Best Sustainable Corporate Christmas gifts for under £50

Best Sustainable Corporate Christmas gifts for under £50


In a world keenly focused on environmental stewardship, the art of gifting is experiencing a sustainability revolution. Enter the realm of the sustainable gifting company, where thoughtfulness meets social-consciousness. As businesses globally grapple with their role in sustainability, many are turning to sustainable corporate gifting companies to mark the festive season. This trend has seen a surge in the popularity of sustainable Christmas hampers, designed to spread joy without burdening our planet. These are not just any ordinary gift baskets; sustainable corporate gift hampers are curated with care, featuring products that are kind to Mother Earth. From treats that tantalise the taste buds to eco-friendly trinkets, these sustainable hampers are not only a pleasure to receive but also align with the values of the modern, environmentally-aware corporate world. It's a pleasure to introduce the concept of sustainable gift hampers, where the spirit of giving intertwines seamlessly with the spirit of preserving our planet. In this blog, we delve deep into the world of corporate gifting without breaking the bank. We've meticulously curated a list of exceptional corporate gifts, all priced under £50. Whether you are a startup or an established enterprise, our guide ensures that you can convey appreciation to your clients, partners, or employees in a meaningful way without stretching your budget. Read on to discover top-quality, thoughtful corporate gifts that resonate without costing a fortune.

The Benefits of Sustainable Corporate Gifts

When a business opts for offerings from a sustainable gifting company, they are not just selecting a gift; they are making a statement. By aligning with a sustainable corporate gifting company, businesses amplify a clear message of their dedication to eco-responsibility. Sustainable Christmas hampers, for instance, are more than festive treats; they are reflections of a company's commitment to holistic well-being, encompassing both people and planet. Choosing sustainable corporate gift hampers over conventional alternatives can significantly enhance a corporate image, showcasing a genuine commitment to sustainability. Recipients of such gifts can often appreciate the long-term value they bring, be it through reusable items, organic products, or enduring handcrafted goods found within these sustainable hampers. Beyond the tangible, the subtle beauty of sustainable gift hampers lies in their minimal environmental footprint. By prioritising sustainability, these gifts not only warm hearts but also significantly reduce environmental impact, promoting a healthier, happier planet for all.

Why £50 is a Great Budget for Corporate Christmas Gifts

In the evolving landscape of corporate gifting, there's a palpable shift towards sustainability, quality, and value. Most companies have a budget of £40-£60 for Christmas gifts. There is a reason that Christmas gifts for teams at £50 budget is a sweet spot. 

  • Economic Viability: Purchasing corporate gifts with a budget of £50 allows businesses to be financially prudent without compromising on the quality of the gift. This ensures that even when buying in bulk, especially during the festive season, companies can manage expenses efficiently.
  • Inclusivity: Sustainable corporate gifts under £50 cater to a broad audience, ensuring no team member feels left out. Whether it’s a gift for the executive suite or for new hires, a capped budget ensures equity across the board. It is important that everyone gets a gift in the company.
  • Quality Over Extravagance: A gift's value is not always tied to its price. Sustainable Christmas gifts under £50 often emphasise ethical sourcing, craftsmanship, and meaningful contributions to society. This allows companies to present gifts that are memorable and resonate with recipients because of their story and impact, rather than just their price tag.
  • Volume and Spread: For larger corporations with numerous employees, gifts for teams under £50 mean the company can spread festive joy to every corner of their organisation. Everyone gets a slice of the festive pie, fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation.
  • Aligning with Sustainability Goals: More corporations are embedding sustainability into their ethos. Choosing sustainable gifts for under £50 aligns with this commitment, reinforcing the message that one can make eco-friendly choices without breaking the bank.
  • Tangible Impact: Gifts, especially sustainable ones, often come with stories of communities uplifted or ecosystems preserved. By opting for corporate gifts £50 and under, businesses can magnify this impact by ordering in larger quantities, thereby supporting these causes more substantially.
  • Value: You can receive an incredible with the budget of £50 that everyone in the team will be able to enjoy,

In essence, while splurging on luxurious gifts has its place, the trend leans towards finding sustainable Christmas gifts under £50 that offer value, impact, and meaning. Corporates today recognise that a well-chosen gift within a sensible budget can convey appreciation, align with company values, and make a positive difference in the world.

Christmas Gift Box

Introducing the very first gem in our curated Christmas gift guide for corporates: a gift that exemplifies both elegance and thoughtfulness, all while staying under the £50 mark. Perfect for any business looking to make a memorable impression this festive season, this gift effortlessly merges practicality with festive flair. Whether you are looking to impress clients, partners, or your dedicated team, this choice sets the tone for the impeccable selections that follow in our guide. Let's unwrap this first offering and set the gold standard for corporate gifting!

