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Do you want to promote sustainable gift hampers and sustainable gifts?

Hello, we are Social Stories Club - a gifting company that sells sustainable corporate gifts and sustainable gifts which create a positive social impact. It is our mission to introduce you all to the wonderful world of social enterprises, by sharing their stories in our sustainable gift boxes. We believe in the power of storytelling; this is how we spread our message of wanting to create a positive social impact through spreading joy with each sustainable gift we create.

There is no legal definition for Social Enterprise. To Social Stories Club, social enterprises are businesses that are led by a social mission. They are changing the world by addressing social challenges through entrepreneurship and transforming communities and the environment in the process. We have carefully selected the social enterprises which feature inside our sustainable gift boxes to make sure each is not only a product the receiver would be excited to enjoy but also has a social story of how it makes a difference in the world. A story booklet is included in all of our sustainable gift hampers which details the social stories behind each of the sustainable products. This can range from warming teas that are educating girls in tea growing regions, to beautifully smelling bath salts packaged by individuals with disabilities.

We are passionate about our message and have a vision; that with each purchase you make, you are creating a positive impact. An affiliate for Social Stories Club could recommend our sustainable gift hampers in gifting guides, educate on the social impact being created through one gift through blogs, promote our sustainable gift hampers collection, highlight that we also sell sustainable corporate hampers if teams were looking for an employee gift box, and more – this can be done on a range of platforms from your Pinterest, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, blogs and websites.

Social Stories Club has been featured in STV, Glamour, The Big Issue, The Times, Stylist, Cosmopolitan, and Refinery29.

What we look for in affiliates

We are looking for affiliates who are passionate about our brand message and supportive of our mission. We want people who are just as excited as us that sustainable gift hampers can change the world.

Ideally, we want our affiliate to:

  • Have an active interest in sustainability
  • Want to create a positive social impact in the world
  • Is excited at the prospect of helping to promote us and is a fan of our brand
  • Has built an engaged online community either through social media, blogs, or a website
  • Having been a current customer of ours and having previous experience purchasing with us or being affiliated is a bonus!

As an affiliate, by helping to promote our sustainable gift boxes, you will be creating a positive social impact; aiding a small social enterprise, highlighting the other social ventures inside our sustainable hampers, and making a positive social impact in the world.

Our affiliate program highlights:

  • Up to 10% commission 
  • Affiliate exclusives
  • Free sample products to promote
  • An excited team of people looking to support you in the program with us

Questions? If you have any questions or wish to find out more, here is a guide on “Why to become an Affiliate with Social Stories Club” and FAQs here.

Want to talk? If you want to speak to someone directly, email or

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