Local Gifts to Support Small Businesses in Edinburgh

Local Gifts to Support Small Businesses in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is more than just a hub of history and culture; it's also home to some of the most passionate and purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Among them are Karis Gill and Aayush Goyal, co-founders of Social Stories Club, a certified social enterprise gifting company with a vision grander than the breathtaking views from Arthur’s Seat.

The Genesis of Social Stories Club

The journey began with a revelation. Only a meager 1% of the UK's population understands what social enterprise truly embodies, despite its transformative impact on communities and the world at large. Recognising this gap, Karis and Aayush felt a compelling call to action. Their shared passion for social impact, gifting, and storytelling converged to form the bedrock of Social Stories Club.

Crafting More Than Just Gifts

Social Stories Club is not just a gifting company. It's an experience. Each of the sustainable hampers they curate is filled with a treasure trove of products, each echoing a story of positive impact. From chocolates that aid reforestation to teas uplifting girls in cultivation regions, every product is a testament to the power of conscious consumerism. To ensure recipients grasp the magnitude of their gift, a story booklet detailing the positive social change is meticulously tucked into each hamper.

Furthermore, Social Stories Club sets an exemplary standard by providing job opportunities to marginalised sections, emphasising the Living Wage, and being mindful of the environment. Their aim is robust: 100,000 hours of employment to those facing barriers in Scotland, complemented by invaluable training opportunities.

Featuring Secret Santa Gift Box

Secret Santa is more than just a cherished holiday ritual. It's a bridge that unites co-workers, friends, or family in a delightful dance of mysterious gift-giving. And while picking the right present can be a challenge, especially if you are not well-acquainted with your assigned recipient, our sustainable Secret Santa gift box emerges as the ideal festive gifting solution.

This box, designed especially for the environmentally conscious and community-minded, ensures your present carries lasting significance. It's a gesture that's unique and filled with a heartwarming ethos.

More than just a mere gift, our sustainable gift boxes symbolise conscious consumerism at its finest. Each item inside tantalises the senses, while also echoing stories of positive change and societal impact. Picture this: an aromatic cup of Loose-leaf Mulled Wine Tea that not only warms the soul but also aids in enhancing educational opportunities in tea-growing regions. Or a treat of winter-spiced dark chocolate that, apart from satisfying your sweet tooth, sweetens the deal for cocoa farmers.

Adding to this journey of discovery is a story booklet, neatly tucked inside, that unveils the narratives behind each product. The message on the box – ‘this box supports different social causes’ – primes the recipient for the wave of goodwill contained within. Every element, from the sustainable packaging to the carbon-neutral delivery, resonates with our unwavering commitment to ethical gifting.

Whether you are playing Secret Santa among colleagues or with friends, this gift box promises not just a fleeting smile but a lingering impact. It embodies the true spirit of the season, where gifts go beyond the tangible and forge deep, meaningful connections.

Inside this treasure trove, you'll discover the Loose-leaf Mulled Wine Tea, Lemon Melt Biscuits Dipped in White Chocolate crafted using 100% renewable energy, Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate and Four Madagascar Dark Chocolate Napolitains — both advocating for reforestation and using innovative, eco-friendly packaging. There's also a Handmade Lavender Candle that lights up lives in underprivileged Indian communities, alongside Handmade Chocolate Truffles crafted by resilient women from the Scottish criminal justice system. And to tie it all together, a “This Box Supports Different Social Causes” packaging and a personalised message to make your gift truly memorable.

Packaging With Purpose

In a world grappling with environmental concerns, Social Stories Club places sustainability at the forefront of its operations. Every package sent out—be it biodegradable sustainable gift boxes or reusable hampers—carries a message of responsibility and care. Illustrated with the UN's sustainable development goals, their gift boxes are not only functional but educational, fostering awareness about pressing global issues. Moreover, their biodegradable mailer bags are crafted keeping in mind the convenience of individuals with disabilities.

Partnerships That Matter

Collaborating with over 30 social enterprises across the UK, the Club ensures diversity in their sustainable hampers. From bath salts championing employment for the differently abled to chutneys battling food waste, the range is vast and the stories deeply moving. Their commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is unwavering, with aspirations to support all 17 by the close of 2022.

Corporate Engagements & The Sustainability Drive

With over 100 corporates under their belt, Social Stories Club is revolutionising the landscape of corporate gifting. The age of generic gifts is being overshadowed by sustainable corporate gift boxes that resonate with shared values and amplify social impact. Such gifts not only rejuvenate team spirit, especially in these times of remote working, but also spark vital conversations about sustainability and social responsibility.