Dive deep into the festive season with a heart full of warmth and a box rich with tales of positive transformation. Courtesy of a renowned sustainable gifting company, this Christmas gift box emerges as the epitome of considerate giving. Tucked inside, each treat tells its own unique social story, all beautifully chronicled in an accompanying story booklet.

Imagine sipping on a Loose-leaf Mulled Wine Tea, where each brew supports the betterment of educational facilities in tea cultivating regions. As you unwind post-dinner, let the Dark Chocolate Mint Thins melt on your tongue, each bite championing the cause of local cocoa farmers through equitable company ownership and a fair trade for their cocoa. Then there's the Milk Chocolate with Pretzel & Caramel, offering yet another delightful taste while advocating for the rights and welfare of cocoa farmers.

But the delights do not end there. The Spicy Tomato Relish is crafted with a touch of innovation and heaps of love, using those uniquely shaped tomatoes that would otherwise be discarded, all in an effort to combat food wastage. The hypoallergenic Bamboo Socks in the box are a testament to the blend of eco-consciousness with empathy. With every pair nestled in the box, a basic essential finds its way to someone facing the hardships of homelessness.

The box itself proclaims its support for various social causes, serving as a gentle reminder of the larger purpose behind the gift. To immerse yourself or the recipient further, there's the story booklet that lets one dive into the narratives behind each thoughtful product. And to make this sustainable Christmas hamper truly one-of-a-kind, there's an option to add a personalised message, infusing your own touch into an already heartwarming gift.

So, as you traverse the festive season, consider the essence of sustainable corporate gift hampers. Each item, curated with care, unfolds a story of hope, change, and far-reaching positive impact. The joy of Christmas is not just in receiving, but in realising the ripple effect of a single thoughtful act.

Secret Santa Gift box

Next up in our Christmas gift guide for corporate gifts under £50, we present the Secret Santa Gift Box, a perfect blend of sustainability and festive delight, tailored for those anonymous exchanges that add a touch of mystery and merriment to the holiday season. Navigating the festive corridors of the Secret Santa tradition can be a delightful yet daunting task. Whether it's among colleagues, friends, or distant family members, the quest for that perfect, anonymous gift often poses a unique challenge, especially when our knowledge of the recipient might be limited. Enter the domain of the sustainable gifting company, where thoughtfulness meets eco-consciousness.

This year, bid adieu to generic, soon-to-be-forgotten presents and embrace the sustainable Secret Santa gift box. Crafted for those who harbor a penchant for ethical choices and an unwavering commitment to our planet, this gift is a beacon for conscious consumers. It addresses the age-old Secret Santa dilemma: how to offer a gift that is both meaningful and environmentally responsible.

Far from the trodden path of commonplace gifts, this sustainable hamper promises to leave an indelible positive impression. For those leaning towards a personal touch, look no further. Each item inside this sustainable gift hamper is a testament to a broader narrative, one that supports communities or champions environmental stewardship. Imagine the joy on your recipient's face as they sip a heartwarming cup of Mulled Wine Tea, realising that their pleasure directly contributes to enhancing educational infrastructure in tea-rich landscapes. Or their elation at discovering that the winter-spiced dark chocolate they are indulging in empowers cocoa farmers.

The story does not end with the products. A story booklet nestles within, narrating the heartwarming tales of every item. The ethos of the gift is clear right from the onset, with the packaging boldly declaring its support for myriad social causes. Ethical in essence, the Christmas gift box is a masterclass in sustainability, right down to its eco-friendly packaging and carbon-offset delivery.

Delve deeper, and you'll find treasures like Lemon Melt Biscuits, created harnessing renewable energy, or the Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate, a nod to reforestation projects with its innovative waste-reducing packaging. Each item is a story in itself - from the Lavender Candle, crafted to uplift impoverished Indian communities, to the Handmade Chocolate Truffles, a beacon of hope for women entwined in the Scottish criminal justice system, now steering their lives towards positivity.

In the true spirit of Christmas, this Secret Santa hamper is not just a gift but a movement. It's an invitation to cherish the festivities while echoing a commitment to global communities. Whether for a colleague or a long-lost friend, this is a gift that resonates, lingers, and most importantly, gives back. Embrace a festive tradition with a modern, sustainable twist.

Sustainable Christmas Box

Navigating the festive aisles in search of that ideal present often spirals into an overwhelming task. Each of us has been in that familiar spot, where the intent is to encapsulate love, thought, and sustainability into a single gift. Whether it's a dear family member, a cherished friend, or a special someone, the quest remains the same: a gift that resonates deeply. Enter the domain of sustainable gifting, where every item holds a tale and a pledge to our planet.

