Ethical Gift Box And Sustainable Gift Hamper Guide For Christmas (2023)

Ethical Gift Box And Sustainable Gift Hamper Guide For Christmas (2023)

In search of that impeccable ethical Christmas hamper to light up your festive season? You are in good company. As the tides shift towards conscious gifting, more individuals are aiming to place sustainably-sourced presents under their Christmas trees. To aid in this noble quest, we have crafted this guide on ethical gift boxes and hampers.

Gifts are expressions, not just of affection but of our values. Whether it's for friends, family, or colleagues, opting for an ethical gift box signals a thoughtfulness that transcends material value. Enter Social Stories Club, your one-stop destination for gifts imbued with meaning. This festive season, let every sustainable gift hamper or box you give resonate with kindness and intention.

The joy of Christmas lies in the love shared, and what better way to exhibit it than by gifting consciously? We understand that the sea of options can sometimes be daunting, leaving you in a conundrum. This is where the beauty of an ethical gift box or hamper comes to the rescue. But what sets it apart? At its heart, an ethical hamper is birthed by a social enterprise, ensconced in eco-friendly packaging, and brimming with gifts that echo social impact.

For those eager to leave a gentle footprint on the world even as they celebrate, here's a curation of the finest ethical gift boxes and hampers to make your holiday truly special:

Deciphering Sustainable Choices: Ethical Gift Box vs. Sustainable Gift Hamper

Navigating the offerings of a sustainable gifting company like Social Stories Club, you might ponder the subtle differences between an ethical gift box and an ethical gift hamper. Both embody the ethos of a sustainable corporate gifting company, championing items that are responsibly sourced.

Selecting an ethical gift box from Social Stories Club provides you with presents packaged in eco-friendly cardboard, which is biodegradable. The box can be reused or recycled making it low impact. Sustainable gift boxes are sent in a biodegradable mailer bag.

For those in search of sustainable gift hampers, this is a very sustainable option as the hamper can be reused. These are not just any hampers; they are woven from recycled paper rope, symbolising luxury with a conscience. They are a testament to the brand's commitment to being not just a sustainable gifting company, but one that pioneers sustainable corporate gift hampers. They can be reused as a shoe storage, or picnic basket, or even refilled and regifted.

So, whether your sights are set on a streamlined box or a lavish ethical gift hamper, Social Stories Club guarantees that every choice is a step towards a greener and kinder gifting journey.

What do Social Stories Club do?

Sustainable gifting has taken a front seat in today's eco-conscious world, and our sustainable gifting company is at the forefront of this movement. We provide sustainable hampers and gift boxes suitable for all occasions, be it for colleagues, clients, friends, or family. Looking for a unique festive treat? Our sustainable Christmas hampers are the perfect choice, curated with care and the environment in mind.

For businesses aiming to make an eco-friendly impression, our sustainable corporate gifting company offers an exclusive range of sustainable corporate gift hampers. These hampers are not only environmentally friendly but can also be customised and branded, making them a perfect fit for any corporate event or appreciation gesture.

Whether you are in the market for individual sustainable gift hampers or larger sustainable corporate hampers to be shared between teams, our collection at Social Stories Club offers a diverse range to meet your gifting needs. Let's make the world a greener place, one gift at a time.

Winter Warmer Gift Box

In the midst of winter's chill, the sustainable gifting company, Social Stories Club, brings you the Winter Warmer Gift box. This delightful hamper is not just a treat to the taste buds but a toast to sustainability and social causes.

Imagine this: A loved one, ensconced on their couch on a brisk December evening, unraveling the wonders of this sustainable gift hamper. They pour a soothing cup of mulled wine tea, not just warming their hands but also their hearts, as they read its connection to educational upliftment in tea-centric regions.

Every item in this sustainable hamper, handpicked by our co-founders, carries a story - a tale of hope, resilience, and community. From the winter-spiced chocolate advocating for the rights of cocoa farmers to soap crafted by individuals with disabilities, this box is a treasure trove of narratives. Every bite of the handmade chocolate truffles or sip of the aromatic hot chocolate melts brings forth tales of reformation and empowerment.

Determined to redefine the essence of gifting, Social Stories Club ensures that even the packaging sings the song of sustainability. Delivered through carbon-neutral shipping methods, this Winter Warmer gift box becomes an emblem of eco-consciousness. For those who value sustainability, especially in corporate settings, this box could be a thoughtful nod as a sustainable corporate gifting solution.

