Top 5 Social Stories for October 2020

Top 5 Social Stories for October 2020 | Social Stories Club

This month we are presenting you with some of our favourite Social Enterprises that create a large variety of products! We hope you love them as much as we do and maybe even add them to your Christmas list along with a Social Stories Club Gift-box.   

1. Kindness and Co CIC 

They create gorgeous candles, soaps and other amazing home products! Not only do they have beautiful designs, but they are also a non-profit that helps out their local Scottish charities. 

2. Hip Hip Hooray invites

They have the most amazing patterns on their personalised calendars and are selling super cute christmas cards this year! They also sell many other products! I know that most families love a personalised calendar for Christmas, I receive around 3 every Christmas! This is the perfect way to get your lovely calendar, but also support a good cause! They help disadvantaged women to find employment opportunities.

3. Refuge Hot Chocolate

Refuge Hot Chocolate make some of the most velvety Belgian hot chocolate ever! They also are an inspiring social enterprise that is helping to put an end to human trafficking in Northern Ireland.

4. One Gin

One Gin is a company we have known about for a while, but they are also one of the best! Their dreamy flavours for all the seasons have us always drooling for a G&T! Every bottle supports clean water projects around the world.


Nutcellars produce Macadamia nuts that help support local communities in Malawi. They are run through farmers in cooperatives and through a foundation. They have a range of scrumptious treats including nut butter, chocolate covered nuts and even a christmas pudding!

We hope you enjoyed reading this months Social Stories, if you liked them share them with your friends so that we can together create as much social impact as possible! Have you checked out our range of socially conscious gift-boxes? We have just released our 2020 Winter Wonderland themed Collection, that will be the perfect present for friends, family and even as corporate gifts. Check them out here: Social Stories Club Gift Boxes.  



Team SSC