What is the best way to send sustainable employee gift hampers this Christmas by a social enterprise gift supplier

What is the best way to send sustainable employee gift hampers this Christmas by a social enterprise gift supplier 

Giving out sustainable employee gift hampers that are from a social enterprise gift supplier is an excellent way to get your company excited about giving. Employees can become more environmentally conscious with social enterprise hampers with social stories behind each product inside. Giving sustainable employee gift hampers to your staff shows that your company cares about its staff as well as its community. Giving out a sustainable employee gift box can be an excellent way to show your company that sustainability is a core value. Social enterprise hampers are perfect for employees, clients, or even volunteers in your workplace. When they are shopping, people who receive ethical hampers are inspired to make eco-friendly choices. It can also be an excellent morale booster. If you choose wisely, you can give employees something that they want that will also inspire them.

What is the difference between social enterprise hampers and ethical hampers?

Social Stories Club is a registered social enterprise and makes ethical hampers. We use the terms social enterprise hampers, sustainable employee gift hampers, and ethical hampers interchangeably. You can find out below what makes our ethical hampers sustainable.

What is the difference between an ethical gift box and ethical hampers?

When we talk about ethical gift boxes or sustainable employee gift boxes your gift will be delivered and packaged in a biodegradable cardboard box. When we refer to ethical hampers or social enterprise hampers we are suggesting that your gift will be delivered in a hamper which is useable. The packaging on both is sustainable. Ethical gift boxes cost less than ethical Christmas hampers.

What makes our sustainable employee gift hampers ethical?

We started Social Stories Club, because we want to make a difference in the world through impactful gifts. We envision a future where every purchase you make has a positive social impact. We must spread the word about social enterprise so that future generations can make a positive impact on our world with every purchase they make. With Social Stories Club, every purchase you make contributes to positive social or environmental change. We have worked hard to spread the word about these incredible businesses through social enterprise gift hampers that have a positive impact on society or the environment. We send out social enterprise hampers that contribute to a variety of causes. We announced that all our deliveries are now carbon neutral in 2021! This means that every time we send a box, the carbon emissions caused by its transportation will be offset by a certain amount. In addition to having offset 42 tonnes of CO2 and planted 1,100 trees, your orders have saved a 17,601.50 km2 area of forest.

View our Impact Report page to discover more on the impact we have created so far.

Send sustainable gifts by Building Your Own Gift Box

Build Your Own Gift hampers, gift boxes, and care packages are excellent for making unique presents. Our Build Your Own Gift assortment offers you the chance to create your own personalised gifts. You can include a personalised message with any text and can have your social enterprise gift wrapped in a ribbon to make the recipient feel special. These care packages are ideal for difficult to buy for people, and they include teas, chocolates, soaps, fruit crisps, reusable bags, biscuits, bath products, and much more. Every product has a remarkable social story that improves communities and environments. If you are looking for a sustainable employee gift box for small teams where you know everyone’s preferences, go ahead and hand-pick these ethical corporate gifts.

The upsides and downsides to sending employee Christmas hampers

Employee Christmas Hampers are a way for corporations to show appreciation for their employees and customers. They can also be a way for companies to generate goodwill and build relationships with their stakeholders. Companies must choose employee Christmas hampers wisely. The wrong employee gift box can create an awkward situation or even damage the relationship between the company and its employees. The best way to ensure success with corporate gifting is to select a social enterprise gift supplier with ethical values and sustainable packaging. Employee Christmas hampers should also be designed with the values of the company in mind. By doing this, companies will create better relationships with their employees and customers. As a result, they will have more trust in their products and services. This will boost sales and improve customer loyalty.

Why should companies purchase bespoke Christmas gifts for corporates?

There are several reasons why corporates should purchase bespoke corporate gifts. First and foremost, they are a great way to show your employees that you appreciate them and care about their feelings and preferences. In addition, having bespoke gifts can give them a sense of being thought about, which can be a big motivator when it comes to coming up with ideas for buying something for yourself. Finally, custom-made corporate gifts can let your employees know that you are willing to invest in their development. All of these factors make them a good choice for companies looking to boost employee engagement and morale. When purchasing bespoke Christmas gifts from a social enterprise gift supplier it is important to think about what foods, drinks, and other products you would like in your ethical hampers. There are reusables which promote zero waste, as well as items with are consumable and therefore will not lie around collecting dust. If there is a particular social cause that you are passionate about we can choose products for your ethical hampers with these products. When choosing products for that perfect ethical hamper you need to think about the dietary needs of those who are receiving them.


Sustainable employee gift hampers play a crucial role in forging relationships between employees and their companies. They also help to create a sense of community, reminding employees that they are part of the same team. With this in mind, it makes sense for corporates to consider buying bespoke corporate gifts for staff or building their own gift box for each team member. In addition to helping employees feel valued, sustainable employee Christmas Hampers can also demonstrate a level of investment in their success. By investing in good ethical hampers, corporates can also show their employees that they trust them and that they care about their work. The best way to ensure that custom corporate gifts are a success is to choose carefully. It is important to understand your audience and make sure that your corporate gift is relevant and appropriate for the occasion. Finally, it is important to keep allergies and dietary preferences at the forefront, vegans must receive ethical vegan gifts and those with allergies must also be catered for.

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Social Stories Club Corporate Gifting

If you are looking to show your team how much they are appreciated, attract and retain clients, or you have a corporate event and you want to create an impression, then our sustainable corporate hampers are just what you need. We have created the most exciting gift to give and receive which are packaged beautifully using sustainable materials, filled with delicious products made by social enterprises, and also include a storybook starting conversations about sustainability.

"Social Stories Club is a fantastic initiative that enables social enterprises to collaborate in such a creative way. The perfect way to buy gifts with a social impact" - David Adair, Head of Community Engagement, PwC