What Certifications to Look for in a Sustainable Gifting Company

What Certifications to Look for in a Sustainable Gifting Company


In recent years, the demand for sustainable products has reached an all-time high, bringing the spotlight onto the importance of choosing the right sustainable gifting company. Whether you are a business looking for sustainable corporate gifting options or an individual searching for the perfect sustainable Christmas hamper, understanding the authenticity and commitment of these companies is crucial. It's not just about the gift but the ethos behind it. Sustainable corporate gift hampers are more than just a trend; they are a testament to a brand's commitment to the planet and its inhabitants. As consumers become more conscious of their choices, sustainable hampers have emerged as frontrunners in the gifting industry. But how do you discern the truly sustainable from the merely marketable? Let's dive in to understand the certifications, structures, and commitments that set authentic sustainable gifting companies apart.

1. The Importance of Certifications:

In the world of sustainable gifting companies, certifications stand as badges of honor. They are not merely labels but are assurances to consumers, validating that the sustainable Christmas hampers or sustainable gift hampers they are purchasing align with genuine sustainable practices. When considering sustainable corporate gifting, one might be inundated with various options, but certifications offer a tangible measure of a brand's dedication to ethical standards.

One of the most notable certifications to watch for is the 'Living Wage Employer' certification. This is not just a testament to a company's commitment to sustainability, but it's also an indicator of their dedication to their employees' well-being. When you pick a sustainable corporate gift hamper from a Living Wage Employer, you are not only choosing an environmentally conscious gift but also supporting a business that values its workforce. Such certifications elevate sustainable hampers beyond just environmentally-friendly products to a holistic approach that considers every stakeholder in the chain. The significance of this certification lies in its assurance that every individual involved in creating that perfect sustainable gift is compensated fairly, ensuring your gift has a positive ripple effect, far and wide.

2. Beyond Certifications: Legal Structure Matters:

When delving into the realm of sustainable gifting companies, while certifications are paramount, they are just one piece of a much larger puzzle. For those on the hunt for the ideal sustainable Christmas hamper, the legal structure of a company plays a significant role in determining its genuine commitment to sustainability.

Registered social enterprises are leading the way in the sustainable corporate gifting landscape. Unlike traditional businesses, these enterprises exist primarily to benefit society or the environment, making them a top choice for those seeking sustainable hampers that truly make a difference. 

A shining example of a potent legal structure is the Community Interest Company (CIC). When you opt for sustainable gift hampers from a CIC, you are not just gifting a product; you are supporting a mission. CICs are designed to create a positive impact, and uniquely, their funds are asset-locked. This means the profits and assets are dedicated to social good rather than private gain. In a world where every sustainable corporate gift hamper purchase can be a step towards a better future, choosing one backed by a strong legal commitment like the CIC ensures your gesture goes beyond the festive wrapping and touches lives in more profound ways. Just because a business calls itself a social enterprise or is registered with social enterprise UK, does not mean that it is a CIC. Social Stories Club is a sustainable corporate gift hamper company that is also a community interest company and a living wage employer. 

3. Product Ethics: What's Inside Matters:

When exploring the world of sustainable gifting companies, it's tempting to focus solely on the broader brand values and overlook the contents that nestle within. However, in the journey towards ethical giving, especially when selecting sustainable Christmas hampers or presenting a sustainable corporate gift hamper, the essence of the gift—the products inside—matters immensely.

For those eyeing sustainable hampers, it's vital to dig a little deeper. Are the goodies inside these sustainable gift hampers sourced from social enterprises? Do they, in their own right, bring about a positive social or environmental impact? The beauty of a truly ethical gift lies not just in its presentation but in its substance.

When you choose a hamper from a dedicated sustainable gifting company, you are not only presenting a delightful package but also sharing a story—a story of artisans, crafters, and makers who are on a mission to change the world. Whether it's a product that supports local communities, conserves the environment, or drives social change, every item within that sustainable corporate gift hamper carries with it a legacy of impact. So, the next time you are on the lookout for the perfect gift, remember: it's not just about the company, but also about the transformative tales wrapped within each product. Social Stories Club only selects suppliers with a social or environmental mission such as chocolates made by women who were previously incarcerated, and socks that support homeless people. Social Stories Club shares a story booklet in each ethical hamper which tells the fascinating stories of how each product brings about social or environmental change. 