A recent report by PwC highlighted that 65% of global workers crave association with teams valuing sustainability. The trend is clear. Sustainable corporate gift boxes are no longer a mere gesture but a reflection of a company’s ethos, attracting and retaining talent that aligns with its core values.

In a promising step towards environmental stewardship, Social Stories Club now boasts carbon-neutral deliveries, ensuring that every sustainable corporate gift box sent out neutralises its carbon footprint.

The Resonance of Ethical Choices

In an age where consumers are bombarded with endless choices, there’s an increasing desire to select options that resonate deeper than surface level. Every product in Social Stories Club’s hampers is not just a commodity; it's a symbol of a choice made by an informed individual. When one selects an ethical Christmas gift from the Club, they are not just celebrating a festive occasion; they are championing the stories of artisans, farmers, and visionaries who are striving to make a difference.

Sustainable Gifting: An Educational Journey

Beyond the tangible products, Social Stories Club embarks on an educational mission with each sustainable gift hamper. It's an invitation to delve into the realm of social enterprises, to understand the challenges and triumphs of those behind each product. When recipients unravel a sustainable Christmas hamper, they are not just discovering delightful goodies but are also being enlightened about the broader implications of their gift. It’s a gentle nudge to the receiver, urging them to further explore the world of conscious consumerism.

The Ripple Effect of Conscious Gifting

The magic of Social Stories Club is not confined to the hampers or the immediate joy they bring. It's about the ripple effect that starts with a single sustainable gift box and spreads outward. When an individual receives an ethical gift hamper, it sparks curiosity, leading them to share stories and inspire others to make ethical choices. This chain reaction of awareness and action has the power to shift societal norms. In a way, every sustainable gift box or hamper is like a stone cast into a pond, creating ripples that reach far and wide.

Towards a Future of Mindful Consumerism

The endeavors of Social Stories Club are a testament to the changing dynamics of the global market. Businesses are no longer solely about profit margins but about integrating purpose with profit. This shift towards mindful consumerism ensures a brighter future, not just for businesses but for communities and the planet. As more people get introduced to the concept of social enterprises, the dream of a world where every purchase makes an impact becomes more attainable.

A Vision Beyond Gifts: Making an Impact with Every Purchase

The essence of Social Stories Club goes far beyond the realm of ordinary gifting. Every box, each item, and all the narratives within are meticulously chosen to encapsulate the core mission of this social enterprise. When you choose Social Stories Club, you are not just picking out a gift; you are advocating for a paradigm shift in how we perceive business and societal impact. Each sustainable gift box from Social Stories Club is an embodiment of hope, resilience, and change.

Numbers That Speak Louder Than Words

There's a palpable sense of achievement and pride when looking at the numbers. With over 1 million people introduced to the world of social enterprises and a whopping £390,000 invested in the social economy, Social Stories Club has indeed carved out its niche. Their focus on fostering employment, especially for those with barriers to work, speaks volumes about their dedication. Moreover, with 57,000 kg of CO2 offset and the support for expansive reforestation projects, the commitment to environmental sustainability remains unwavering.

Joining Hands with a Purpose-driven Team

The real power behind the impactful numbers and the beautifully curated hampers is the team at Social Stories Club. By hiring compassionate individuals who carry the torch of creating a social impact, the enterprise thrives on a foundation of inclusivity. Their Living Wage Employer accreditation is not just a testament to their commitment to fair wages but is a symbol of the intrinsic value they place on every team member.

Journey Towards Sustainability: Every Detail Counts

With every delivery sent out, Social Stories Club asserts its dedication to carbon neutrality. This commitment goes hand in hand with their sustainable packaging, which is not only environmentally friendly but is also a unique educational tool. The illustrations representing the UN's sustainable development goals are not mere designs; they are conversation starters, fostering awareness among both adults and children. The enterprise takes pride in its holistic approach, urging recipients to think outside the box—literally—by repurposing the beautiful hampers they receive.

An Ode to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Taking inspiration from the UN SDGs, Social Stories Club ensures that their efforts span a wide range of areas that need attention for a better global future. By aligning with these goals, the enterprise not only strengthens its commitment to holistic development but also fosters a network with partners who resonate with these objectives. The journey to support all 17 goals is ambitious and admirable, illustrating the broad vision Social Stories Club holds.

A Tapestry of Stories: The Brands Behind the Impact

Collaboration lies at the heart of Social Stories Club's success. Working with over 30 social enterprises, the brand ensures that every product carries a unique narrative. The emphasis on diversity, with a notable percentage of women-led and family-led businesses, reflects the enterprise’s broader commitment to societal change. Each story amplifies the message that business can, and should, serve a higher purpose.

