Our Top 5 Social Stories for August 2020

Our Top 5 Social Stories for August 2020 | Social Stories Club

Welcome to the Top 5 Social Stories for 2020! If you haven’t been here before, learn all about Social Stories Club by clicking here! Our top 5 social stories of the month are some new products that we think you will love. 

1. Rubbaliscious 

The perfect seasoning company for all of your food! Not only can you have yummy food but you can also help stop youth unemployment in Ghana!

2. Neema Crafts

Neema Crafts provides training and employment opportunities for over 120 people with disabilities in the Iringa region of Tanzania. It also aims to change negative attitudes towards people with disabilities in the local society. Its crafts support the local community and create positive social impact!

3. Pomp and sass

Environmentally friendly towels that give back to charity! This Canadian Social enterprise is the perfect place to buy a towel for your hopeful future Tripp to the beach or as gorgeous decoration for your humble abode!

4. Miss Macaroon

Young people gain skills and you can get scrumptious gluten-free traditional French macaroons! It is a perfect way to support a social enterprise in the UK.

5. Bread winners

A grass root charity that is providing refugees and young people seeking asylum sustainable employment by baking goods! Not only can you provide a vulnerable person a salary, but you gain bread and save someone from having to return to a dangerous environment!

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Have a fabulous September!

Aayush, Karis & Natalie.