What’s inside the social enterprise hamper? Featuring The Family Gift Hamper from our ethical hampers range

What’s inside the social enterprise hamper? Featuring The Family Gift Hamper from our ethical hampers range

Ready for gifting and brimming with social enterprise gifts, our Family Gift Hamper was designed especially for sharing! Each of our treats has a social story behind it that makes the world a better place. These social stories include fighting food waste, educating children, supporting the homeless, and empowering disadvantaged communities. Social enterprises are perfect for corporates and individuals alike. This hamper is the perfect sustainable employee gift that can be enjoyed by a whole family. Feast on luxurious dark chocolate while supporting local cacao farmers or snack on crunchy apple-cinnamon crisps that help fight food waste. With a booklet of social stories included in each gift, you can discover the reasons for this ethical food hamper's distinctive character. This hamper is packed in sustainable packaging, so you can show your care for both humankind and the planet by presenting it as a Christmas gift. Whether it's for employees, family members, or yourself, this hamper is certain to please. Let’s take a look inside this social enterprise hamper and see what incredible stories are being supported.

Social enterprise gift: Earl Grey Tea and mulled wine tea

Tea People was created by a husband-wife team from the attractive Darjeeling tea-growing region in India. In 2009, they discovered a school in their hometown that required assistance with repairs and funds. They came up with a terrific idea to start a social venture, selling high-quality tea to help fund education programmes for children of tea estate workers and other poor villagers. Tea People donate 50% of their earnings to educational initiatives that assist girls in tea-growing regions to improve their lives.

Ethical gift: Shortbread biscuits and lemon melt biscuits

Island Bakery generates electricity for its factory by using timber chips from The Isle of Mull's abundant timber plantations, as well as using local wood chips for baking biscuits. The gentle heat provided by the ovens makes for slow, perfect baking, in addition to being environmentally sustainable and gentle. Island Bakery's biscuits are made using unique ovens heated using the wood chips from Mull's abundant timber plantations. A hydroelectric turbine on the neighbouring Tobermory river produces electricity for the factory, in addition to a single wind turbine set on a hill. After Fiona Aitali, Island Bakery's chief biscuit baker was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, she devoted her skills to gluten-free baking and was so impressed with her creations that the cookies were subsequently produced. The Sweet FA biscuits are a new line by Island Bakery (which includes the word 'FA' in its name) that are also 100% vegan and include organic ingredients.

Sustainable gift: Beautifully Smelling Soap

Arthouse Unlimited's incredible packaging has been created by a group of artists living with complex epilepsy and learning disabilities. Artworks created by this group of artists are transformed into fashion goods. Every piece of artwork is the result of the artist's particular skills and every contribution has significance. Arthouse Unlimited believes that feeling appreciated improves health and well-being by their belief that providing a sense of purpose is critical to health and well-being.

Ethical Chocolates

Divine Chocolate can help the 85,000 cocoa farmers of KuapaKokoo in Ghana, who jointly own the cooperative, by buying their beans. As owners, the farmers receive a share of the profits, a voice in the company, and a voice in global trade. The cooperative's goal is to empower farmers to obtain a decent livelihood by empowering them with profits, a say in the company, and a voice in the global economy. The cooperative also wants to increase women's participation in its initiatives and to develop environmentally friendly cocoa growing.

Ethical gifts: delicious relishes

Rubies In The Rubble produce food from surplus ingredients that would normally be wasted. They create scrumptious bottles of ketchup, mayonnaises, and relishes from the excess ingredients in the food supply chain. Food wastage occurs throughout the food supply chain and produce may be rejected for a variety of reasons including size, shape, quality, freshness, and overproduction. These ingredients, rather than being evaluated on their appearance, are tested on their flavour. They appreciate the beauty of imperfection and the diversity of nature.

Sustainable snack: Fruit crisps

About 40 to 50% of edible fruits and vegetables wind up as waste. Because of their air-dried nature, Spare Snacks have prevented hundreds of tonnes of wonky produce from being landfilled and have instead generated delicious snacks that are air-dried and never fried. They have sold hundreds of thousands of snacks and repeatedly won awards.

Ethical gift: BBQ nuts

In 2018, there were 131 million girls aged 6-17 who did not go to school, according to the World Bank. Chika's Nuts is striving to change that for the girls of the future. They want to give 38,000 girls access to education by 2024 and have already built schools for children in Africa. Every packet of nuts helps to empower girls in Africa through education.

Sustainable gift: Honey

Mama Buci focuses on educating beekeepers and families about how to use their land to maintain a healthy ecosystem so that they can source their honey from small-scale beekeepers. The company wants to make a real difference in the lives of people in Zambia and other impoverished countries by bringing honey to everyone rather than simply the first stage of their journey.

Ethical gift: Bath Salts

Shetland Soap Company believes that everyone, regardless of disability, should have the opportunity to work. Everyone can contribute to society, and in doing so, they will learn to value themselves and others. They provide opportunities to learn in a non-stigmatised and non-discriminated workplace, providing people with the chance to reach their potential. They produce a variety of handmade soaps and skin care items of the highest quality, including products adapted for people with disabilities.

Ethical gifts: Shampoo bar, hand lotion, and tote bag

By using Goodwash products, you are helping improve the quality of animals and people in local communities while maintaining excellent standards of quality. Only the finest natural ingredients from our land and sea are used in the manufacturing of Goodwash products. Goodwash products are free of cruelty and are loaded with natural health advantages that will leave your skin, hair, body, and fur feeling replenished.

Ethical snack: Brownie-making kit

The finest Belgian chocolate is used to produce delicious products from Refuge Chocolate. From luxurious chocolate melts to gooey brownie kits and chocolate spread, each product is made from fairly traded ingredients and is as waste free as possible. In addition to supporting Flourish NI, a Northern Ireland-based charity that helps survivors of human trafficking, they also donate a portion of their profits. It's no surprise that the brand has won four awards.

Ethical gift: Chocolate truffles

Grace chocolates make and sell exquisite chocolates to support women who have been touched by the Scottish criminal justice system in fulfilling, sustainable employment. They are committed to providing opportunities for women with barriers to their personal development, learning, and economic well-being.


Our social enterprise hampers and gift boxes are changing the world. Each of our treats has a social cause behind it that improves the world. These causes include promoting food waste reduction, educating children, providing assistance to the homeless, and empowering disadvantaged groups. Corporate employees and individuals alike will enjoy working with social enterprises, which are ideal corporate gifts. You may eat delicious dark chocolate while supporting local cacao farmers or crunchy apple-cinnamon crisps that combat food waste. With a booklet of social stories contained in each gift, it is possible to read the inspiring social stories behind this ethical food hamper's unique character. This hamper is presented in sustainable packaging, so you can show your care for both individuals and the environment by giving it as a Christmas gift. Social Stories Club provides job opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment. This hamper is great for family members, employees, or yourself. Whether you're giving it to a person, a member of the family, or your staff, this hamper is stunningly packaged. If you are looking for social enterprise gift boxes or ethical gift hampers for employees, please look at our corporate gifting page.

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