Why Employee Happiness is the Key to Job Attraction and Retention

Why Employee Happiness is the Key to Job Attraction and Retention

As the world becomes more digital, workplaces are transforming as well. No longer do employees spend their days in office cubicles and instead, they work from home, coffee shops, co-working spaces or hybrid systems. However, with this changing landscape comes new challenges for businesses. This blog will explore the importance of incorporating corporate gifting programme into your company to keep your staff happy and how starting off an onboarding programme with an employee gift box can help retain staff. It is now harder to keep your employees happy and engaged since they no longer have set hours or a designated office space. And not just that — there is also a growing concern about employee retention as millennials continue to enter the workforce in record numbers while baby boomers begin to retire. In fact, according to a recent study by HR solutions company Bersin, 51% of HR professionals anticipate an increasing number of millennial workers leaving their organisation within the next 12 months. 

Gift Boxes: A simple, affordable solution for retaining employees

Employee retention is a big deal, not only because it is expensive to replace team members but also for team cohesion. Though most people might not think about it, a lot of younger workers are looking for job opportunities that let them work with a hybrid work from home and in the office model. Businesses that can offer them this kind of work environment are able to stand out among candidates, making it easier to attract top-quality employees. But what happens when the right candidate accepts your job offer and then suddenly changes their mind? What happens when you have invested time, money and effort into recruiting the right talent only to lose them at the last minute? Sustainable corporate gift hampers are a simple, affordable solution for retaining employees. They can be given to employees as a token of appreciation to show how much you appreciate their contributions to the company. An employee gift box can come in many different themes and designs, but by choosing sustainable corporate gift hampers you are gifting a present with an interesting story that reflects your values. They can even be customised with the company’s logo or name. Good corporate gifting companies will offer branding options. Employees will love receiving gift boxes for a variety of reasons. First, they are useful. Each box is filled with items that can be used in daily life, such as journals, coffee, snacks and more. Second, they are thoughtful. It is clear that the company put thought into choosing each item that was put inside the box. And third, they are easy to use. Employees can use these gifts immediately, which is especially nice if they receive them on their first day of work. The sustainable gift hampers can also be re-gifted in the future, so there is no pressure for employees to use everything right away.

How to retain employees and keep them happy?

Employee happiness starts with retention, and retention, in turn, starts with the right employee onboarding process. Seeing that the onboarding process and the first 90 days of employment are crucial to employee engagement, it is important to have a system in place that makes this transition as seamless as possible. Employee onboarding software is a simple and affordable solution to help with onboarding, including employee happiness surveys and interviews, employee onboarding courses and access to employee benefits and services. HR managers can use these surveys and interviews to learn about their employees’ current situations and what they had like to see in their new positions. From there, these employees can be matched with managers who can best help them achieve their goals and succeed in their new positions. Start off the onboarding process with a strong ‘welcome to the team’ sustainable employee gift box. With the majority of workers wanting to work for companies that care about sustainability this is a great way to demonstrate your values as a company. 

Recognition and rewards for employee retention

Another way businesses can improve employee retention is by providing timely, relevant feedback and setting clear goals for employees. A regular feedback process can help managers and employees keep track of their progress and pinpoint weak spots or areas for improvement. Successful companies also provide rewards for employees who go above and beyond their everyday tasks. These rewards can be team parties, an employee gift box, of a gift card to a sustainable corporate gift supplier such as Social Stories Club. These positive reinforcements are especially important for millennial workers, many of whom are driven by intrinsic motivation rather than money. 


Employee retention and happiness are two important keys to keeping a company’s workforce full of top talent. If you can keep your employees happy and engaged at work, then it is likely that they will stay with your company for the long haul. So, if you are looking to keep your best employees, try implementing some of these strategies to improve employee retention and boost employee happiness. Show your team you care from the start with a sustainable employee gift box and introducing a sustainable corporate gifting programme where corporate gift hampers are given when the team least expect it. 

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