Positive multiplier effect of supporting Social Enterprises

When one delves deeper into the philosophy of Social Stories Club, it becomes evident that there's more at play than the simple act of gifting. Each purchase from this social enterprise triggers a cascade of positive consequences. Imagine buying a sustainable gift box, knowing that its contents have already empowered someone, funded education, or perhaps restored a fragment of our planet. This is conscious consumerism, where the act of purchasing goes beyond transactions and enters the realm of transformation. By choosing Social Stories Club, consumers become an integral part of a movement, a ripple effect that resonates with positive change across communities and environments.

Marrying Aesthetics with Impact

One of the standout features of Social Stories Club is the seamless fusion of visual appeal with meaningful impact. Every gift box, with its elegant designs and intricate detailing, is a testament to the idea that beauty and social responsibility can coexist. The illustrations, inspired by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, are not just artistic renditions but visual storytellers. They beckon the viewer to engage, ask questions, and subsequently be part of a broader dialogue on sustainability and social change. This union of aesthetics and purpose ensures that every recipient gets more than just a gift; they receive an experience, a conversation starter, and a nudge towards conscious living.

The Power of Collective Effort

The accomplishments of Social Stories Club are not isolated. They are a testament to what can be achieved when individuals, businesses, and consumers come together with a shared vision. Their collaboration with various social enterprises is a beacon of hope, demonstrating that unity in purpose can amplify impact manifold. The diverse range of products inside each gift hamper represents not just geographical diversity, but also the myriad ways in which businesses can give back. From reforestation projects to education drives, the collective effort shines through, reminding everyone that the journey towards a better world is a shared responsibility.

Educate, Engage, Empower: A Mantra for Change

Integral to the Social Stories Club ethos is the idea of education. However, it's not just about informing consumers about the origin of products or the stories behind them. It's about fostering a culture of informed choices, where every purchase decision is backed by knowledge and understanding. By engaging consumers with the stories of social enterprises and the people they benefit, Social Stories Club empowers them. Armed with knowledge, consumers can make choices that align with their values, ensuring that their spending power is channeled towards creating real, tangible change.


As the curtains fall on our deep dive into the world of Social Stories Club, one cannot help but be imbued with a sense of inspiration and admiration. Positioned as an avant-garde sustainable gifting company, their ethos goes beyond the conventional act of gifting to give voice to stories that often remain untold. For businesses seeking to showcase their commitment to the planet and its inhabitants, this sustainable corporate gifting company serves as a beacon. Their sustainable Christmas hampers, with each product conscientiously chosen, redefine the spirit of festive giving. These are not just gifts, but powerful narratives wrapped in the elegance of sustainable gift boxes.

At the heart of Social Stories Club's mission lies a commitment to ethical sourcing and partnerships. Their sustainable hampers and ethical gift boxes echo this commitment, ensuring that every curated item not only delights the recipient but also contributes to a greater cause. In a world grappling with myriad challenges, ethical corporate gifts such as these play a pivotal role in creating meaningful change. By choosing ethical gift hampers, individuals and businesses alike champion the message that corporate gifts that are sustainable can be both impactful and delightful.

In our fast-paced world, there's a growing desire for gifts that resonate on a deeper level. Gone are the days where a generic gift would suffice. Today, consumers are discerning, opting for sustainable gift hampers that encapsulate their values and ideals. Social Stories Club's sustainable corporate gift hampers and ethical hampers stand tall, resonating with this sentiment. Their commitment to sustainable gifting is beautifully complemented by their dedication to supporting the local ecosystem. By curating local gifts that support small businesses in Edinburgh, they further their mission of driving positive change on both a local and global scale.

For many, Christmas is a time of joy, reflection, and giving. Social Stories Club's sustainable Christmas hampers and ethical Christmas gifts invite us to celebrate this season with intentionality. Each gift hamper, curated with love and purpose, serves as a testament to the potential of conscious consumerism.

In a nutshell, the journey of Social Stories Club, from its inception in the heart of Edinburgh to its towering achievements, underscores the immense power of purpose-driven entrepreneurship. As consumers, our choices play a significant role in shaping the future. By opting for ethical hampers, sustainable gift boxes, and conscious gifts, we not only uplift communities but also chart a course towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Social Stories Club, with its mosaic of stories and unwavering commitment to positive change, reminds us that in every act of gifting, there's an opportunity to make a difference.

Visit our website to explore the world of sustainable corporate gifting with Social Stories Club. Navigate to the bottom of the page to schedule a one-on-one call, ensuring we cater to all your gifting desires. We proudly provide branded corporate presents, customised corporate gifts, ethical team gifts, and sustainable client offerings.

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