Introducing the Sustainable Christmas box, a brainchild of our sustainable gifting company. Perfectly curated for those on your list with a heart that beats for the environment and the global community, this box intertwines festivity with eco-consciousness. Gone are the days of generic gifts; this hamper promises an experience. With each unwrap, the recipient is not just receiving an item, but a story of hope, perseverance, and sustainable growth.

Each product in this sustainable Christmas hamper narrates its own unique narrative, which finds its voice in the accompanying sustainable story booklet. Tales of transformation dance on its pages – from chocolate truffles meticulously crafted by women once entangled in the Scottish criminal justice system to an organic soap that springs from the imaginative minds of artists living with epilepsy and learning disabilities.

Sip on the Caddy of Assam Gold Tea, a delicious brew that also supports educational advancements in tea regions. Relish the Traditional Farmhouse Cheese Biscuits, a testament to the power of renewable energy. The Dark Chocolate with Orange whispers tales of reforestation, while its packaging is a nod to eco-friendly innovations. And as the chilly winds of December roll in, what could be cosier than a cup of Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, a sweet symphony that simultaneously empowers cocoa farmers with fair deals and company ownership?

All these tales and more are nestled inside, awaiting discovery. Boldly stamped on the packaging is a statement of its broader mission, signaling that within lies not just gifts but gestures of global goodwill. And to wrap this entire experience in a personal touch, there's an option to add a tailored message, making this sustainable Christmas hamper the quintessential festive offering.

For those seeking more than just a gift – a movement, an impact, and a warm festive hug – this is the box that promises it all. Let’s redefine festive gifting, making it not just about the moment, but the lasting change it can usher in. Suitable for vegetarians and perfect for anyone eager to make a positive impact, this box is a festive revolution, waiting to be unveiled.

Christmas Treat Box

In the heart of the festive season, the age-old tradition of gifting blossoms. Families and friends come together, exchanging presents wrapped in love, warmth, and thoughtfulness. But what if, this Christmas, the gifts we give could extend their impact far beyond the moment of unwrapping? What if our gifts could tell stories that make our world a little kinder, a bit more sustainable, and significantly more inclusive?

Introducing the ethically-curated Christmas Treat Box, thoughtfully crafted by our sustainable gifting company. While Christmas has always been synonymous with giving, the team here believes in presenting gifts that echo with stories of change and hope. Each item in this sustainable Christmas hamper carries a tale, linking the joy of the season with the broader mission of community upliftment and eco-consciousness.

Every bite of the Dark Chocolate with Ginger & Orange is more than just a festive treat; it's a symbol of empowerment for local cocoa farmers, ensuring they get a fair slice of the festive pie. Those Apple Crisps, deliciously crunchy and delightful, are a salute to our planet, giving wonky apples a purpose and combatting food wastage. As you savor the Honey Spiced Nut Mix, take a moment to appreciate how it backs the noble cause of girl education in Africa. Even the comforting warmth of the Hot Chocolate Melts comes with the profound message of supporting the fight against human trafficking through Flourish NI.

And those Handmade Chocolate Truffles? Every piece holds a story of redemption, hope, and change, crafted with love by women determined to turn their lives around after brushes with the Scottish criminal justice system.

But the stories do not end at the products alone. Our sustainable Christmas hampers carry a pledge, evident from the proud declaration: "This Box Supports Different Social Causes." Dive deeper into each narrative with the accompanying story booklet, sharing the journey of every item in your box. To infuse a touch of personal sentiment, there’s the option to include a bespoke message for the recipient.

Our mission at the helm of the sustainable corporate gifting company is to revolutionise how we approach festive presents. Christmas is not just about the act of giving but the ripple effect each gift can create. Suitable for vegetarians and crafted for hearts that believe in change, this is not just a treat box. It’s a movement, an emotion, a commitment to a brighter and more sustainable festive season.

Winter Gift Box

Continuing our curated selection in the Christmas gift guide for corporate gifts under £50, allow us to introduce the Winter Gift Box, exuding cosy vibes and sustainable choices perfect for those chilly festive evenings. When the frost paints a silvery hue on the world outside, and the air fills with the sweet melodies of winter, our hearts invariably turn to gifting. The joy of presenting a token of love and warmth to someone dear knows no bounds. Yet, in this age of consciousness, we often grapple with a dilemma: how do we ensure our gifts are sustainable, kind to the Earth, and beneficial to communities at large?

Welcome to our Winter Gift Box, a delightful brainchild of our sustainable gifting company, designed with love and care to offer you the perfect sustainable gift solution. With each winter rolling in, the quest to find meaningful presents that resonate with our values gets tougher. And this is where our sustainable Christmas hampers come into play.

