From Sustainable Corporate Gifts to Recycling: Our Top five Tips To Make Your Office More Sustainable


As the world starts to re-open, some of us will be heading back to the office on a more regular basis. In this blog you will learn how sustainable corporate gifts, eco-friendly office supplies, and recycling can all contribute to a more sustainable office. With National Recycle Week coming up (20th - 26th September) now might be the perfect time to have a look at sustainable practices in your workplace. In this blog post we share our top five tips for a more sustainable office in the hope that they can inspire some small changes.

What is Recycle Week?

Now in its 18th year, Recycle Week is an annual event designed to promote the benefits of recycling. By raising awareness and promoting simple solutions, Recycle Week can help us all make steps towards making a positive change.

1. Engage your staff and invite them to a brainstorming session 

This is the perfect way to get the conversation started and gives everyone the chance to share their ideas. You could even set up fun challenges or monthly goals to keep the team engaged and motivated. 

2.  Add more recycling stations

 Make things a little easier for your team and consider adding more recycling bins to busier areas in your office, for example, the cafeteria, staff room, or near exits.  

3.  Upgrade your morning tea/coffee break

Let’s face it, the coffee/tea break is essential in the workplace and there are some amazing tea and coffee companies out there providing more sustainable solutions. For example, one of our social venture partners, Tea People, use biodegradable pyramid tea bags and 100% recyclable packing for their retail packs. You can also encourage your staff and colleagues to use reusable cups and mugs for their takeaway drinks to cut down on paper cups.

 Bonus tip: If you get milk delivered to the office you can find suppliers who offer milk in glass bottles which can be returned.

4.  Switch up your office supplies


Journaling Letterbox Gift - £20

Looking for new office supplies and stationery? Switch it up by using products made from recycled materials. There are so many fantastic options now for recycled stationery, for example, VENT for Change, one of our social venture partners, uses recycled CD cases to make their pens and pencils.

5.    Send a sustainable corporate gift

Whether it’s a birthday, retirement, or a thank you present, corporate gifting is a great way to let a colleague know how much you appreciate them. Our sustainable gift boxes make a fantastic gift and each box is made from 100% sustainable packaging – from biodegradable mailers, recyclable cardboard boxes to sustainably sourced wood wool.

If you're looking for sustainable corporate gift hampers for employees for Christmas or other occasions, book a 1:2:1 with us today. We also make luxury corporate hampers for clients to demonstrate your sustainable values. 


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It can take a little time and practice to implement more sustainable practices in your office but it doesn’t have to be complicated and even the smallest of steps can have an impact! Recycle Week will run from 20th-26th September and it’s a great opportunity to get the team working together to make a difference.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post on our Top 5 Tips For A More Sustainable Office. If you would like to read more about Social Stories Club’s impact then feel free to have a look through our Impact Report. You can also find all our sustainable gift boxes through our Shop.

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