The Ultimate Gift Guide to sustainable gift vouchers: Social Stories Club Gift Cards

The Ultimate Gift Guide to sustainable gift vouchers: Social Stories Club Gift Cards

Not sure about the perfect gift for a loved one or colleague? Allow them to choose their heart's desire with a gift card from Social Stories Club.

Our gift cards are conveniently delivered via email, eliminating the need for any additional processing fees. The included instructions make the redemption process a breeze right at checkout.

Why Choose a Gift Card?

Gift cards provide flexibility, making them the ideal choice for those hard-to-shop-for recipients. They cater to personal preferences and dietary needs, giving the power of choice to the receiver. Plus, there's no need to gather shipping details; the receiver can input those at their leisure.

For businesses, the gift card option removes the hurdle of collecting numerous addresses. It's particularly valuable for eco-conscious companies, as the choice rests with the recipient, ensuring no wastage.

Reflect Your Ethical and Sustainable Values

While gift cards are practical, it's essential to consider their source. Rather than opting for large retail chains, show your commitment to supporting local businesses and social enterprises by choosing a sustainable gifting company like Social Stories Club.

Strengthening Business Ties through Ethical Gifting

According to a survey by Social Stories Club, a staggering 91% consider sustainability when choosing corporate gifts. This inclination towards sustainable choices is evident as 78% reported receiving Amazon gift cards. However, forging business relationships can be more impactful when gifts reflect shared values. Companies can either opt for sustainable gift hampers or choose gift cards from ethical vendors like Social Stories Club.

Budgeting for Corporate Gift Cards

Making employees feel valued is paramount. However, it's essential to select a gifting vendor that aligns with your company's values. Budgets can vary, but it's the thought and intent behind the gift that counts. With Social Stories Club, options start from modest letterbox gifts for under £20 to more elaborate corporate hamper baskets of under £200, each telling a unique social story.

Are Gift Cards Sustainable?

By supporting gift cards from social enterprises, businesses can make a significant positive impact. These enterprises, like the Edinburgh-based Social Stories Club, promote sustainability. Their digital gift cards are eco-friendly, minimising the carbon footprint associated with traditional delivery. Social Stories Club stands as a beacon of change in the world of business. This certified social enterprise crafts gifts that ripple with transformative impacts. Every item within their gift boxes narrates a story of community upliftment. Their vision is clear: every purchase should pave the way for positive social change. Through carefully curated sustainable hampers, the club offers recipients an introduction to the transformative world of social enterprises. The essence of these gifts lies not just in their contents, but in the accompanying storybook that details each product's unique journey.

From chocolates that fuel global reforestation initiatives to teas championing girls' education in India, Social Stories Club ensures each product in their sustainable boxes stems from a social enterprise or venture business. Their ultimate goal? Make the term "social enterprise" ubiquitous, positioning it as the standard business model. This ambition is realised by emphasising the compelling narratives behind their products, harnessing the immense power of stories to inspire, unite, and catalyse change.

Believing in a future where businesses spearhead solutions to global challenges, Social Stories Club connects consumers with stories of social enterprises, illustrating an alternative, more compassionate business landscape. The club empowers individuals to partake in this change, endorsing a world where positive action is woven into commerce.

Their dedication to change is evident in their impactful figures. Social Stories Club has familiarised over 1 million individuals with social enterprises, channeled £390,000 into the social economy, and provided 5,500 hours of employment to those who face employment barriers. All while offsetting a significant 57,000kg of CO2. Their journey is not just about spreading joy, but about weaving a tapestry of positive change worldwide.

Build Your Own Sustainable Gift Box with Social Stories Club's Gift Card

In a world growing ever conscious of our environmental footprint, gifting too is taking a sustainable turn. Social Stories Club presents a refreshing, eco-friendly approach with its sustainable gift cards, allowing you to craft a deeply personal gift hamper for your loved ones.

Harness the flexibility of our "Build Your Own Gift" feature, where you have the power to handpick each item, creating a box that's tailored to your recipient's tastes. Choose from a diverse selection, be it aromatic teas, delectable chocolates, luxurious bath products, or eco-friendly reusable bags. The sheer variety ensures every box is as unique as the person receiving it.

Adding an extra layer of sentiment, each box offers an option to include a personalised message. Whether it's a simple name, a cherished memory, or a heartfelt wish, it makes your gift all the more special.

But beyond the items and the notes, the true magic of these gift boxes lies in their stories. Every product you choose is a beacon of hope, symbolising transformed communities and a pledge to the environment. It's not just about what's inside the box, but also the greater impact it represents.

For those always in search of the perfect gift, Social Stories Club's sustainable gift boxes offer a thoughtful solution. Use our gift card to build a box that's not only eco-friendly and personal but also echoes stories of positive change. It's more than a gift; it's a gesture that lasts.

Do Employees Appreciate Gift Cards?

At Social Stories Club, we understand the importance of recognising and appreciating employees' efforts. A recent survey revealed a remarkable insight: a staggering 88% of employees deeply value a token of gratitude from their employers. However, in the realm of gifting, it's not just the gesture that counts but also the relevance of the gift itself. As we move towards a more conscious and sustainable future, many employees are placing greater emphasis on their values and beliefs. This makes it crucial for employers to select gift cards that resonate with these values. By choosing a sustainable gifting company like Social Stories Club for such tokens of appreciation, businesses can ensure that their gestures are not only generous but also genuinely thoughtful and in line with the recipient's ethos. To find out more about gifts for teams at Social Stories Club head over to our employee gifting page. 

