How To Delight Client With One Small Swap

How to delight clients with one small swap

Your customers and clients trust you as a company to always give them the best experience, but have you ever thought that they might also be interested in how your company gives back to the world or that they might want a more personal experience? Do you have anything to talk about in your newsletter?

Here are 5 ways that you can delight your clients and customers with just one small swap!

  1. Change this week’s team meeting to discussing how, as a company, you can be more impactful. Your team will have lots of ideas. Ideas such as changing suppliers to social enterprises, to a reusable bottle policy, and even twinning your toilet may be discussed. Your clients will love to hear about your journey on the blog section of your website.
  2. Instead of lunches with your clients, invite them to your team volunteering day out. This will not only allow them to see how well your team works together, but will really give them an insight to what you give back to society!
  3. Switch your default search engine to Ecosia and plant trees each day as you make searches. Just one simple swap your clients will love to hear about in your newsletter.
  4. We could all be back in the office by the summer and there is nothing you want more on a hot summer's day than a cool refreshing glass of lemonade. Stock up your office fridge with Dash Water - delicious drinks made from rescued wonky produce that would otherwise end up as waste. We even have Dash drinks in our sustainable gift boxes!
  5. Talking of sustainable gift boxes - Switch to a sustainable gifting supplier to treat your customers and clients to thank them for keeping with you through the hard times of 2020! Instead of buying from a large business, why not choose a gift from a smaller social enterprise. Here at Social Stories Club, all our gift boxes create an impact. Your clients will love reading about the stories of impact and the lives changed in the story booklet while they nibble on their chocolate and sip their tea. It feels good to make the world a better place. Take a look at our product range and read through our impact report.

We hope you learnt something new from our blog and if you have any questions or would like some advice, then please do not hesitate to contact We also have a range of corporate gifts that would be perfect for your clients, customers and team! Get in contact and we can make you a personalised bundle of gift-boxes.