Unveil the magic of our ethically curated Winter Gift Box. Imagine the finest shortbread biscuits, lovingly created using renewable energy, or the enticing allure of Milk & White Cappuccino Chocolate. Each bite becomes even more special when you know it's backing local cocoa farmers, ensuring they have ownership and a just deal. Delight in the spicy zest of tomato relish made from those 'imperfect' tomatoes that otherwise would have met an unfair end. The crisps crafted from similar apples not only taste wonderful but wage a gentle war against food wastage. And as you indulge in the Honey Spiced Nut Mix, silently cheer for the girls in Africa, as this treat aids the Empowering Girls Education Programme.

The beauty of this sustainable hamper is not just the tangible products, but the stories they tell — tales of hope, community, and change. Each narrative is meticulously curated in an accompanying story booklet, ready to touch and inspire the recipient's heart. And for that added personal touch? A bespoke message awaits, capturing your feelings and sentiments.

Our commitment as a leading sustainable corporate gifting company is not merely to offer products but to provide experiences. Gifting is not just a transaction but a journey, a pledge to sustainability, a nod to communities, and a bond of love. Suitable for vegetarians and crafted with passion, our Winter Gift Box promises to be more than just a box; it's a treasure trove of stories, love, and a brighter, kinder world.

Build Your Own Sustainable Gift Box - 9 Treats

Build Your Own Gift Box - 9 Treats. Build your own ethical gift box. Build your own ethical hamper.
Choose from a range of chocolate treats
Choose from a range of snacks
Choose from a range of reusables
Chocolate from a range of drinks
Choose from a range of self care treats
Build Your Own Gift Box - 9 Treats. Build your own ethical gift box. Build your own ethical hamper.
Choose from a range of chocolate treats
Choose from a range of snacks
Choose from a range of reusables
Chocolate from a range of drinks
Choose from a range of self care treats

Next up in our Christmas gift guide for corporate gifts under £50 is the 'Build Your Own Sustainable Gift Box - 9 Treats', a personalised and eco-conscious delight that allows you to craft the perfect blend of sustainable surprises for your recipients. In the era of conscious consumerism, the art of gifting has transformed beyond wrapping material items. The value of a gift lies not just in its content but also in the stories it carries, the impact it imparts, and the difference it makes. Presenting the exclusive 'Build Your Own Gift Box' by our leading sustainable gifting company, a unique experience that fuses thoughtfulness with sustainability.

Why settle for ordinary when you can handpick every element of your gift? Whether it's for family, friends, colleagues, or esteemed clients, this customisable hamper ensures every palate and preference is catered to. Be it a festive array for a Christmas gathering, a thank-you token for your business associates, or a personal tribute to someone special, you can tailor it to perfection. From vegan delights, gluten-free wonders, halal choices to kosher treats, our array boasts of choices that celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Yet, the beauty of this hamper is more profound than the surface. Every treat you choose is a testament to our commitment as a sustainable corporate gifting company. They are not just treats but tales - tales of communities uplifted, dreams supported, and environments nurtured. Our sustainable hampers are a reflection of a world where commerce intertwines seamlessly with conscience.

When you curate your hamper, you also share stories of impact. Enclosed in every sustainable gift box is a story booklet, which unveils the heartwarming narratives of the social enterprises and communities behind each product. The "This Box Supports Different Social Causes" tag is not just a statement but a pledge to make every gift count in more ways than one.

To wrap it up with a touch of personal warmth, a note awaits. Pen down your sentiments, for words sometimes convey more than the gift itself. Sustainable, impactful, and heartwarming, the Build Your Own Gift Box is not just another hamper; it's a vessel carrying love, care, and a promise for a better tomorrow. Do not just gift, make it count. Order today!


The festive season has always been a time of joy, warmth, and giving. Yet, as the world shifts towards a more conscious and sustainable way of life, our choices, especially during such pivotal moments, must reflect this transformation. The surge of sustainable gifting companies, especially the commendable efforts of Social Stories Club, showcases that gifting can be more than just a physical exchange. It can be a statement of values, a commitment to the environment, and an extension of goodwill to communities worldwide.

Choosing any of these sustainable hampers means aligning with a world that cares - for its people and the planet. Every box, every product, and every story resonates with this ethos of conscious giving. As businesses or individuals, when we make such eco-conscious choices, especially during occasions like Christmas, we are not just celebrating a festival; we are celebrating a future. A future where every gift counts, every gesture matters, and every choice leads to a better, brighter tomorrow for all.

This festive season, let’s shift the paradigm from mere gifting to impactful giving. Choose sustainable, choose wisely, and let every present be a testament to a brighter future. Wishing everyone a merry, mindful, and sustainable Christmas! Reach out today on our corporate gifting page and book a one to one with us. We can design you that perfect bespoke gift, an amazing gifts for teams, and sustainable gifts for clients.

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