Can Dietary Needs Be Accommodated?

Absolutely. Companies like Social Stories Club offer a variety of options, catering to vegan, kosher, halal, and allergen-free requirements.

Personalisation with Gift Cards

With a gift card, employees can personalise their choices. The 'Build Your Own Gift Box' feature ensures every recipient gets precisely what they desire, minimising waste and maximising satisfaction.

Keeping Costs a Secret from your team

Worried about revealing the gift card's value? Fear not! Social Stories Club can set up a unique portal for your employees to choose their gift, keeping the price discreet. They will be given one or more options to choose from and they simply claim their gift and input their address. 

The Ideal Sustainable Gift Card

Choosing a gift card from Social Stories Club ensures each product supports a social cause. These cards serve as a gateway to discovering numerous ventures that make a difference. 

Do employees want a gift card to a sustainable gifting company? 

In today's dynamic workplace environment, employees are no longer just driven by salaries or conventional perks. There's a growing sentiment among the workforce towards sustainability and ethical consumerism. Many employees are increasingly conscious of their ecological footprint and the societal impact of their choices. This shift is also reflected in their gifting preferences. At Social Stories Club, we have observed a rising demand for sustainable gifts. Employees deeply appreciate when their employers recognise and mirror their values. Sustainable gifts are not just a token of appreciation; they represent a shared commitment to a brighter, more responsible future. By opting for sustainable gifts, businesses can showcase their dedication to eco-friendly practices while resonating with the modern employee's ethos, making the gesture even more meaningful and impactful.

Gift Card, Gift Hamper, or Cash Bonus?

Each option has its merits. Gift cards offer convenience, cash provides ultimate flexibility, but gift hampers make the recipient feel truly cherished. For an impactful gesture, choose a gift card from a specialised gifting company to ensure the recipient feels valued and celebrated. A physical gift is far more memorable. 

Can people use a gift card to build their own gift box? 

Navigating the world of gifting can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when searching for something truly unique and personal. Enter our 'Build Your Own Gift' selection, a splendid avenue that offers an innovative twist to traditional gifting. This intuitive feature empowers you to handpick and curate sustainable gift hampers and care packages tailored to the recipient's tastes and preferences. Whether it's sumptuous chocolates, invigorating teas, fragrant bath products, or even eco-friendly reusable bags, the options are vast and varied. Every product in our selection is not only environmentally conscious but also woven with remarkable social stories, showcasing transformative impacts on communities worldwide. Furthermore, to add that special touch, all sustainable gift boxes come with the option to include a personalised message, ensuring that your chosen present resonates with the heart and spirit of its recipient. Whether you are shopping for a discerning friend or a loved one with specific tastes, our sustainable hampers present the perfect solution, encapsulating thoughtfulness, sustainability, and individuality in one elegant package.

In Conclusion: The Empowerment of Sustainable Choice

In an era where consumer choices are driving change, gifting has emerged not just as an act of gratitude or appreciation, but also as a profound statement of values and beliefs. The gift cards from Social Stories Club encapsulate this ethos beautifully. They offer a seamless blend of convenience, sustainability, and personalised touch, making them an exceptional choice for both individuals and corporate entities.

Why resort to generic gifts when you can offer a memorable experience that resonates deeply with the recipient's personal and ethical choices? By opting for a gift card from Social Stories Club, you are not only giving the gift of choice but also making a significant statement about supporting local businesses, environmental responsibility, and societal change. It underscores a dedication to sustainable commerce and ethical consumerism.

For businesses, this is an opportunity to align corporate gifting strategies with the growing demand for sustainable products. It showcases the company's commitment to not just appreciating employees but doing so in a manner that's congruent with progressive values. Such alignment is invaluable in today's world where employees and clients are increasingly attuned to environmental concerns and societal impact.

Additionally, the versatility of the 'Build Your Own Gift' feature at Social Stories Club revolutionises the art of gifting. It redefines thoughtfulness, offering an array of sustainable products, each with its own narrative of positive change. These are not just gifts; they are stories waiting to be discovered and shared.

So, as the festive season approaches or as corporate milestones loom on the horizon, consider a pivot from traditional gift-giving. Embrace the power of sustainable gifting. With Social Stories Club, the journey of gifting becomes just as meaningful as the gift itself, forging connections, celebrating values, and narrating tales of positive transformation. Head over to our website to learn more about branded gifts, sustainable gifts for clients, ethical gifts for teams, and bespoke corporate gifts.

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If you are looking to show your team how much they are appreciated, attract and retain clients, or you have a corporate event and you want to create an impression, then our sustainable corporate hampers are just what you need. We have created the most exciting gift to give and receive which are packaged beautifully using sustainable materials, filled with delicious products made by social enterprises, and also include a storybook starting conversations about sustainability.

"Social Stories Club is a fantastic initiative that enables social enterprises to collaborate in such a creative way. The perfect way to buy gifts with a social impact" - David Adair, Head of Community Engagement, PwC