Brand Spotlight - Q&A with Urban Cordial by a Sustainable Corporate Gifting Company

Urban Cordial Sept 2020

Urban Cordial Sept 2020

Urban Cordial is a drinks company based in London, offering delicious tasting cordial. They aim to fight food wastage by using wonky fruits that no one wants and giving them a new lease on life, transforming them into delicious cordials for cocktails and more. For seven years, they have continued their mission and grown exponentially! We are excited to say they have chosen to partner with us. We are excited to have Urban Cordial in our gift boxes - find out how they started, their most significant milestone to date and more! We hope you enjoy this - make sure you add some new cordial to your gift boxes and hampers!

Did you know - Urban Cordial have saved over 120 TONNES of fruit from landfill that doesn’t meet the standards - what an amazing accomplishment!

First of all - tell us a bit of how you got started - when did you realise this is what you want to do? 

It started as a hobby and when it sold well at farmers' markets, I decided to take the plunge and make it my full-time job. There was never an aha moment, but a gradual realisation that people wanted a low sugar cordial. Saving fruit came later!

What’s the mission and meaning behind Urban Cordial? 

To save as much fruit as possible and change the status quo of cordials so that they don’t have to be sickly sweet.

In your industry, is there any major changes that have happened over the last couple of years? 

The sugar tax has been a major change in the drinks industry, but luckily we will never be affected by that. There is also a rise in non-alcoholic drinks, and so the number of products available has increased exponentially.

Urban Cordial - Will you be my Clementine?

Urban Cordial - Will you be my Clementine?

What would you say is your biggest business milestone to date? 

Having built the business from scratch and running it for many years on my own, I think every step of the way there is something to be proud of from moving out of my mum's kitchen to outsourcing production, to re-branding the company and becoming award-winning, beating the likes of M&S and Coca Cola in some of their branding categories, to saving over 120 tonnes of fruit from going to waste to date!

We love your brand and are so excited about working with you! What reason did you decide to partner with Social Stories Club? 

I love the ethos behind Social Stories Club and think our synergies align.

We are so excited to have them featured in our gift boxes and hampers - you can find their Strawberry and Sage, Blackberry and Lavender Cordial, and Raspberry and Rosemary Cordial! These delicious drinks are especially popular in our picnic hampers. If you want to choose what is inside your sustianable gift hamper, head over to our build your own box page. With Christmas fast approaching remember to book mark Social Stories Club for all your sustainable Christmas hampers and ethical holiday gifts.

View their website and discover their story here - Urban Cordial.  

RR - Mandy's Rum'o'lade

Urban Cordial - Raspberry and Rosemary Cordial

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