Best Sustainable Corporate Gifting Company: Introducing Social Stories Club - what makes their ethical corporate hampers sustainable?

Best Sustainable Corporate Gifting Company: Introducing Social Stories Club - what makes their ethical corporate hampers sustainable?

In the ever-evolving world of corporate gifting, sustainable choices have become the beacon of progressive change. Amidst this landscape, one name stands tall: Social Stories Club, the epitome of sustainable gifting companies that's transforming the art of corporate gifting.

The world of corporate gifting has seen a significant shift, leaning towards more sustainable and ethically conscious choices. Social Stories Club, a sustainable gifting company, stands as a beacon in this transition, redefining what it means to give in the corporate world.

Founded by two passionate entrepreneurs, Karis Gill and Aayush Goyal, Social Stories Club was born out of a profound desire to make a lasting social impact. Both founders recognised the transformative power of the social enterprise model. They realised that by integrating social missions into business practices, every purchase could be a step towards creating a better world. In this blog you will learn why you should choose Social Stories Club for your sustainable corporate Christmas gifts this year.

A Visionary Beginning: The Genesis of Social Stories Club

The creation of Social Stories Club was not a mere business decision; it was a calling. Founders Karis Gill and Aayush Goyal, two dedicated entrepreneurs, envisioned a future where business could be a force for good. They dreamt of a world where every business had a social mission, a world where every purchase was a conscious step towards a better tomorrow.

The fact that only 1% of the UK's population was aware of the transformative power of social enterprises was a challenge they willingly embraced. They set forth on a journey, not just to create another sustainable corporate gifting company, but to create a movement. A movement that would educate, inspire, and create a ripple effect of positive change.

Sustainable Hampers: More Than Just Gifts

At the heart of Social Stories Club lies its range of sustainable gift hampers. Crafted with care and purpose, these are not your typical gift baskets. Every item in these sustainable hampers tells a story. Delicious chocolates are not just sweet indulgences; they are agents of reforestation. Refreshing teas do more than just warm your soul; they empower and educate girls in tea-growing regions.

The sustainable hampers serve a dual purpose. First, they provide the receiver with high-quality products, each crafted with care and purpose. Second, they educate and inspire. With every sustainable hamper, Social Stories Club includes a story booklet, an invitation to journey into the world of social enterprises and understand the positive impact behind each product.

In essence, while splurging on luxurious gifts has its place, the trend leans towards finding sustainable Christmas gifts under £50 that offer value, impact, and meaning. Corporates today recognise that a well-chosen gift within a sensible budget can convey appreciation, align with company values, and make a positive difference in the world.

Leading by Example: Social Impact at its Core

Actions speak louder than words, and Social Stories Club's actions echo their unwavering commitment to social change. Their sustainable corporate gift hampers are not just packed; they are packed with purpose. By offering employment to those who find it most challenging to access the job market, they ensure that every sustainable Christmas hamper also crafts opportunities for personal growth and economic empowerment.

Furthermore, their ambition does not stop at providing jobs. The company pays the Living Wage and offsets the carbon footprint generated during the delivery of their sustainable hampers. Their goal to provide 100,000 hours of employment in Scotland and to extend training opportunities shows their dedication to creating a holistic social impact.

Sustainability Beyond Products: Packaging with a Purpose

In today's world, the importance of sustainable packaging cannot be stressed enough. Understanding this, Social Stories Club has taken strides to ensure their packaging solutions are as eco-friendly as possible. Every sustainable gift box they use is either biodegradable or reusable, showing their commitment to reducing waste.

Moreover, their sustainable gift boxes serve an educational purpose. Beautifully illustrated with designs representing the UN's sustainable development goals, they offer a visual journey into global efforts to create a better future. By doing so, Social Stories Club has found a unique way to amplify their message and educate their audience about pressing global issues.

Stronger Together: Collaborative Impact

Collaboration lies at the core of Social Stories Club. By forging meaningful partnerships with over 30 social enterprises across the UK, they ensure that their sustainable corporate gift hampers are both diverse and impactful. Whether it's bath salts providing employment or chutneys combating food waste, their product range showcases the power of collaborative impact.

Every product has a story, a testament to the transformative power of social enterprises and Social Stories Club ensures these stories are told. Every sustainable gift hamper comes with a story booklet, offering an intimate look into the world of social impact, product by product.

Commitment to Global Goals

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as a global blueprint for positive change. Social Stories Club, in its mission to be a leading sustainable gifting company, has aligned its efforts with these goals. Already supporting 12 of the SDGs, their ambition to champion all 17 by the end of 2030 is both commendable and inspirational.

The Future of Corporate Gifting

Social Stories Club stands as a beacon, illuminating the path forward for the corporate gifting industry. They have shown that it's possible to blend quality, sustainability, and social impact seamlessly. As businesses across the globe grapple with integrating sustainability into their operations, Social Stories Club offers a template for success.

In a world of faceless corporations, Social Stories Club stands out with its human touch. Behind every sustainable corporate gift hamper is a team driven by passion, a team that believes in the power of stories, the transformative potential of social enterprises, and the idea that business can be a force for good.

A Gifting Revolution

In the realm of corporate gifting, there's always a fine balance between pleasing aesthetics and deep-rooted meaning. Social Stories Club has achieved this balance, creating a gifting revolution. At the core of this revolution is an idea that gifting is not just a transaction; it’s an expression of values, of hope, and of a shared vision for a brighter future. These sustainable hampers and gift boxes are not just products; they represent a broader philosophy that embraces both beauty and purpose. Sustainable gifting for corporates is becoming the standard. Employees are expecting their employers to make a positive impact in the world, and this extends to their corporate Christmas gifts. 