To enhance this gifting experience, we offer customisable additions. A greeting card made from recycled material, a ribbon that whispers the tales of reusability, and a personal message to encapsulate your feelings.

Inside the Winter Warmer gift box, you will find:

  • Mulled Wine Tea supporting educational projects in tea-producing areas
  • Organic Soap birthed from the collaboration with artists with learning challenges and epilepsy
  • Winter Spiced Hot Chocolate championing the rights of cocoa cultivators
  • Lavender Candle handcrafted to support underprivileged Indian communities
  • Hot Chocolate Melts in alliance with Flourish NI, combating human trafficking
  • Chocolate Truffles hand-made by women transitioning from the Scottish criminal justice sphere
  • A box announcing its allegiance to diverse social causes
  • An evocative Story Booklet
  • Your personal touch with a custom message.

In a world seeking meaning and sustainability, our Winter Warmer gift box stands as a testament to conscious choices and heartfelt gestures. Perfect for the festive season or corporate acknowledgments, it truly embodies the spirit of sustainable gifting.

Secret Santa Gift Box

In the heart of the festive season, the timeless tradition of Secret Santa brings joy and a little mystery to workplaces, friends, and families alike. With the challenge of finding a thoughtful gift for perhaps a less-familiar colleague or distant cousin, would not you prefer an eco-conscious choice that resonates with everyone? Enter our sustainable Secret Santa gift box, a creation of our esteemed sustainable gifting company, designed with both heart and the planet in mind.

For those who hold the environment and global communities dear, this ethical Secret Santa gift stands out as a beacon of hope and sustainability. Rather than a fleeting token, this gift promises lasting impact, supporting diverse social and environmental causes.

Imagine the gleam in your recipient's eyes as they unravel the box to find not just delectable treats but stories of empowerment and eco-consciousness. A lavender candle that is handmade by vulnerable communities not only lights up your living room but also the hearts of those from the Dalit community in India. The allure of winter-spiced dark chocolate extends beyond its taste, championing cocoa farmers' rights and well-being.

Every product in this sustainable hamper unveils a tale, and the included story booklet ensures your recipient dives deep into the narratives behind each item. The box itself proudly proclaims its allegiance to various social causes, instantly elevating the unboxing experience. And in true spirit of sustainability, this ethical Christmas gift box champions green practices - from its eco-friendly packaging to the carbon-neutral delivery.

Perfect for any Secret Santa exchange, whether among colleagues or friends, this gift does not just offer joy, but also the promise of positive change.

Delve into the treasures of our Secret Santa gift box:

  • Mulled Wine Tea: A pledge to bolster educational prospects in tea-producing zones
  • Lemon Melt Biscuits with a white chocolate embrace, birthed from 100% renewable energy
  • 70% Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate: A dual commitment to reforestation efforts and cutting-edge waste-reducing packaging
  • A quartet of Madagascar Dark Chocolate Napolitains: Reaffirming the promise to forest revival and sustainability
  • Lavender Candle: A handmade ode to support and uplift marginalised Indian communities
  • Chocolate Truffles: Crafted with love by resilient Scottish women navigating the justice system and rewriting their narratives
  • A box that speaks volumes of its dedication to multiple social causes
  • A Story Booklet: Narrating the heartwarming tales behind each product
  • Your bespoke message, adding that final personal touch

As the holidays approach, and the world seeks sustainable corporate gifting solutions or individual treasures, our Secret Santa gift box emerges as a beacon of both warmth and responsibility.

Ultimate Christmas Gift Hamper

In today's age of conscious consumerism, gifting is not merely about tangible items but also about the stories and impact behind each product. Presenting the Ultimate Christmas Gift Hamper from our renowned sustainable gifting company! This festive hamper, curated with utmost love and care, goes beyond the traditional gifts to offer something heartfelt and purposeful.

Perfect for anyone from your close family to corporate acquaintances, this hamper blends sustainability with luxury. Our sustainable Christmas hampers, like this one, are masterpieces, holding items that not only pamper the recipient but also contribute to global betterment.

Imagine the joy on your loved one’s face when they discover that their sips of Assam Gold Tea contribute to education in tea-growing regions or that the delightful Double Chocolate Chip Cookies they are munching on are crafted from renewable energy. Each product, from delectable edibles to utilitarian items like the Hypoallergenic Bamboo Socks or the 12 Oz Coffee Cup (crafted from repurposed single-use cups), tells an awe-inspiring tale. And these tales are not just confined to the products. They come alive in the accompanying story booklet, providing a deeper dive into the world of sustainable and ethical gifting.

