Eight Sustainability Trends for business that are rapidly growing in popularity by a Sustainable Gifting Supplier

Eight Sustainability Trends for business that are rapidly growing in popularity

Social enterprises such as Social Stories Club are popping up every day as consumers want to purchase products with a purpose such as sustainable gift boxes. Sustainability is a huge priority for consumers right now, which is why we have seen so many companies make sustainability a larger focus. So what does the future look like when it comes to sustainable business practices? These trends are here to stay and will continue to grow as the world becomes more conscious about their impact on the environment. Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword. It has become a way of life for many people and businesses. The world has woken up to the need to respect natural resources, reduce waste and protect animals. People want to see tangible results from their efforts, not just empty words. If you are looking for ideas about how to incorporate sustainability into your business or organisation, here are six trends that will help you get started.

The emergence of social enterprises

Social enterprises are businesses, companies, or organisations that make a positive contribution to society and the environment through their core business model. Traditionally, for-profit companies have been focused on generating profit, which has led to negative effects on the environment and society. Social enterprises are a great model for the future because they are the perfect way to bridge the gap between business and society. They allow for sustainability to be at the forefront of the business model. If you have a business and want it to become more sustainable the best way to start is by first identifying your stakeholders. Who are the people that your company impacts and how can your company better serve them? Once you have identified your stakeholders, you can then create a mission statement that reflects who you serve and what your company aims to do.

Going Organic

Organic food has been a staple in the sustainable food movement for a long time now. But it is not just a trend. More and more people are realising that organic food has many benefits. For example, organic farming practices do not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilisers, so they do not pollute the air or water. Organic foods are also higher in nutrients than conventionally grown food, so you are getting more health benefits from your food. There are a lot of great organic brands out there, and a rising number of companies are now making organic products. And if you are a business owner, consider switching to organic ingredients with any food you order. This is particularly important for companies that produce food or drinks. If your product is made with organic ingredients, you can become an organic certified company. Once you are certified, you can label your product as organic and make it easier for people to find your products at the store.

Producing And Using Renewable Energy

There are three main types of energy: renewable, fossil fuels, and nuclear. Renewable energy is energy that comes from a source that can be replenished, while fossil fuels and nuclear energy are non-renewable resources. Fossil fuels are at the heart of our current energy production and are responsible for so many negative environmental impacts. Renewable energy, on the other hand, does not have any of these drawbacks and is the perfect solution for sustainable energy production. If you own a business, you can purchase your energy from sustainable suppliers that generate energy from renewable energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines. You can also use energy storage to make sure you are not using more energy than you need to.

Using reusables

Reusables are products that are not meant to be used once and then be thrown away but instead kept for longer use. Plastic bags, paper towels, and food containers are a few examples of single-use plastics that are going off trend. In recent years, single-use products have come under fire for the negative impact they have on the environment. That is why the Sustainable Business Dialogue found reusables to be one of the most important trends in sustainability. If you are a business owner, you can help reduce the number of single-use plastics being used by encouraging your customers and staff to use reusable products. You can even offer a discount to customers who use reusable products such as lush who will buy back the packaging off you for 50 pence. If you buy a takeaway lunch you can bring your reusable lunch box rather than using throwaway plastic containers or paper dishes.

Using reusables

Incorporating Technology into Sustainable Practices

Technology has the potential to make our lives so much easier and help us become more sustainable at the same time. Technology has indeed led to some serious environmental issues, but there are also ways to use it sustainably. For example, using video conferencing software is better for the environment than travelling to meet with clients and staff in person. Using software like this instead of travelling also reduces your carbon footprint, which is another important sustainability trend. Using the search engine Ecosia instead of Google allows your to plant trees as you search. Sustainable technology is a growing trend and sustainably focused companies are already incorporating sustainable options.

Companies that invest in their employees

We have all heard the phrase “happy employees lead to happy customers”. This is true, and it is a big reason why so many companies are investing in their employees. The best way for a company to attract great talent is to offer a bespoke experience and find out what is important to each team member. For some it will be flexible working, others it will be career progression and training opportunities. It is also important to pay a living wage and companies like Social Stories Club which make sustainable gift boxes have become accredited living wage employers to demonstrate this dedication to staff.

Advertising featuring diversity

Gender inequality is a huge problem all over the world, and it is starting to be recognised as a major issue by advertisers. Companies are starting to realise that they can better appeal to their customers by empowering women in their advertising. Boss, a laundry detergent company, recently came under fire for an ad that objectifies women. This ad sparked the movement #WashingMachineBoys, which is a campaign against the objectification of women. If you are a business owner, you can help empower women in your advertising. You can do this by featuring women in your ads and not objectifying them. You can also be an equal opportunities employer and close the gender pay gap. This can help you appeal to a broader audience and do good for society at the same time.

Investors prioritising sustainability

Sustainability is all about long-term thinking. There are many ways you can make your business more sustainable and it could create opportunities for you. Investors are especially interested in companies that are changing their operations to be more sustainable. This can be as simple as offsetting carbon or making sure your company is energy efficient. If you are launching a new business or trying to get funding for your current business, you can make sure sustainability is a part of your business model. You can do this by making sure you are using sustainable products, like organic ingredients and renewable energy sources. You can also make sure you are using sustainable practices like using less water and creating less waste.


There are so many different ways businesses can be more sustainable. Sustainability is a huge trend right now, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Social enterprises and businesses led by a social mission are popping up every day and with good reason. So what does the future look like when it comes to sustainable business practices? These trends are here to stay and will continue to grow as the world becomes more conscious about their impact on the environment. These six sustainability trends are just a few examples of how businesses and individuals can become more sustainable. By taking advantage of these trends, you can make your company more sustainable too.

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