The Role of Education in Gifting

Historically, gifts have been symbols of appreciation, tokens of gratitude, or instruments of relationship building. Social Stories Club has reimagined this paradigm. They believe that gifting is also a medium of education. Their carefully curated storybook included with each hamper is a testament to this belief. By introducing recipients to the stories of social enterprises, they are opening doors to worlds lesser known. They are enlightening gift recipients about the immense potential that resides in conscious consumer choices, turning every gift-giving occasion into a learning opportunity.

Empowering the Makers

Behind every product in Social Stories Club's sustainable hampers is a maker, an artisan, or an entrepreneur with a story. These are individuals who have battled adversities, challenged the status quo, and emerged with products that are not just high in quality but also carry a legacy. By supporting these artisans and social enterprises, Social Stories Club is doing more than just selling products. They are amplifying voices that often go unheard, championing causes that deserve attention, and empowering communities at the grassroots level.

Carbon Offsetting: Going Above and Beyond

As of 2021, we made the bold move to ensure all our deliveries are carbon neutral. What this essentially means is, for every carbon emission resulting from the transportation of our sustainable gift boxes, an equivalent amount of carbon is offset or balanced out, ensuring we leave no carbon footprint.

Thanks to your continuous support and orders, we have made remarkable strides in conservation and reforestation. Just to provide a perspective - we have managed to safeguard an expansive forest area spanning 17,601.50 km2. Moreover, we have offset an impressive 57,000 kg of CO2 and sown the seeds for the future by planting 1,850 trees. With each order, we are not just delivering gifts, but gifting back to our planet.

Sustainable Packaging: A Testament to Our Commitment

Each package you receive from us is a manifestation of our commitment to sustainability. Our gift boxes, which are biodegradable, do not just house amazing products, they also carry a message. Printed on the side of each is a gentle reminder - "this box supports different social causes". Furthermore, these boxes are not just functional; they are art pieces. Adorned with intricate illustrations, these boxes showcase figures championing the UN's sustainable development goals. This turns each unboxing into a unique educational opportunity, especially for our young ones.

And speaking of the kids, we have added a delightful twist! Our boxes double up as an engaging quiz platform. Children can embark on a mini treasure hunt, identifying themes like Quality Education, Great Healthcare, Empowered Artists, Renewable energies, and more depicted on the packaging. It’s our way of making education fun!

The protective wood wool inside each gift box? That too has a social story. It’s sourced responsibly from sustainable timber forests, ensuring we are in harmony with nature at each step. To top it all, our sustainable gift boxes are sent out in biodegradable mailer bags. Designed with a twofold purpose, they not only minimise waste but are also tailored to be user-friendly, especially for those with disabilities.

From Paper Rope Hampers to Future Keepsakes

Our sustainable gift hampers are crafted from durable paper rope, which seamlessly blends strength and eco-friendliness. While they are perfect for holding our curated products, their utility extends far beyond that. These hampers, with their timeless design, can be repurposed for storage, or better yet, refilled and passed on as a gift to someone else. We actively champion the idea of breathing new life into these hampers, urging our community to innovate and discover alternate uses. After all, the journey of sustainability is one of creativity and resourcefulness!

By intertwining sustainability with our gifting, we at Social Stories Club hope to inspire a ripple effect, urging individuals and corporations alike to prioritise the planet. Every gift, no matter how big or small, has the power to make an impact.

In Conclusion

In a world grappling with environmental challenges and social disparities, the choices we make – both big and small – play an integral role in shaping the future. Corporate gifting, a seemingly simple gesture, holds immense potential in this transformative journey. And leading the charge in this revolution is Social Stories Club, turning gifting into a sustainable, impactful, and educational experience.

The work of Karis Gill, Aayush Goyal, and their dedicated team stands as a testament to the fact that businesses can and should be more than just profit-driven entities. They can be catalysts for change, platforms for education, and vehicles for positive impact. Through their meticulously crafted sustainable hampers and innovative packaging, Social Stories Club is not just giving gifts; they are weaving tales of hope, resilience, and a sustainable future.

Their commitment to carbon neutrality, the employment of marginalised communities, and their unwavering support for social enterprises showcases the holistic approach they have adopted. Every package delivered does not just bring joy to the recipient but also supports a web of initiatives and causes that are making real-world differences.

What sets Social Stories Club apart is their ability to communicate, both explicitly and implicitly. Through their story booklets, they educate, and through their sustainable products, they silently convey the importance of conscious choices. Their commitment to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals further grounds their efforts in a global context, reflecting a vision that's aligned with universal aspirations for a better world.

The realm of corporate gifting is often characterised by luxury, extravagance, and opulence. However, as the world shifts its focus to sustainability and genuine impact, Social Stories Club has emerged as a trailblazer, redefining the very essence of what it means to gift. In their world, gifting is not just about the present moment; it's about the future we are collectively shaping. It's about stories of hope, resilience, and change. And most importantly, it's about understanding that every choice has a ripple effect, influencing communities, ecosystems, and futures.

In conclusion, as we navigate the complexities of the modern world, it's companies like Social Stories Club that light the way. They remind us that the act of giving can be so much more than a fleeting moment of joy. It can be a step towards a brighter, more sustainable, and interconnected world. So, the next time you are looking to give a gift, remember that with Social Stories Club, you are not just gifting a product, you are gifting a vision, a story, and a promise of a better tomorrow. Head over to our corporate gifting page today to book a 1:2:1 call with us. You can find out more about our gifts for employees, gifts for clients, ethical bespoke gifts and sustainable branded gifts

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"Social Stories Club is a fantastic initiative that enables social enterprises to collaborate in such a creative way. The perfect way to buy gifts with a social impact" - David Adair, Head of Community Engagement, PwC