Especially for businesses seeking a memorable token of appreciation for clients or teams, this sustainable corporate gift hamper is unmatched. Not only does it cater to varied tastes, but the idea of team members sharing and discussing the wonderful stories behind each product turns the act of gifting into a bonding experience. At Social Stories Club, our sustainable gift hampers, especially this Ultimate Christmas Gift Hamper, become an unforgettable part of festive celebrations.

And for those concerned about our planet, fret not! Every aspect of this hamper screams sustainability. From the eco-friendly packaging to the carbon-neutral delivery, we ensure that our hampers tread lightly on our Earth.

Inside the Ultimate Christmas Gift Hamper:

  • Teas: Assam Gold and Mulled Wine, both supporting tea-growing regions' education
  • Delightful edibles like Traditional Farmhouse Cheese Biscuits and Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, made sustainably
  • Triple-milled Organic Soap, Bee Free Mug, and Dog Lover's Tea Towel, all designed by artists overcoming epilepsy and learning challenges
  • A rich selection of chocolates, supporting fair deals for cocoa farmers
  • Relishes using 'wonky' produce, fighting food wastage
  • Beauty and wellness products that empower various communities
  • A Brownie-making Kit and Hot Chocolate Melts, supporting anti-human trafficking initiatives
  • Bamboo Socks and more – each with its own story of empowerment, sustainability, or charity
  • An evocative Story Booklet
  • Your personalised message for the gift recipient

This festive season, make your gifts mean more. Our sustainable hampers are not just about products but about values, impact, and heartfelt stories. Add your personal touch with a customised message and let your gift be remembered not just for its contents but for its soul.


As the festive season approaches, the clamor for conscious consumerism is more resonant than ever before. In the warm embrace of twinkling lights, joyous carols, and cherished gatherings, there lies an expanding realisation: the true essence of gifting is woven not just through the act but significantly through the intention and narrative accompanying every present. Our guide on ethical gift boxes and hampers for Christmas 2023 stands as a lighthouse, illuminating the path for those desiring to infuse the Yuletide joys with values of sustainability and ethics.

Social Stories Club, an exemplary sustainable gifting company, has paved the way, making ethical gifting both a mission and an art form. The Winter Warmer box, brimming with heart and warmth, the Secret Santa gift box that whispers tales of global impact, and the Ultimate Christmas Gift Hamper that marries luxury with a conscience, all underline the company's commitment. Each of these offerings underscores the essence of what a sustainable gifting company aims for: products that carry profound narratives of empowerment, resilience, hope, and positive transformation.

Gifting in today's age, especially in corporate settings, demands a blend of thoughtfulness, luxury, and responsibility. The range of sustainable Christmas hampers and sustainable corporate gift hampers from Social Stories Club exemplify this harmonious blend. They are not mere gifts, but journeys into stories of communities elevated, environments treasured, and lives positively touched. A sustainable corporate gifting company like Social Stories Club offers more than just products; they offer values, stories, and commitments, curated with care and beautifully presented.

Whether you are seeking to impress a valued client with a sustainable corporate gift hamper, express gratitude to a hard-working team with sustainable hampers, or share love and appreciation with family through sustainable Christmas hampers, each choice tells tales that transcend the physical confines of the box. These tales take us on voyages into places where communities thrive, where the environment is cherished, and where every product is a testament to sustainable choices.

The offerings by Social Stories Club remind us that luxury does not necessitate a sacrifice of our planet or its people. Instead, luxury is reimagined to encompass tales of empowerment, environmental conservation, and sustainable initiatives. Every sip, bite, or moment of relaxation is a story waiting to be unraveled and cherished.

This Christmas, as we step into a new era of gifting, let the sustainable gift hampers from Social Stories Club symbolise our collective commitment to a kinder, greener, and more thoughtful world. In our hands lies the power to make every gift resonate with intention, to make every choice an emblem of love for our world and its myriad inhabitants. Through the art of giving, let us weave narratives of hope, progress, and sustainability.

If your looking for a sustainable gift for clients this Christmas, or ethical hampers for teams, head over to our corporate gifting page and book a one to one call with us today. 

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