Best Sustainable Christmas Hamper Gift Guide

Best Sustainable Christmas Hamper Gift Guide

In the digital age, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out with company Christmas hampers. It’s now normal for friends and family to exchange virtual gift cards or e-vouchers as a token of appreciation. Gift cards are not very memorable and do not allow you to make the same impression as a gift. With the rise of conscious consumerism, gifting sustainable Christmas hampers has become more popular than ever before. Whether you are looking to give ethical gifts this Christmas or simply want to give something good to society, we have a list of some top-notch sustainable hampers.

What gifting company makes sustainable Christmas hampers?

If you are looking for a gift for someone special this Christmas, then you should give one from Social Stories Club’s sustainable range. Social Stories Club makes sustainable Christmas hampers. This is a great present for a friend, a loved one, or a colleague. Everyone will be impressed when they open their gift. This package contains everything you need to make a great impression, from tasty treats to useful products. Make the most of this Christmas and give a gift that has a real impact. We hope you will enjoy the quality and thoughtfulness behind these sustainable gifts. The best presents are those that are unique and personal – just like the range of sustainable gifts on Social Stories Club’s website.

Christmas Treat Box

It's difficult to find the right gift for someone, which is why the Social Stories Club Christmas Treat Box is so convenient and likely to wow. We have developed this social stories gift box for you with everything you need to make someone's day, from chocolates and tea to books and treats. Avoid the stress of finding your present during the busy festive period. Order your gift now with peace of mind. Your loved one will be thrilled to find out about the impact of each product on the world. They can read about the social initiative that is connected with the product in the included booklet. The stories will captivate them and make them feel more connected to others. They will appreciate that their gift was packed by individuals with barriers to employment.

Winter Warmer

Our Winter Warmer Gift box is the perfect present for a cosy evening. Our treats are packed with delicious products, and each one has a special narrative of people coming together to help social or environmental initiatives. Your loved one will be thrilled to open their Winter Warmer Gift box, which includes warming mulled wine to sip on as they snuggle on the sofa and read the story booklet about how this tea supports school programmes in tea-growing countries. As they learn that every product inside their gift box has a compelling social story, the room will be filled with delight as they realise that the box has been created with the most inspiring products.

From soap empowering individuals with disabilities to winter-spiced chocolate supporting cocoa farmers, discover the stories that make this present box unique with the included booklet. This sustainable Christmas box encompasses everything sweet and festive and is the perfect present for someone who cares about sustainability. This winter warmer present box is suitable for a variety of people if you are looking for an original Christmas present with sustainable packaging this winter. This present box is excellent for anyone with a sweet tooth and would make a great Sustainable Christmas gift for businesses and individuals alike.

Sustainable Christmas Hamper

The Sustainable Christmas Hamper is a wonderful present for friends, family, employees, clients, and any other special person in your life. If your firm cares about the environment and you wish to show that in their corporate gift this Christmas, the sustainable Christmas hamper is the perfect present. It is filled with social enterprise products and services, which makes it a great gift for those who care about the environment. Every item in the hamper has a sustainable backstory, so you know you are making a positive difference. The bamboo socks are helping the homeless and the apple and cranberry relish is produced using wonky fruits and thus prevents food waste. These are only a couple of the examples described in the booklet. Give the Sustainable Christmas Hamper as an ethical Christmas present to those who care.

Ultimate Christmas Gift Hamper

Surprise that special someone in your life with an extraordinary present with this Christmas hamper. This hamper will make their year, whether you're buying for a friend, spouse, parent, child, or colleague. The Ultimate Christmas Gift Hamper from our sustainable range is the best option for any special occasion, especially at Christmas. This hamper contains everything you need to make someone's day. It includes everything from delicious fruit-based beverages made from wonky fruits to tasty snacks that build schools, making for a truly impressive gift for someone. We have put together a special hamper for you this Christmas that includes an inspiring story of how each product improves the world. You can find these inspiring social stories in the story booklet that accompanies the present.

The recipient will be thrilled to find out about the impact of their new bamboo socks on homeless people and the artists who designed the beautiful tea towel. This is an exceptional corporate gift hamper for a big customer. Giving this impressive gift will deliver a powerful impression on your company, highlighting your ethical values. This corporate gift is also ideal for teams. With this hamper, everyone can pick the items they wish to receive. A Social Stories Club package is one of the most significant corporate gift hampers you can give. It is delivered in environmentally friendly packaging and all emissions from transportation are offset. This gives you the Ultimate Christmas Gift Hamper.


There are so many ways to make a difference each year, and you can do it with a gift. In this guide, you will discover four different gifts that are perfect for all kinds of occasions. The first one is the Christmas Treat Box, which is perfect for secret Santa gifts or to introduce someone to social enterprises. Sustainable Christmas Hamper is great for friends, family, co-workers, or anyone who loves the environment—and who loves eating good food! If you are looking for an exciting present to give someone who deserves the biggest thank you, the Ultimate Christmas Gift might be the right choice. It has everything your loved one needs to make their own Christmas special. Finally, if you need some inspiration, take a look at the Winter Warmer, which is a great gift idea for anyone who wants to try new social enterprise products. The four gifts we have suggested are just the tip of the iceberg. You can find many other sustainable Christmas gift hampers on our website, many of which have great stories and are perfect for giving. You can even build your own sustainable Christmas hamper or sustainable Christmas gift box.

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