to gift sustainably.

As the world becomes more attuned to the pressing challenges of our times, the significance of conscious corporate choices cannot be overstated. By aligning corporate gifting with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, businesses not only celebrate relationships and achievements but also play a pivotal role in a global movement towards sustainability and equity. Through companies like Social Stories Club, every gift transcends its immediate purpose to embed itself in the tapestry of positive global change. Such gifts do more than convey appreciation; they become powerful symbols of hope, transformation, and commitment to a better world. When choosing your next corporate gift, consider the profound impact it can have. Opt for a gift that resonates with purpose and paves the way for a more sustainable tomorrow. 

To browse our sustainable gifts that support the UN SDGs head over to our shop. If you are looking for corporate gifts that support the sustainable development goals we have a page for ethical client gifts and sustainable gifts for employees. You can also purchase bespoke corporate gifts that we create especially for you or sustainable branded gifts with your logo front and centre. To book a 1:2:1 with our team and find out more head over to our ethical corporate gifting page.

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Corporate Gifts That Support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Today’s conscientious businesses seek to go beyond profit. With the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offering a blueprint for global prosperity, companies can align their corporate social responsibilities in a way that resonates with these universal objectives.

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Social Stories Club Corporate Gifting

If you are looking to show your team how much they are appreciated, attract and retain clients, or you have a corporate event and you want to create an impression, then our sustainable corporate hampers are just what you need. We have created the most exciting gift to give and receive which are packaged beautifully using sustainable materials, filled with delicious products made by social enterprises, and also include a storybook starting conversations about sustainability.

"Social Stories Club is a fantastic initiative that enables social enterprises to collaborate in such a creative way. The perfect way to buy gifts with a social impact" - David Adair, Head of Community Engagement, PwC