Five Reasons to Give Sustainable Gift Hampers for Teams at a Corporate Event

Five Reasons to Give Sustainable Gift Hampers for Teams at a Corporate Event

One way companies can become more eco-friendly is by giving sustainable gift hampers or social enterprise corporate gift boxes for teams at their corporate events.

Sustainable corporate hampers and gift boxes can propel your employees towards making more sustainable decisions and become more aware of social enterprises at a time when corporate gifting is on a high.

The US corporate gift-giving market was billed to reach £196 billion in 2021, racking up a £52 billion increase in the next couple of years and reaching £248 billion in 2024.

Corporate gifts reinforce your business value, can attract a great team, and deal with potential partners and customers who share the same values.

But don’t take our word for it; here are five reasons to give a sustainable corporate gift box at your corporate event.

1. Sustainable Hampers Will be the Talking Point of the Event

Sustainable brands get 4.5 times more recommendations to the family and friends of customers than others get. If you give sustainable gift hampers for corporate teams it will be a talking point of the event. Everyone will remember the inspiring social stories behind the gift and who surprised them with it.

The good thing about sustainable hampers is that they tend to stand out from the usual corporate event gifts because they appear unique, useful, and have inspiring social stories. You can also personalise your gifts with company branding reinforcing that sustainability is important to your company.

2. Sustainable Hampers Will Demonstrate Your Company's Caring Values

94% of global consumers say it is important that companies they deal with have a strong purpose and will support those that live by sustainable values.

Gifting a sustainable corporate gift box is a great way to be intentional about your company’s purpose and demonstrate caring values. Having sustainability as a core value to your company shows that your business cares about so much more than profit.

Choosing high-quality and sustainable hampers over cheap disposable alternatives shows that you’re a company that cares for partners, employees, prospects, and existing customers.

3. Sustainable Gift Hampers Will Bring People Together, Fostering Personal Business Relationships

Corporate gift hampers are a sure-fire way to bring people together and foster personal business relationships. Sustainable corporate hampers are always a talking point starting conversations about social impact. A story booklet will be included in the gift so the receiver can understand that their chocolate bar is transforming communities. This realization can spread hope, joy, appreciation, and delight.

In the business world, relationships can fizzle out, and it can be challenging to re-establish such lost relations or connections. Sustainable corporate hampers can be a great way to re-establish communication and make customers and teams feel valued. Try giving a gift outside of the festive season to make a larger impression.

4. A Hassle-Free and cost-effective way to Spread Joy

There are often major bumps and downtimes in the workplace, and global events like the pandemic can put a dent in people’s hopes and moods.

A corporate event like a New Year's get-together is an opportunity to bring people together. However, these parties can be expensive and with many people now working from home across the country they can be challenging to attend. They can also take time out of the day when the team would rather be with their family.

Sustainable corporate hampers are a smart, practical, and affordable way to foster a sense of belonging and togetherness. As one of the most budget-friendly ways to spread joy and show appreciation, they are always a team favourite.

5. Start Important Conversations About Sustainability

While sustainable gift hampers are a simple way to spread happiness and smiles, they are also a great way to start important conversations about sustainability.

These gifts can help your employees adapt to more eco-friendly and sustainable options or encourage clients and customers to reduce their carbon imprint and waste. Only 1% of people know what a social enterprise is and how they are changing the world. One sustainable corporate gift box from Social Stories Club can introduce the receiver to this world, where they can read the social stories and try the social enterprise products. This itself can have a knock-on positive ripple effect as they educate their friends and go on to support social enterprises.


Business leaders and employees alike want the workplace to thrive and be more sustainable.

While corporate gifting to employees is a little token of appreciation, using sustainable corporate gift hampers can reinforce your sustainability and caring values, create awareness of the social impact, and positively enhance team morale. For the most exciting sustainable corporate gift hampers with products such as chocolates supporting reforestation projects and teas educating girls, head over to Social Stories Club’s corporate gifting page and book a 1-2-1 meeting with us. We will be able to create you the perfect gift to create an impression.