4. Environmental Commitment: Beyond Just Products:

When evaluating sustainable gifting companies, there's a holistic narrative that extends beyond just the allure of sustainable Christmas hampers or the thoughtfulness behind sustainable corporate gift hampers. True sustainability touches every facet of a business, especially its environmental commitments.

In the ever-growing market of sustainable hampers, discerning consumers are now probing deeper, seeking companies that are not only crafting beautiful sustainable gift hampers but also championing robust environmental strategies. A pivotal area of this is carbon reduction plans. Take Social Stories Club, for instance. This trailblazing sustainable gifting company is not merely content with delivering delightful gifts but is actively working towards reducing its carbon footprint—a testament to genuine environmental stewardship.

But the conversation does not stop at carbon reduction. The transport of these sustainable corporate gift hampers is another area where companies can make significant strides in sustainability. Offsetting carbon from transport is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today's ecologically-conscious landscape. When a company takes proactive steps to neutralise the environmental impacts of delivering their hampers, it showcases a deep-seated commitment to the planet.

So, the next time you are selecting a sustainable gift hamper, remember: true sustainability is reflected not just in the products but also in the environmental ethos that propels the company. Choose companies that walk the talk, where every hamper delivered is a step towards a greener future.

5. Job Opportunities: Giving Everyone a Fair Chance:

As sustainable gifting companies pave the way for a brighter, greener future, there's an underlying narrative that's equally significant: inclusivity in the workforce. Beyond the heart warming sustainable corporate gift hampers, lies a deeper story about the hands that curate these gifts.

Every sustainable gifting company has an ethical responsibility that stretches beyond products; it's about creating a work environment that stands as a beacon of inclusivity. A truly sustainable approach involves not just eco-friendly practices but also fair and responsible hiring strategies. For those in the loop of sustainable corporate gifting, this means aligning with companies that do not just cater to the majority but make a concerted effort to include those who often find doors closed to them.

Social Stories Club is a prime example of this ethos in action. Their commitment to hiring individuals with barriers to employment is not just commendable—it's revolutionary in the sustainable hampers industry. By giving everyone a fair shot, companies like these are rewriting the narrative, proving that every individual, irrespective of their challenges, can play a pivotal role in crafting the perfect sustainable gift hamper.

So, when you choose your next sustainable hamper, delve deeper. Look beyond the products and explore the stories of the people behind them. In the grand tapestry of sustainability, every thread, every individual, counts. Choose to support those who believe in giving everyone a chance to shine.


Navigating the world of sustainable gifting companies can be a journey filled with choices. From selecting the ideal sustainable Christmas hamper to ensuring the ethical stance of a sustainable corporate gift hamper, there's a multitude of facets to consider. This exploration has shed light on the importance of certifications, the vital role of legal structures, the ethics behind the products in our beloved sustainable hampers, a company’s environmental commitments, and the significance of inclusive hiring practices.

However, true sustainability transcends certifications. It's about the heart and soul of a company, its unwavering commitment to both the environment and its people. When you opt for a sustainable gift hamper, you are choosing more than just a product; you are supporting a vision, a mission, and an ethos.

As conscious consumers, our choices have power. It's up to us to be discerning, to look beyond the surface, and to champion companies that are genuinely making a difference. Companies like Social Stories Club are not just delivering gifts; they are crafting stories of hope, change, and a brighter future.

So, the next time you are in the market for a gift that truly matters, remember to think deeper, to choose wisely, and to support those who are genuinely shaping a sustainable tomorrow. Let's together champion and elevate the voices of sustainable gifting companies like Social Stories Club that are leading the way.

Dive deeper into the realm of genuine sustainability with Social Stories Club. Whether you are on the hunt for the perfect sustainable Christmas hamper or aiming to make a lasting impression with a sustainable corporate gift hamper for teams, there's no better place to discover gifts with true heart and purpose. Beyond their beautifully curated sustainable gift hampers, you will find a commitment to ethical practices that sets them apart. Explore their offerings, understand their mission, and be part of a movement that's more than just gifting—it's about crafting stories of hope and change. Choose Social Stories Club, and let your gifts tell tales of a brighter, more sustainable future. Social Stories Club also offer bespoke gift hampers, branded sustainable gifts, and gift boxes for clients. Head over to our corporate gifting page and book a 1:2:1 today.

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